Despite any nefarious connotations associated with gambling, as well as the resulting comparisons people might make with its recent decision to go full-crypto, the Isle of Man has nonetheless chosen to dip its toes into another financial area which still has questions to answer.

Telegraph in September 2014, deputy head of technology on the island Matthew Sparkes made its position(...)

Natasha Dow Schull wears the Muse headband, which monitors brain waves. photograph: kayana szymczak/the new york times

(...) exhausted from looking at the detailed ways technology gets manipulated to influence consumer behaviour and(...)

 Daire O’Neill: “It’s important to have local partners as the culture and customs [in Japan] are so different to what we are used to in Europe.”

(...) technology company, Vextax. O’Neill put a lot of effort into learning Japanese and this sparked the idea for(...)

IDA chief executive Martin Shanahan welcomed Agora’s decision to expand its operations in Ireland

(...) as part of a major expansion.Agora said it is to establish a new multilingual and technology services(...)

 The lack of queues at Apple stores will make it hard to judge popular demand for the watch, which comes in 38 variations with prices ranging from $349 to $10,000. Photograph: Thomas Peter/Reuters 1:37

The Apple Watch launched globally on Friday with a small queue of Japanese tech-addicts lining up in Tokyo for Apples first wearable gadget, but there(...)

A US judge is trying to  force Microsoft to hand over e-mails sitting in the company’s Irish data centre Image: Getty

(...) specialists didn’t notice because it involved a consumer cloud environment, Microsoft’s Hotmail web mail(...)

Dell is to create 100 research and development jobs at its Limerick campus. Photo: Alan Betson/The Irish Times

Dell’s Innovation Technology team.The new jobs are part of the company’s ongoing investment in digital(...)

(...) bounce mean a change in our consumer habits? Will smaller spaces trump hypermarkets even for the(...)

Lu Wei: China’s minister of cyberspace affairs administration: Photograph: Johannes Eisele/AFP/Getty Images

(...) investment in technology and R&D – areas which are crucial for China’s development,” says European Chamber of(...)

 Apple watch: news journalists not on the technology beat confess to glazing over when big snazzy product launches like those for the Apple Watch are reported.  Photograph: AFP/Getty Images

(...) predictions than they do threats. News journalists not on the technology beat confess to glazing over when big(...)