(...) the gymnasium that continues to the present day. The decline of classical Greek civilisation and the(...)

One of the beautifully restored reception rooms of Ballyfin in Co Laois

Kanye was so impressed by the classical facade of the house that he’d stop the car at a certain point to(...)

Eímear Noone: “Is it as demanding as running a marathon? As waiting tables for 10 hours a day? Absolutely not.” Photograph: Carlos Gauna

(...) ask her about sexism in classical music. Is she tired of being asked about how tough a world it is to(...)

Malcolm Fraser: became increasingly estranged from his party, criticising its hardline stance on asylum seekers and its free-market policies. Photograph: EPA

(...) throughout his life, was a return to what he saw as the classical liberal principles of individual freedom(...)

Norwegian student Hanna Guriby re-imagined the Hammam building as an urban spa

Hanna Guriby has re-imagined the Hammam building (11-13 Upper O’Connell) with its hybrid classical(...)

(...)€12.50  spiritstore.ie The Kaleidoscope night of classical and contemporary music is hitting the road, with an(...)

‘It’s hard to think of anyone better-equipped than Niall Doyle [above] to provide the advocacy that music and opera need in these straitened times.’ Photograph: Matt Kavanagh

On the surface there’s not that much to get excited about. Niall Doyle, who formerly held top posts with Music Network, RTÉ’s music division and Op(...)

Dr David Finn and Mark Rafferty of    Amatech Group Ltd: “What we have been able to do is almost defy the laws of physics.”

(...) 10 times greater resolution than what has been regarded as the “classical diffraction limit(...)

Naturally . . . hot yoga

(...), introduced her own brand of hot yoga. Fierce Grace is a five-class hot yoga system based on classical Hatha(...)

(...)-night packages that include city transport, entrance to museums, classical concert tickets and B&B from ¤239(...)