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Radio 4 comedy Warhorses of Letters, starring Stephen Fry. “When we sold it to the BBC I realised how(...)

Photograph: Andrew Testa/New York Times

(...) of self-deprecation, anger and comedy. I have always talked about the importance of comedy, the(...)

Comedian Tim Vine
In Praise of: Tim Vine

(...), go for it.”His comedy is not to everyone’s taste certainly – and some people might be worn down by(...)

‘To borrow a phrase popular in the Reynolds camp at the time, when Dick Spring wasn’t himself taking offence he had Fergus Finlay to take offence on his behalf.’   Photograph: Paul Goulding

(...) early 1980s presented by Michael Murphy which was ground-breaking in doing live satire and comedy. It(...)

The 4th annual Charlie Chaplin film festival returns to Waterville in Co Kerry this weekend with live comedy, music, street theatre, workshops, discussion panels and the very best of film both in comedy and social commentary.

A look at what’s on around the country this weekend: Charlie Chaplin Comedy Film Festival The(...)

Kathy Kiera Clarke and Lisa Dwyer Hogg e

(...) fitfully – throughout its course, George Bernard Shaw’s comedy of disorder remains a complex, tangled work(...)

Noelle Brown and Billie Traynor

Comedy for Serious People” which contained a more complicated view of “bunburying” men leading double(...)

Kook, line and sinker: Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan in What If

(...) comedy thinks itself to be journeying towards unchartered territories. In fact, the indie-flavoured rom(...)

Twister and shout: Nathan Kress chases footage in Into the Storm

(...) of disaster pictures. Quale would have been better to lean towards the broad comedy of Final(...)

Olwen Fouéré in Riverrun. Photograph: Jeremy Abrahams

(...) greeted as an out- and-out comedy, but the approach of the September 18th referendum has brought it a more(...)