Three years ago graphic designer and creative director Samantha Evans and social worker and academic Shauna Guinn left their high-flying London caree(...)

Mrs Rita Childers (left) widow of the former president and Jenny Agutter, one of the stars of ’The Riddle of the Sands’, talking before the film’s premiere at the Savoy cinema in Dublin, last night. Photograph: Peter Thursfield

(...) bespectacled man at the cash desk, trying to pretend he’s an ordinary, soft-drink-quaffing punter, when he(...)

Holy Smoke BBQ restaurant, Cork. Photograph:  Michael Mac Sweeney/Provision

Real barbecue is about great of hunks of pork shoulder, racks of ribs, and slabs of brisket, isn’t it? It’s a carnivore’s carnival. So why is John Re(...)

Gary’s way... There are only two things that get me out of trouble at home. Send my wife Netty off to Arnotts or Brown Thomas with my bank card, or(...)

The fact that ghee – which, to be clear, is actually clarified butter – had the same name as a Dublin slang word for a certain female body part never made any odds to my brother.

(...) ago when he came home and tried to tell people they should drink ghee, he nearly got ran out of town(...)

(...) tomato. But I don’t have a hangover. I haven’t even had a drink. Then people begin to tell me how well(...)

 David Mahon (45) of Ongar Village, Consilla,  arriving to the Central Criminal Court in Dublin  with his wife Audrey where he is on trial charged with the murder of Audrey’s son, Dean Fitzpatrick in 2013. Photograph: Collins Courts

CCTV, throwing the knife away, apparently gagging for a drink,” he said, referring to Mr Mahon going(...)

They call them lawnmower beers in the United States. Light, golden and thirst-quenching, they’re the type of cool beverage knocked back when the sun (...)

Avoid big, alcoholic wines, or you and your guests will be sprawling long before the food is ready. A light, well-chilled refreshing white wine is ideal

(...) something to drink while waiting for the food to be ready. Avoid big, alcoholic wines, or you and your(...)

The perfect meal can be attributed to many factors that go beyond just good food. The location, the ambiance, even the decor can all be agonised over(...)