A faltering biography of Ted Hughes
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  • October 10, 2015, 01:00

(...), chameleon comedy: “He relished the way that [the queen mother] was interested in everything and everybody(...)

(...) number of Oscar nominations? 4. Which recent comedy is known as Dating Queen in Germany, This Girl is a(...)

(...), terse exchanges, it’s as though the play’s comedy has been forcibly smothered, the language flattened in(...)

(...) manual game of Tetris. Bright and unreal, that is also the tone of Gregg’s comedy and director Hamish(...)

Frankie Gaffney: Dublin Seven, doesn’t refer to the postal district (hence Seven rather than 7). There are seven chapters, each with seven themes that determine the content. Prime among these themes is Shakespeare’s Seven Ages of Man

(...) version of the rom-com. Yet in the middle of this optimistic comedy, suddenly you’re hit with a fatalistic(...)

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary  Clinton  appears to be behaving like she might have something to lose in her race to win the Democratic nomination. Photograph: AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall

(...) human side by lampooning Republicans on comedy TV and talk shows like Saturday Night Live and performing(...)

Headband alert: Michelle Dockery as Lady Mary and Maggie Smith as Violet in 'Downton Abbey'

(...) character comedy to kitchen-sink melodrama and is like nothing else on television: an unpredictable(...)

Stevie Smith: “well understood the dangers a collected poems might present for poets who dared to gamble with tone, rhyme and metre. Photograph: Getty

Emily Dickinson and the epigrammatic comedy of Dorothy Parker and Ogden Nash. Her work is distinctive(...)

Chantal Akerman is dead

(...) unexpected turn and shot a romantic comedy, A Couch in New York, starring William Hurt and Juliette Binoche(...)

(...) Teresa Fabik’s Love and Lemons, a Swedish comedy concerning a young woman setting up a restaurant in Sweden(...)