(...) video. Hurray for Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Their comedy concerning an uptight sister (Amy) and a(...)

President Higgins is escorted by  Sean Rainbird, director of the National Gallery of Ireland, and the Italian ambassador, Giovanni Adorni Braccesi, to the reading. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

(...) three was central to the Divine Comedy, the overall work of which Inferno is the first and most(...)

Warren Mitchell as Alf Garnett (right), with Anthony Booth as son-in-law Mike, Una Stubbs as daughter Rita and Dandy Nichols as Else. Photograph: PA

(...) comedy appearances alongside Tony Hancock and Benny Hill. He was meanwhile turning up in every popular(...)

Both an insider and an outsider: JG Farrell at his home in London in 1978. Photograph: Jane Bown

(...) 1973, and The Singapore Grip. Together they form an epic dark comedy of the unravelling of an(...)

Soldier reads as a comedy which develops into a picaresque brilliantly balancing wild humour with(...)

(...) springs.” Which comedy classic? 4. Which outfit is set to reappear with new staff members including(...)

(...) repeatedly explains his own actions where wordless visuals and comedy might suffice. And then there(...)

Select: The funny side of food

(...) come with producing a late night comedy sketch show. Lemon has a funny relationship with food. A(...)

RTÉ head of drama Jane Gogan. Photograph: Conor McCabe

Gary Duggan and produced by Ailish Bracken. Smitten, a comedy drama from Mycrofilms, centres on(...)

 French comedian Dieudonne M’bala who has been sentenced to  two months in jail for incitement to hatred during a show in Belgium. Photograph:   Loic Venanceloic/Getty Images

(...) months in prison and a €9,000 fine for making anti-Semitic jokes during a comedy show in 2012. Dieudonne(...)