GetHealth co-founder Liam Ryan thinks success and failure need to be redefined. Photo: Dave Meehan

(...) start-up, GetHealth, which used mobile and online technology to help people improve their health. This(...)

Eye on you: 1990s European regulations on data protection predate much of the far more sophisticated technology in common use today.

(...) implemented in a way that would be consumer-oriented and not obviously in a way that is [data protection(...)

Sky’s campaign uses a still from the US drama ‘The Affair’, a reminder that the broadcaster’s unique selling proposition is the Sky Atlantic channel.

A new consumer campaign starting this month sees Sky going after apartment-dwellers. It’s not a(...)

There was once a time when English language experts feared that text speak was signalling the demise of the English language. By text speak, we mean p(...)

Apple Music: Getting started seems easy but it can take a while to inform Apple exactly what music you like. Photograph: Yui Mok/PA Wire

You’ve downloaded the latest iOS update and suddenly there it is: Apple Music. The streaming service is built into your regular music app, sitting alo(...)

So, what’s Her Story?

‘Her Story’ is a FMV (full motion video) game that draws you in hook, line and sinker. I know what you’re thinking: those crappy FMV games with repeti(...)

Here in Europe, Spotify rules the roost when it comes to streaming music. However, having launched on Monday, Apple Music looks set to change all of t(...)

Remember the Choose Your Own Adventure book series? Imagine this but on an Apple Watch. Instead of reading through until you come to a point in the bo(...)


Remember back at CES in January there was talk about the Rocket Skates? They’re now available to pre-order. No longer will you have to get somewhere u(...)

(...) multiplier technology that you find in its fans, so you get the benefit of the fan with an extra shot of cool(...)