(...). “You look amazing!” he says. “That is beautiful, thank you!”. Hell, he’d buy us all a drink if he could(...)

(...) goes, “you look like you could use a drink,” and he pours me a plastic beaker full of cava. I throw it(...)

Seamus McMahon set up the Brehon Brewhouse in 2014, out the back of a working dairy farm

(...) local reception. For most people it is their first time to drink craft beer. But most of the pubs who(...)

The great unwashed: “a bit of scab or anything is unacceptable. You nearly have to grow the baby potatoes in velvet,” says one industry source. Photograph: Christopher Furlong/Getty

It’s not easy being an Irish potato. You’re expected to hide your mucky origins and be easy to handle, cheap and beautiful at all times. And even that(...)

Mushrooms improve greatly when marinated, soaking up flavours

I’ve been buying portobello or flat-cap mushrooms a lot recently. They’re great for so many reasons. It’s very easy to get Irish mushrooms, and the(...)

Michael Kelly, founder of GIY, ahead of the Waterford Harvest Festival and the GIY Grow  next weekend.

Weekend of foodie festivities Thomas Haughton, who was the launch chef for Harvey Nichols when it came to Dublin and has also worked at the K Clu(...)

Lucinda Creighton, leader of Renua Ireland,  during the party’s first think-in in Dublin. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons/The Irish Times

(...) damage from what had become a “drink-in” in Galway. Yesterday, Renua Ireland held its first think-in in(...)

(...) hospitality, dry clothing, food and drink at the sailing club and lodging in two private homes. One of the(...)

Former Tyrone footballer Owen Mulligan was “very abusive” towards a doctor, Listowel District Court heard on Thursday. Photograph: Inpho

(...) garda station to take a sample when he was under arrest on suspicion of drink driving, Listowel District(...)

Former bishop of Kerry Bill Murphy (above) was assaulted by a drunken passenger on a train last month.  File photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons/The Irish Times

(...) to me. He had quite a lot [of drink] on him. He spoke about being ill. The bishop was reading his(...)