The arch of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico 6:19

(...) the region and stranded some 30,000 tourists. While evidence of the damage remains in construction(...)

     On the wing: Those who were in their mid-20s when they emigrated in 2009 and 2010 may be heading into their 30s now, and facing decisions about whether to buy a home, take that next career step or have children. Photograph: Stephen Strathdee/E+/Getty

(...) workers to fill vacancies here, particularly in construction, healthcare and accountancy. Earlier this(...)

A float depicting Silvio Berlusconi entitled The Banana Republic, at the traditional Viareggio Carnival parade, in 2001. Photograph: AP Photo/Riccardo Dalle Luche

(...) or construction firms. Proceeds from heroin are pumped into industrial waste disposal operations and(...)

(...) those which experienced the highest emigration rates in recent years, namely construction, healthcare(...)

Irish firm Cairn Homes has unveiled plans for an initial public offering as soon as next week, the first for an Irish homebuilder in almost two decade(...)

Identikit: Nicola, Dylan, Sean, George, India, Jade . . . or is that Jade, India?

(...) different meaning: construction workers forced to head to the other side of the world, graduates clutching(...)

Lending throughout the euro zone failed to grow in April after a promising uptick a month earlier, a slip that tempers hopes for a rapid turnaround in borrowing to boost the economy.

(...). “Construction is booming in Germany. The rest is being hoarded or spent on bonds and shares.” “Much more(...)

Men sleep on a temporary shade built over a drain next to a slum during a heatwave in New Delhi, India, May 28th, 2015. Photograph: Reuters/Anindito Mukherjee

(...) animals succumbing to thirst. Many farmers and construction workers struggling with poverty were still(...)

Fifa director of communications Walter De Gregorio: “This for Fifa is good. It’s not good in terms of image, it’s not good in terms of reputation, but in terms of cleaning up, everything we did in the last four years, this is good.” Photograph: Ennio Leanza/Keystone
Planet Business

(...) holders before the four-year construction project began. It’s business, Jim, but not as we know it.

An Indian man washes his face at a roadside tap during rising temperatures in New Delhi. Photograph: Sajjad Hussain/AFP/Getty Images

(...) continue for several more days, warping roads, scorching crops and endangering construction workers(...)