Australian prime minister Tony Abbott was filmed drinking a beer in seconds in a Sydney pub. Photograph: Marty Melville/AFP/Getty Images

(...) incident . “I’m just pleased that Tony Abbott’s learning to drink beer without adding lemonade(...)

Dr Orla Crosbie: ‘Most people think a glass of wine is one unit but a unit is 125ml – about “an egg cup” compared to the “goldfish bowls” some people pour. They also think a unit is a pint, when it is two units or more if it cider or strong beer.’ Image: HSE Standard Drinks Information

(...) limit of 11 standard drinks, or units, per week. In Ireland, a standard drink contains 10 grams of(...)

Director Mark Cousins with Helena Bereen, who plays the personification of the city in I Am Belfast

(...) dinner, drink red wine, maybe smoke some jazz tobacco, which made the whole experience more animated, and(...)

Irish writers were required to sprinkle fadas throughout their work from the late 19th century on. Cartoon: Gerard Crowley

Irish people were just going to sit at home and drink whiskey until they fell asleep in front of the(...)

 Sgt-Maj Noel Callagha training at Glen of Imaal (Camp Coolmoney) before departing for UN duty in Syria. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill/The Irish Times 16:01

(...) office and drink coffee.’“I can’t soldier that way – I have to be there with the lads.”(...)

(...) the ability to have a family? We hear of young women skipping food so they can drink more so as not(...)

Grogan’s:  a place to become someone

Grogan’s is a permanent anchor in Dublin’s city centre, unshakeable in the face of constant change. Established in 1899, it has held its position a(...)

Gail Kilroy , Monkstown, Co. Dublin  with her favourite Louis Vuitton bag.   Photograph: Eric Luke

I want it now. I don’t do guilt. I work, I don’t smoke or drink and I think that women carry(...)

Barrels of Hennessy 250 maturing in the cellars in Cognac. Photograph: Matthew J Oliver
Roll out the cognac barrels
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(...), forging links with the Martell Cognac dynasty through marriage and also being one of the first drink(...)

The Long Acre, by PJ Cunningham
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(...) his wife and feed his drink habit by secretly selling cattle and their best potatoes. Of the three(...)