Masterworks: Detail from ‘Skylark’ by Pál Szinyei Merse

(...) classical forms. It contains a small equestrian bronze, believed to be the only surviving sculpture by the(...)

Manus Joe McClafferty: December 25th, 1953-February 19th, 2016. The Pobail le Chéile group plans to establish an annual award for community and voluntary work in his name

(...) particular love of poetry and classical music. He was a member of the Pobail le Chéile board and a founding(...)

(...) career along more traditional classical lines. But he pioneered the art of violin-led indie-pop, since(...)

The new pieces by Scott McLaughlin, Eric Skytterholm Egan and Amanda Feery will be heard at the NCH on May 16th

(...) at the NCH on May 16th. No organisation in Ireland has done more for classical music than the(...)

Chinese classical pianist Yundi: a concern for  poetry rather than display.  (Photo by Amy T. Zielinski/Redferns)

(...) composer, and on the front line of China’s western classical music revolution. Once the lights dim(...)

The Olympic flame lighting ceremony at Olympia in Greece: there are two Greeces: “the Greece whose glory everyone wants to restore – classical, democratic, philosophical, heroic – and the Greece on the map”. Photograph: Yannis Behrakis/Reuters

(...) about what kind of Greek Greeks should speak: “posh”, based on the classical language, or “demotic”, the(...)

LinkedIn: “I’ve got 209 waiting there at the moment; that’s how long it has been since I even looked at my account.” Photograph:  Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg

(...) press 2 for classical, press 3 for 80s hits, and so on. And finally but most aggravating of all: Linked(...)

Four-bedroom semi-detached house in Seapark, Malahide with the town and the dart just  walk away.

(...) of bang for your euro The Georgian design could be more faithful to Classical proportions, which(...)

Georgian building in Co Meath designed in the classical style. The launch of number 10 to the market(...)

(...) features most prominently on these largely classical and orchestral pieces, best heard on the theatrical(...)