A report commissioned by the Green/EFA group in the European Parliament into the tax affairs of Ikea found that it has been paying itself royalties to reduce its overall taxation bill.

(...). Last year its annual sales topped €33.8 billion. Around three-quarters of its revenues come from Europe(...)

Russia’s foreign minister Sergei Lavrov and US secretary of state John Kerry  in Munich. Photograph: Alexandra Beier/Getty Images

State, but it is under pressure to act from Europe which has provided 5,000 fighters for Islamic State(...)

The Ballyclare company, Chain Reaction Cycles, was set up in 1984 by George and Janice Watson with a £1,500 bank loan - today it employs 700 people and has an estimated annual turnover of more than £150 million.

Europe’s largest online bike retailers, is to merge with one of its chief competitors, Wiggle. The(...)

Rising time: Roger Casement and John Devoy feature in ‘1916’

(...) the real driver. Just 10 years after the Rising the biggest construction project in Europe at the(...)

Former Auschwitz prisoner Leon Schwarzbaum at the trial of Reinhold Hanning in Detmold, Germany. Photograph: Bernd Thissen/Reuters

Three Holocaust survivors have testified about the horrors they experienced at the Auschwitz death camp, on the second day of the trial of a former SS(...)

Members of Boat to Vote, a group of Irish people who returned from London to vote in the marriage-equality referendum. Photograph: Dave Meehan

(...) restrictive in Europe.  If the incoming government is serious about curtailing the so-called brain(...)

A water department engineer in southern Spain has been fined for going absent from work for six years. Photograph: Niall Carson/PA Wire

A civil servant who managed to avoid turning up at his workplace for six years without his colleagues realising has been fined €27,000. The engineer,(...)

Oscar-nominated The Martian (best picture) and Theeb (best foreign language film) were shot in the southern Jordanian desert

(...) list of the prettiest towns in Europe and there is one Irish city in the mix. Kilkenny makes the top 30(...)

Prison guard Angela Magdici and escaped inmate Hassan Kiko. Ms Magdici’s friend and husband say they knew nothing of the relationship or her plans and noticed no change in their friend.

Bonnie & Clyde has been given a 21st century makeover in Zürich after a Thai boxing woman prison guard sprung a Syrian-born convicted rapist from (...)

There is a growing realisation that lower and middle income earners actually lose in the tax-reduction policy agenda

(...) on higher incomes, wealth, employers social insurance (which is one of the lowest in Europe) and(...)