Iran has said it will announce plans to expand output by 500,000 barrels a day

(...) be another factor that will add to the global supply glut,” Hong Sung Ki, a commodities analyst at(...)

Most people don’t lodge their work-related employment claims immediately, but the clock starts ticking from the time of the incident, not when the complaint is made. Unless workers have a very good reason for a delay, six months is going to be a hard deadline in most cases

(...) commodities: time and money,” says Deegan. Behind the scenes, the commission will also use new IT systems(...)

A slide in oil and commodity prices has weighed on smaller energy producers, primarily in the US, as big Opec producers continue pumping crude to maintain market share. (Photograph: YASUYOSHI CHIBAYASUYOSHI CHIBA/AFP/Getty Images)
Global debt defaults near milestone

(...) storm has been in commodities but it hasn’t been limited to just that,” said Raman Srivastava, deputy(...)

CRH gained 1.07%  to close at €27.39 after more than 880,000 of its shares changed hands in Dublin

(...) stocks and commodities companies after metals prices touched multi-year lows on concerns over slowing(...)

 Crude futures plunged on Monday, with US oil dropping more than 3 per cent. Photo: Bloomberg

(...) commodities that has also been stoked by worries over faltering demand from China, with prices for base metals(...)

Supporters of the victorious presidential hopeful of the Cambiemos party, Mauricio Macri celebrate his win in downtown Buenos Aires on November 22, 2015. Photograph: Emiliano Lasalvia/AFP/Getty Images

(...) also grappling with the end of a decade-long commodities boom and accusations of financial(...)

The glut has seen Iraqi crude grades selling as low as $30 a barrel

(...) oil and other commodities more expensive for holders of other currencies. Crude futures are already(...)

(...) global head of electronic fixed income, currencies, and commodities automated flow trading as part of the(...)

Traders are pictured at their desks in front of the DAX board at the stock exchange in Frankfurt, Germany. European shares are lower today as investors await the latest developments in Paris

(...) strength hit commodities, with London copper falling towards new six-year lows. Friday night’s attacks in(...)

A pump jack is seen at sunrise near Bakersfield, California. With oil, copper and coal trading around their lowest levels since the global financial crisis, some investors are betting that the bottom may be close for these critical commodities and have increased their long positions in the market.

(...), some investors are betting that the bottom may be close for these critical commodities and have(...)