(...). Every member of the band is virtuosic and they’re a joy to dance, watch and listen to. The Rednecks have(...)

The couple were married at the Church of the Annunciation, Bansha, Co Tipperary, with a reception at Kilshane House

(...) a winemaker. The Bentley Boys and DJ came on after dinner and the newlyweds’ first dance was to(...)

They were married in July in an outdoor humanist ceremony, in Kinsale, Co Cork.

(...) first dance was to You Make Loving Fun by Fleetwood Mac, the title of which also appeared on their cake(...)

 Alexander the Great (Colin Farrell): “He is said to have wept because there were no more worlds left to conquer. The rest of us would have sighed with relief and had a nice cup of tea.”

(...) hunt me to a deserved death. Stick my decapitated head on a pole. Dance ritually around it. I would(...)

(...) society intent on replicating the dance party from the second Matrix film – shirts off, hands in the hair(...)

(...) of a home repossession through interpretive dance. The Irish Times described it as brave and – I(...)

(...) intermittently go into the crowd and have a dance ourselves so we can see and feel the difference. Abnormal(...)

(...) wouldn’t have looked out of place in an old Madness video? Or that the supposedly new dance craze they(...)

(...) tentacles of thought and possibility in numerous directions. Close inspection of Stilkey’s A Dance at the(...)

Islands Main Stage on Saturday at 5.15pm. Dance like an eejit. Click here to view the embedded video. Eat(...)