‘I don’t think “Cyprus Avenue” is a loyalist play. It’s about loyalism,’ says Stephen Rea, who appears in the play at the Abbey Theatre in February 2016. Photograph: Dave Meehan

Court Theatre, is many things: a political comedy, a psychological drama, a horror show. More precisely(...)

The previously unknown 1623 edition of William Shakespeare’s First Folio, described as the most important work in the English language. Photograph: Getty Images

(...) bestseller, in part because it was a racy pornographic comedy, more Jackie Collins than TS Eliot in places(...)

Kerri Quinn’s Rita morphs from loud-mouthed innocence into studious intensity,  in sync with Michael James Ford’s understated, rumpled Frank. Photograph: Steffan Hill

(...) ferocity about Emma Jordan’s directing style, which is adept at revealing the darkness behind the comedy(...)

Super Bowl 50: advertisers drop nearly $5m for 30 seconds of airtime 3:22

Celebrity, comedy, cars and cute animals continue to dominate Super Bowl advertising in 2016(...)

Generally speaking, a comedy connoisseur just knows from the pitch: Will Ferrell and Sacha Baron(...)

The Irish Times Film Show: Trumbo & Rams 5:50

This week, Donald reviews Dalton Trumbo biopic 'Trumbo' and Tara reviews Icelandic dark comedy(...)

 Friends actor Matt LeBlanc with Chris Evans and The Stig, as LeBlanc is to be one of the new presenters of Top Gear.

Space and Charlie’s Angels, and has worked with the BBC before in the comedy series Episodes, which(...)

George Russell (AE) Self Portrait, 1923: “AE was well ahead of his time as it is only in recent decades that an inclusive attitude to the past has prevailed. He also acknowledged the role of women in the Rising, but without the condescension of Yeats”

(...) and his 1916 poem lacks the memorable phrases (“vivid faces”, “casual comedy”, “terrible beauty”, “too(...)

Wayne Rooney scored Manchester United’s third in their 3-0 win over Stoke City. Photograph: Reuters

(...) comedy when Rooney barged him off the ball with an old-school shoulder charge and coolly beat Butland at(...)

Performers Ireland (RAAP), Today FM, HMV, Culture Ireland and Music Week. Neil Hannon of The Divine Comedy(...)