‘Algorithms may be good at crunching numbers and putting them in some kind of context, but journalists are good at asking annoying questions.’ Photograph: Thinkstock

(...) with one page view each.” The cheerleaders for this new technology – who includes some journalists(...)

Dried up: the UN Global Pulse unit monitors social network messages from Twitter and elsewhere for early-warning signals of a disease outbreak, crop failure or economic turmoil in a region of a developing country. Photograph: Reuters

The timing and technology are right to bring the power of digital sensing to the poor to improve(...)

Under review: Google Glass remains a product that operates from Google HQ in Mountain View, California

(...) device. “Anything that’s a consumer touch point, it needs to go through me for approval,” he said(...)

A BMW is parked via a mobile device remote control during a smart trailer parking demonstration on Tuesday in Boxberg, Germany. photograph: krisztian bocsi/bloomberg

(...) become a frequent topic for auto executives as the technology emerges. The market for autonomous(...)

Science comics are a small but fast-growing niche aimed not only at children but also adults. In fact, many of these graphic novels have sophisticated(...)

Uncivil comments are assumed to be a normal part of the web; where there is freedom of speech and the ability to be anonymous, we must allow all voice(...)

Amit Agarwal has been blogging about tech for over a decade. He has also developed some pretty cool Twitter tools including First Tweet, a search engi(...)

Remember the 3Doodler? The pen unleashed your inner creativity by allowing you to “draw” models in the air, rendered in ABS plastic. You could bring t(...)

Dyson has been making a name for itself in the cordless vacuum-cleaner market, but it’s also doing some good work with fans and heaters. Its Hot + Coo(...)

Technology is supposed to make life easier, but anyone who has ever used a computer or even the(...)