All hail The Book as it was meant to be read – as a book, between covers.

(...) doughnut-eating contest. Murray’s tragi-comedy features Skippy, a doomed romantic nick-named after a(...)

(...) entertainment, circus, theatre, poetry, comedy, music events, dance, visual arts, street art, craft market and a(...)

Mundy’s hymn to the smell of July celebrates the scents left behind by mowing machines

(...)’s Dublin Fringe, it’s described as “a surreal comedy about love, longing and one woman’s intense rivalry(...)

(...) has been a key figure in the advance of Mike Leigh and is a master of naturalistic comedy. He does not(...)

(...) their Preston Sturges from their Ernst Lubitsch. Bogdanovich’s latest film, a slightly unhinged comedy(...)

Bringing in the wounded of the 1st Bedfordshire Regiment after the assault on the first day of the Battle of the Somme, July 1st, 1916. Photograph: The Art Archive / Imperial War Museum

(...) complex than might be thought because of the comedy, this is at heart a very bleak study of despair. It is(...)

Headline act: Duran Duran had been announced as being on the bill in Killarney

(...). Downey is a seasoned promoter whose Rag Lane company has put on many rock, country and comedy events. He(...)

(...) sorts, the horrific comedy of it has become clearer. Harun’s one stab at love failed. He sums up his(...)

Peter Bogdanovich’s problematic tribute to the screwball comedy – already celebrated in the(...)

Jennifer Jason Leigh as Tralala in the 1989 film adaptation of Last Exit to Brooklyn, written in 1964 by Hubert Selby Jr

(...) film adaptation in 1994 was heavily rewritten as a buddy-cop comedy starring Rosie O’Donnell and Dan(...)