(...), overheard dialogue (including Spanish and Italian), classical atmospheres and misty mood shapers. Across(...)

(...) from classical fare to pop and psychedelia, shares a bill with pianist Michael Price, who has a film(...)

Kathy Etchingham: Former girlfriend of US guitarist Jimi Hendrix sits in the flat she once share with him in London. Photograph: EPA

(...) continue that,” Lloyd said. When classical music students knocked on Hendrix’s door by mistake he would(...)

Remembering J Dilla

(...) influence of those classical lessons which put the twist on productions where, instead of the strict four(...)

Igor Stravinsky at Dublin Airport in 1963. Photograph: Tommy Collins

‘Why the sudden attention on Stravinsky?” someone asked me at RTÉ’s Stravinsky in Focus event at the National Concert Hall last weekend. Because he’s(...)

The Whistleblast Quartet is made up of Mary Curran, Síle Daly, Conor Linehan and Ken Edge.
Who wants to play music at work?
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  • February 8, 2016, 06:00

(...) this, many of us are inclined to shy away from classical music or jazz believing them to be the more(...)

 Photograph: Thinkstock

(...) of live music that I can only describe as “classical”. Well, actually, there was also some jazz(...)

James Haskell is aware of the size of the task facing England in their Six Nations opener against Scotland. Photograph: Getty

(...) form that we see in classical games, but a win’s a win. It keeps everyone happy.” The Scots were(...)

Jeremy Denk: “My teachers thought I should have some extracurricular activity or other. Maybe today someone would give you a prescription.”Photograph: Hiroyuki Ito/Getty Images

The classical pianist Jeremy Denk is sitting in the window seat of a New York cafe. Outside the(...)

Powerscourt Gardens, Co Wicklow. Photograph: Carmel Byrne

(...) landowners, who then often wanted to display their sophistication by bringing back classical pieces from(...)