The home of the future will be full of connected appliances, allowing for increasing automation of everything from heating to entertainment

Matsushita, managing director for Panasonic Consumer Marketing Europe. “As a company, this area is where we(...)

 Apple: planning a giant €850 million data centre in Athenry, Co Galway.

(...)-efficient data centre in Europe, and last year announced a second, €150 million data centre, also in Dublin. The(...)

Mario Draghi, president of the European Central Bank: the upside is that he can claim some credit if recovery does take hold. Photograph: Martin Leissl/Bloomberg

Europe – for politicians, and the ECB – the key thing is that it is seen to deliver the result.

The final frame of Newstalk’s original ‘Don’t Hold Back’ ad, which was rejected by RTÉ Television because it contained a call-to-action from a rival.

(...)’Brien’s radio group Communicorp, later complained to Europe that RTÉ’s use of licence fee funds was in breach of(...)

European Parliament president Martin Schulz has denounced the “repeated and arbitrary” denial of admission into Russia of Latvian MEP Sandra Kalniete. Photograph: Emanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty Images

(...) behind the killing remains unknown. Europe’s MEPs have been among the more vocal critics of Russia since(...)

Left, from top, Hottentot fig and a large Asian hornet. Middle, a Siberian chipmunk. Right, from top, a zebra mussel and an American mink. Photographs: Thinkstock

(...) is causing millions of euro worth of damage throughout Europe. The EU IAS Regulation involves a(...)

Katie Taylor at the OCI promotion  ‘100 Days to Go’ marking a countdown the European Games. “It’s a huge occasion and I think that in years to come it will be massive for European athletes.” Photo: Dan Sheridan/Inpho

(...) the event maybe low but Baku 2015 promises not quite the world but certainly Europe and in time it may(...)

If the Moody’s outlook is correct, Aer Lingus could be a drag rather than a boon for its suitor, IAG

Europe will have hedged their fuel costs – not least after the salutary experience of the spike in oil(...)

(...)’s coming to Europe this year though, so we should be seeing it soon. The streaming movie and TV services(...)