Russian president Vladimir Putin. Photograph: Stephane de Sakutin/AFP/Getty Images

Russia and the employment of Turkish staff by Russian firms would face restrictions and ordered the(...)

(...) banning of segregated employment listings; the inclusion of gender discrimination in the US Civil Rights(...)

 Central Bank, Dame Street: said it had received legal advice to the effect that the payments complied with the emergency legislation

(...) employment conditions offered to them,” Mr Roux said. “A second wave of supervisors is expected to leave(...)

Muriel and Kevin Thornton: struggling to survive in difficult circumstances of early 2014. Photograph: Fergal Phillips.

(...) pregnant has lost her case at the Employment Appeals Tribunal. Aisling Neidhard, an office worker in(...)

(...) that Ireland’s interest was to ensure no employment was lost and that jobs were actually created.

Dr Dawar Siddiqi pleaded with the Medical Council committee to consider the effect the inquiry into alleged poor professional performance has had on him personally. “Does anyone know what I’m going through by not getting a job?,” he asked. File photograph: Thinkstock

(...) been very difficult for him to secure new employment because of the “disinformation” about him(...)

After the Trinity’s pension scheme reached a “critical state” in 2008, the €279 million in assets and €595 million in liabilities of the scheme were transferred to the National Pensions Reserve Fund in 2009, Ms Justice Marie Baker noted.

Ombudsman was entitled to conclude revised terms of employment were agreed with Mr Gleeson in 2005 entitling(...)

Cyril Roux, deputy governor, Central Bank. Photograph; Dara Mac Dónaill / The Irish Times

(...) helping establish the SSM, and the much better financial terms and employment conditions offered to them(...)

Most people don’t lodge their work-related employment claims immediately, but the clock starts ticking from the time of the incident, not when the complaint is made. Unless workers have a very good reason for a delay, six months is going to be a hard deadline in most cases

(...) to industrial relations and employment rights in 70 years of the State. On October 1st, the(...)

‘Distressed’ property: Cerberus specialises in buying loans at heavy discounts secured against properties whose value has fallen dramatically. Photograph: Garry O’Neill

(...) “cycle of investment and employment that was stalled for so long has been restarted”.