Bluetooth Sports beanie hat: €40

You may consider February winter or spring, depending on which calendar you follow, but regardless of the season, it’s still a bit chilly out there. B(...)

Ampware iPhone case: $79

If you’re a heavy user of your smartphone, then you know how battery life can often let you down. But if you’ve invested in charging cases and back-up(...)

Infomagical is a new challenge from the Note To Self podcast series by New York public radio station WNYC

Twitter feeds, viral memes, must-read long reads, Facebook threads, hypnotic GIFs. I’m getting stressed just listing these. Modern life has us reeling(...)

HighBrow: each email has a mere five minutes worth of reading and, depending on the course, you are not going to get more than a few weeks of these.

There is a MOOC (free online e-course) for everything. But who has the time to log in every day, watch the lectures and complete the assignments? If y(...)

The Skynet virus: it  lets you know that it’s not all bad; rather than destroy your computer it will merely slow it down

This is not a ruse to get malware on your laptop, dear reader. The Malware Museum is a collection of vintage viruses that made their way around comput(...)

Companies have relied on the fact that you don’t read Eulas to insert a clause covering them should there be  a  zombie apocalypse. Really. Photograph: Getty Images

Every time I download a new app or update my phone or laptop software, I am ashamed. Ashamed, and, I admit, a bit furtive. And it happens every sing(...)

Photograph: Michaela Rehle/Reuters

(...) also affect ipads fitted with the technology. What does Apple say? Apple says the error is actually(...)

Some say Apple is trying to push users away from independent repair shops. Photograph: Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

Did you hear the news? Microsoft decided that only repair shops it deemed suitable could repair any of its devices. If you choose to ignore these reco(...)

Traders work on the floor of the New York stock exchange on Monday. Photograph: Brendan McDermid/Reuters

(...) backed off from richly valued tech and consumer stocks amid persistent fears of a global slowdown. The(...)

Kingspan was another standout loser on the day, down 10 per cent at €19.31.

(...) rates and investors backed off from richly valued tech and consumer stocks amid persistent fears of a(...)