What remains in Nos. 14- 17 is significant and evocative; the restoration of these buildings, showcasing their 18th century features and allowing visitors to see the 1916 attempts to tunnel between the houses, will make it a significant attraction and permanent monument to the status of Moore Street in the 1916 story. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

(...) heritage work (it has worked on the restoration of Kilmainham Court House). Lissadell is working closely(...)

Joseph Sheehan pictured leaving the Four Courts. Photograph:  Courts Collins

(...),  the Commercial Court has ruled. Joseph Sheehan, a consultant surgeon based in the US and one of the(...)

Hourly rates for partners at leading UK commercial law firms have risen in real terms to at least £775 an hour with some lawyers charging £1,000 an hour, a report from the Centre for Policy Studies think-tank found.

Hourly rates for partners at leading commercial law firms have risen in real terms from as much as(...)

Developer Garrett Kelleher: could be hit with a  damages bill over his involvement in a €60 million insurance claim

A US court could hit Irish developer Garrett Kelleher with a large damages bill arising out of his(...)

The new petite, tall and curvy Barbies standing next to her traditional tiny-waisted, pin-legged figure. Photograph: Mattel/Reuters

(...). Cross, from Aberystwyth in Wales, took Apple to court after he found a crack in the screen of his Apple(...)

 The scales of justice on the roof of the Four Courts  in Dublin

(...) re the Adoption Authority of Ireland and KSH (a minor) (High Court, Abbott J, December 4th, 2015) The(...)

Developer Michael O’Flynn at his new development in Lucan. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

(...). Not one to back away from a fight, O’Flynn lawyered up and took Blackstone to court, eventually(...)

Both pro- and anti-choice sides were dumbfounded by the outcome. The accused had been acquitted, the accusers indicted. The spectacular backfire might have been less of a surprise (although would still have been surprising) in Manhattan or San Francisco. But in Sheldon country?

(...) company. Research using foetal tissue is lawful in the US, but buying or selling tissue on a commercial(...)

 Mr Justice Alan Mahon says Gerry Beades had not established a credible or arguable defence.

(...). The Court of Appeal found Mr Beades could not credibly argue he was duped or had not given the(...)

72 Charlemont Street has a floor area of 225.21 sq m (2,423 sq ft) and comes with two car-parking spaces which are available at €3,500 each

(...) newly refurbished Georgian building which forms part of Iveagh Court office development at thejunction(...)