Gemma Doorly and Karl Shiels in Being Norwegian

(...)-they/won’t-they comedy, on the difference between the sexes, conducted in more earthly terms: women are from Norway, men(...)

(...) struck me that the stereotyped presentation of gay people in comedy is often no different than it was in(...)

Actor Tom Vaughan Lawlor picutred attending The IFTA’s in The Mansion House, Dublin tonight. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

Lenny Abrahamson’s psychological-whimsical comedy Frank, Terry McMahon’s mental health drama(...)

Palme d’Or contender: Cate Blanchett in Carol, directed by Todd Haynes

(...) absurdist comedy filmed in Kerry and Dublin, as the favourite, at 5/2. It’s nice of them to show such(...)

Heavily symbolic: Pince Charles holds a cup of tea as he shakes hands with Sinn Féin party leader Gerry Adams. Photograph: Brian Lawless/Reuters 3:51

(...). Charles talks to plants. Gerry trampolines with his dog. A situation comedy starring Charles and Gerry(...)

Caroline Freyne and Gavin Little on their wedding day

(...). The best man was Stephen Lucey – whose speech was “comedy gold”, according to the bride – and(...)

(...) horrific comedy that lurks beneath tragedy. It is all so desperately funny because it is human.Even more(...)

(...) watchable semi-comedy featuring excellent duologues between untouchable professionals. It hardly needs to be(...)

The late Dermot Healy near his home in Ballyconnell West, Co Sligo: “He talked to the postman, walked the lanes, provided feasts, listened to birds and tales of ghosts, watched the play of light, cooks’ hands, glasses raised to lips, fingers moving over the buttons of a concertina and collected jokes, exclamations, sayings, idiomatic twists, shrugs, gestures, the way a thought or feeling broke into a face.” Photograph: Alan Betson

(...) find elsewhere in his work – the splendour of nature, the comedy of earnestness, the extraordinariness(...)

(...) comedy The Taliban Shuffle. Right now, she owns the screen in Ana Lily Amirpour’s stunning Iranian(...)