A section of the Ara OB1 Stellar Association photographed by the European Southern Observatory whose senior counsellor for international relations Claus Madsen said:   “If Ireland wants to be part of the global research community it has to have access to some of these international facilities.” Photograph: ESO/PA Wire

(...) benefit by joining the Observatory. The Astronomical Science Group of Ireland organised the event ahead of(...)

The Indian-American writer Akhil Sharma has won the second Folio Prize for Fiction for his autobiographical novel Family Life. The book took Sharma 13 years to complete, nine of which he spent struggling to write the story through a process he has likened to “chewing stones”.  Photograph: Robin Mayes/PA

Nadeem Aslam; the novelist and Oxford professor Elleke Boehmer; editorial director of the New York Review(...)

Portrait of the arrest & wounding of  Maximilien Robespierre. Photograph:  Time Life Pictures/Mansell/Time Life Pictures/Getty Images

(...) the event’s popular image, especially in Anglo-Saxon culture, where it remains characterised by guts(...)

Raised By Wolves: Caroline Moran, Alexa Davies as Aretha, Helen Monks as Germaine and Caitlin Moran

(...) through a criminal event is not a new TV device, but it is terrifically executed here by the creator of(...)

(...) bifurcated version of the event will take place in May (film and drama) and October (TV) and that both(...)

Catch it while you can but most pay rises will likely be small and hard won

(...) review or when being praised for a successful project you’ve been involved in rather than bringing it up(...)

Members of Filipino Cork Community dancing at the St Patrick’s Day parade  in Cork City. Photograph: Clare Keogh

(...). Glorious sunshine added to the occasion with some 68 floats taking part in the spring-themed event(...)

In the spirit of St Patrick’s Day: Edinburgh Castle in Scotland. Photograph: Gareth Easton/PA

(...) controversy last year when sponsors pulled out and several leading city officials boycotted the event over the(...)

Martina Evans as a child with her mother in Cork in 1968: “My mother drove me mad, often reduced me to tears. And I could see the photographer could not be stopping to photograph every Irish mother who crossed his path but I really wanted her to have her photo in The Irish Times. Maybe because deep down even then I knew that my writing voice was indebted to hers”

(...) memory, they are a performance or an event, a work of art shaped with plenty shovels of poetic licence(...)