Temple Carraig secondary school claimed McDonald’s chose the location at Blacklion Neighbourhood Centre because it is close to three schools. Photograph: Getty Images

The construction of a McDonald’s drive-through restaurant, located opposite three schools at the(...)

The floating school in Lagos, Nigeria

(...) construction site. On trips home from boarding school he was always interested and “somewhat anxious” about(...)

Old town, Marbella: In 2010 estimated 18,000 houses built with illegally-issued licences. Photograph: Marco Cristofori

(...) future, plunging the residential construction business back into crisis just when it looked like it was(...)

In the days before Budget 2016, the Government announced its intention to have a large and unexpected increase in spending for 2015. Photograph: Alan Betson / The Irish Times

(...) infrastructure. But it is a fragile construction. Respect for the framework-both letter and spirit - will give us(...)

Artist’s impression of proposed social housing by Dominic Stevens

(...) feminist movement has undeniably changed the Irish-built environment,” he says. The construction will(...)

 Madeline Perry: “You’re winning titles, people are telling you you’re great, and then all of a sudden you become a nobody. You lose your identity in a way.”  Photo:  Stanley Chou/Getty Images

International. Weeks of carrying construction materials and hand-mixing cement for the building of a suspension(...)

Members of the European Parliament  backed a non-binding resolution on measures to prevent radicalisation. Photograph: Frederick Florin/AFP/Getty Images

(...) keystones of European construction,” he said. Schengen spirit The head of the EU’s executive arm conceded(...)

Glass panels, exposed brick, neon lights and chandeliers at the Red Hen

(...) plans look and feel before they do any physical construction work. Constantly on the lookout for new(...)

European Commission’s President Jean-Claude Juncker attends a debate on terrorist attacks in Paris and subsequent police and military operations at the European Parliament in Strasbourg,. Photograph: Frederick Florin/AFP

European construction,” he said. The head of the EU’s executive arm conceded that the Schengen system(...)

The junction of Bennett and Goderich Streets in Perth. Photograph: Google Street View

(...) least one concrete panel which fell from a truck as it was being unloaded at a construction site in East(...)