The Harbour Bar: a hub of Bray’s community.

I counted 58 swans in the harbour in Bray. It’s a remarkable sight and from the Dart out of Dublin it’s the first signal that you’re in another pla(...)

The winding lanes of Vilnius’s Old Town. Photograph: Chris Carmichael/ New York Times
Weekend in . . . Vilnius
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  • August 1, 2015, 05:38

(...) store Vejas Gluosniuose, some of the galleries and the Thierry Kepykla patisserie, and having a drink at(...)

(...) granny might say while sulking in the shade with an ironically jaunty-looking summer drink clutched in(...)

Arguably the greatest blended wine of all is Champagne. Photograph: Thinkstock

I t may not be the first thing that springs to mind when talking about wine, but the art of blending is crucial to the success or failure of a great m(...)

(...) slowly into the drink. We kick off with some great sourdough bread, pillowy warm and served with an(...)

A burger is both a simple and a profound culinary statement. I firmly believe if we could get our burgers right, the rest would follow. I am no(...)

Domni Kemp’s  Persian chicken with mango and fennel salad. Photograph: Cyril Byrne /The Irish Times

Sometimes, every now and then, I manage to conjure up something pretty special in the kitchen (if I do say so myself). And for a brief period, all is (...)

 “Trying to live a life of authentic goodness is not a task for the weak-willed. Even those who try to live good lives struggle. Time and time again, many return to the ideal, seeking encouragement and the strength to persevere together.” Photograph: Eric Luke

(...) communion of saints”. So when the church follows Christ’s instruction to “eat his flesh and drink his blood(...)

 Robert Stone. Photograph: Sam Falk/The New York Times

(...) lightly. Stone had a finely tuned sense of humour, qualified as a first-rate raconteur, and loved a drink(...)

Recovering: Aoife Beary, who is still being treated at Santa Clara Valley Medical Centre, Clodagh Cogley, who is back in Ireland, and Niall Murray and Hannah Waters, who are also both still at the Santa Clara centre

July. People were on and off the balcony throughout the party, to pour another drink, to mingle with(...)