Foldable keyboard:  Microsoft basically reinvented the keyboard

Some of the hottest gadgets from some of the world’s best-known brands were unveiled at Mobile World Congress. There was the Samsung Galaxy S6 smartph(...)

Old-school thermometer: Conor Harkin’s start-up team is focused on developing a smart thermometer – SmartTherm – to provide continuous temperature monitoring. Photograph: Frank Miller

(...) “The impact that health is having on tech has never been so great,” NDRC venture leader Dr Helen(...)

At best, the study found an association between coffee-drinking and lower coronary calcium scores. This is long way from proving causation, a more difficult challenge that would require a randomised forward-looking study

(...) carbohydrate, which has contributed to a worldwide obesity epidemic. What is the confused consumer to do? A(...)

Minister for Finance Michael Noonan: EU rules will still limit what Ministers can plan to spend next year. Photograph: Gareth Chaney/Collins

(...)-awaited increase in consumer spending is feeding through to Vat and excise returns. New car sales in particular are(...)

GSK is forming a consumer health joint venture with Novartis, while at the same time buying the Swiss company’s vaccines business and divesting its cancer drugs portfolio to Novartis

(...) than $20 billion that will reshape both drugmakers.GSK is forming a consumer health joint venture with(...)

Apple Watch: Event to be held on March 9th with sales due to begin in April

(...), includes sensors to detect pulse rates and other health-related features and must be paired with an i(...)

Could a smart bed be a smart-home step too far? Maybe not. The Luna Smart Mattress Cover looks like it might be just the thing to help you deal(...)

Five pointers can help you  find a middle ground where food and dietary choices aren’t driven by all the marketing and advertising. Photograph: Getty Images

(...) there are health benefits connected with eating dark chocolate? Talk about a licence to abuse a sugary(...)

An airplane touches down: most of us accept the compelling scientific evidence that our carbon-burning culture is not sustainable

(...).Most of us, in fact, are living out a consumer version of a disastrous double-bind, very well captured in(...)

Visualise the face of a farmer each time you buy a banana, says grower Stephen Best, from the West Indies: “This is a person who takes pride in his or her work, to generate the necessary income to sustain their livelihood and that of their families.”

(...) commit to stocking only Fairtrade bananas. Consumer spending on Fairtrade products in Ireland increased(...)