Andrew Rudd and his mother Prue Rudd. Photograph: Dermot kelly

When I am entertaining at home, or organising a cocktail party for a client, I often choose a selection of canapés that can be prepared(...)

‘Tis (nearly) the season so I’m sharing my recipe for bitter chocolate tart below, perfect for a little indulgence.  Photographer: Des Willie

My guilty pleasure has to be chocolate, I couldn’t live without it. It has to be proper, good-quality chocolate with at least 70% quality coco(...)

Aoife McElwain and Mark Duggan are the food enthusiasts at the helm of forkful, and they specialize in simple recipes deliciously shot. Thro(...)

The independent wine trade has taken a bit of a battering in recent years. However, in Dublin at any rate, there seems to be something of a re(...)

Söder + Ko: There are lots of dark corners to get lost in, booths to meet friends and warm heavy wood to keep the whole thing grounded. It’s a beautiful space.
Barfly: Söder + Ko

They stock a great Danish IPA called Mikkeller in Söder + Ko that’s stuffed with flavour and is gluten-free, but it might well be the only Scandina(...)

I’m very partial to a richly flavoured, meaty stew, and the more tender and mouth-watering it is, the better. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

‘Practice makes perfect.” It’s a phrase all of us will recognise. And according to a poll by a British tabloid, it’s also the phrase we’re mos(...)

(...) a drink – she loved whiskey – but was banned from a couple of pubs because she was outspoken and(...)

Japanese man, and Michael Jackson has died. Watch her salivate with laughter. “We drink too much(...)

(...) installment 18-year-old Karl Ove goes to the wilds of northern Norway to teach and drink and think about sex(...)

(...) they were all afraid, afraid . . . even the reason he was feeling jolly wasn’t the drink, it was(...)