(...) example of the questions will suffice: Manchester United is: (a) a political party, (b) a dance band(...)

(...) ever deeper into black music; during the 1990s he became as famous as a purveyor of dance, techno and(...)

(...) edify the public, were quickly overshadowed by dance tunes and variety shows, especially popular amongst(...)

(...)”, and had their first dance to Cat Power’s Sea of Love. Apart from seeing Trina coming up the aisle(...)

The Game: Theatreclub’s scarifying exploration of prostitution takes an avant-garde cliche and  makes it terrifyingly real.  Photograph: Fiona Morgan

(...) lyrics and Bill Whelan’s bubbling stew of Kurt Weill, Irish dance music and Broadway show tunes have a(...)

(...) dance? It’s a good line, and an even better question. This new piece from choreographer Emma Martin(...)

(...) to do a dance track and as I was in my Malian music phase, I put that together.” Gallic trailblazer(...)

Aisling Law, a descendant of Maud Gonne, in Rossnaree House, Slane, Co Meath. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

(...), beautifully romantic things of rabbits and portraits and a couple entwined in dance, as well as drawings of(...)

Guillermo’s ghosts announce themselves as they come into the world and seem scary. But he’s very adamant that the ghosts in his films are not what you should be afraid of. It’s people that do the real harm. The ghosts just provide the warnings.

(...) non-verbal. But I had my heart broken by dance a little bit. It’s a harsh industry. And my body wasn(...)

(...) from Paco Osuna. CLUB Amine Edge & Dance Wright Venue, Dublin 11pm €20/€17.50/€15 facebook(...)