The Credit Union Restructuring Board (Rebo) last month said it now only expected to spend €20 million on the consolidation process by the time it winds up in March

Central Bank proposals to exert stronger regulatory oversight on the credit union sector are “overzealous” and “take risk management to a point where (...)

 Catherine Murphy: said she favoured the reconstitution of Siteserv PLC, which is now in liquidation. Photograph: Gareth Chaney/Collins

The Social Democrats party has proposed the establishment of an anti-corruption agency as part of a long-term response to the issues raised by the Com(...)

Manchester post-punk band Joy Division are the subject of a two-day international symposium at the University of Limerick. Above is the cover of their album Closer.

Manchester post-punk band Joy Division are the subject of a two-day international symposium taking place at the University of Limerick. Delegates hav(...)

IFA Deputy President Tim O’Leary speaking with IFA Cork West Chair Richard Connell, before the IFA Executive Council Meeting at the farm Centre in Dublin. Photograph: Finbarr O’Rourke

The executive council of the Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA) is holding an emergency meeting in Dublin to discuss the ongoing controversy over execut(...)

The new figures from the Central Statistics Office (CS0) show house prices in Dublin climbed by 1 per cent last month.

The average cost of a home in the Republic climbed by 1.6 per cent in October according to the latest tranche of official figures and prices are now 7(...)

Numbers in the Garda Traffic Corps have plummeted, with nearly four out of every 10 members who were in the unit at its peak now retired or deployed e(...)

The Royal Navy’s 16,000 ton Trident-class nuclear submarine Vanguard. File photograph: PA Wire

(...) would be a major boost for our local economy.” Green Party councillor for Louth Mark Dearey called on Mr(...)

Irish investment group NTR has reported first half profits that are €67.2 million higher than last year on the back of the near €220 million sale of i(...)

To wrap up Food Month, The Irish Times is teaming up with Twitter-based sandwich company A Killer Sandwich for the second year running, as the(...)

Global annual average temperatures anomalies (relative to 1961-1990) based on an average of three global temperature data set. Image: World Meteorological Organization.

This year is destined for the history books with 2015 likely to be the warmest on record. It is smashing regional records around the globe for the dri(...)