Country roads take you home but also back in time, and the winding lanes around Carlingford Lough promise exactly this. About 2km from Carlingf(...)

Romanesco is not a vegetable that all will readily identify. A “strange cauliflower or broccoli” is what most students in our cooking classes call (...)

The raw-food movement continues to go from strength to strength, bringing with it the promise of bouncy skin, boundless energy and a digestive syst(...)

(...) you reach the other side. If you must imbibe, have two glasses of water between each drink(...)

What’s new, fussy cat?

Jerry is used to rainwater tasting and smelling a certain way which it perceives is safe to drink. The(...)

 “Alas, the dream was not to be. The hired deckchairs disappeared and with them went the hope of an open-air beer.” Photograph: Matthew Fearn/PA

(...) was anywhere in the city – never mind a park covering several acres – where you couldn’t buy a drink(...)

 Mr Justice Paul Carney receives a congratulatory handshake from the president of the High Court, Mr Justice Nicholas Kearns,  at the Four Courts   on the occasion of  his retirement.  Photograph: Collins Courts

(...) drink after closing time. He subsequently apologised, saying he was “sorry for the trouble caused to the(...)

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(...) early. I felt bad he had to wait longer until the school doors opened. But I had made him a hot drink(...)

(...), conversing in code, they smoke, taunt men, shop lift and drink a concoction composed of school cafeteria milk(...)

Poor quality: Chris Shanahan hopes a new waste-water treatment plant will make Clifden Bay safe to bathe in again

(...) new treatment plant will be fit to drink,” he says. What about the impact on tourism? Shanahan says(...)