(...) going to the harvest dance, we find fleshly desires at odds with a Catholic culture of duty and denial(...)

All together now: the Cork branch of GirlCrew

(...) to live off a computer. You can’t dance with the computer. Well, you can a little bit, but it’s less(...)

Helene Fischer, the golden girl of modern German entertainment and the most succesful singer you have never heard of

(...) synthesiser sheen and throbbing dance beats, Schlager is difficult for non-natives to warm to, though it(...)

(...) spot where indie rock and dance music collide. A patchy mid-section finds the Oxford five-piece veer(...)

(...) number preceded by implausible silence – has none of the loose, continuous feel of an outdoor dance event(...)

(...)-round renaissance man Garry Ó Briain for new album (The Return of Spring) and a new turn around the dance floor. All(...)

At the Witnness Festival in Fairyhouse racecourse, Co Meath in 2000, ‘festival virgins spent their time sampling every delight possible’

(...), Witnness Main, Witnness More, Witnness Rising and Witnness Dance, each stage emblazoned with a cute pint of(...)

Pat Smullen riding Brooch: the Juddmonte-owned filly lost her unbeaten record in June’s Pretty Polly Stakes. Photograph: Alan Crowhurst/Getty Images

(...) found Wedding Vow too good on her previous start but is top-rated on 109 for this weekend’s Dance Design(...)

The 1.5-litre is actually faster than the outgoing 1.8-litre, hitting 100km/h from standing start in 8.3 seconds.

(...)-smiling dancer who doesn’t mind if they’re the only person on the dance floor so long as the tunes are good(...)

Micachu & the Shapes: ‘We weren’t trying to force things out of ourselves. It just came out. Flowed out of us’

(...) produced by dance music provocateur Matthew Herbert, while the follow-up was a collaboration with the(...)