James Joseph Sylvester, like many brilliant young people today, had difficulty finding a suitable position

(...) death in 1897. Sylvester had a deep knowledge of classical literature, and his mathematical papers are(...)

The Bergen Philharmonic: Norway’s oldest. It was founded when Mozart was just nine 3:52

The Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra, which made its Irish debut at the National Concert Hall on Friday, claims to be “one of the world’s oldest orche(...)

Triskel Artistic Director  Tony Sheehan: “Cork has remained very vigorous artistically despite the crash... we try to ensure that we occupy a meaningful part of the spectrum.” Photograph: Provision

(...) hosted contemporary, classical, electronic, sound art, folk, trad and experimental: broadly music with a(...)

A general view shows the Temple of Bel in the historical city of Palmyra, Syria in October, 2010. Photograph: Omar Sanadiki/Reuters

(...) of classical Greco-Roman and middle eastern architecture. “This temple is the most important one in(...)

In a word ... crisis

(...) why the word crisis is appropriate in the context is that it originated in classical Greek, as indeed(...)

Inclement: Boole loved everything about Cork except the weather, which ended up killing him – getting caught in a storm led to pneumonia – when he was 49, in 1864. Wood engraving photographed by Ann Ronan/Print Collector/Getty
George Boole: generous genius

(...) taught himself French, German, Italian and classical Greek. As a teenager Boole began to take a serious(...)

(...) how that superb musician came from little ol’ Belfast to the premier position he holds in classical(...)

(...) landed the production at Castle Coole, an impeccable neo-classical building, that lends an aura of(...)

Conductor Andrew Litton 3:52

One of the first things Andrew Litton said to me when I met him in the conductor’s room in Bergen’s Grieghallen was: “I like that orchestra very mu(...)

Tara Erraught: the Irish mezzo soprano of the moment gives recitals at Wexford Festival Opera, the NCH and in Galway. Photograph: Dieter Nagl/AFP/Getty Images

The new concert season kicks off in earnest on Friday, with one of the most explosive works ever written. Stravinsky’s still awe-inspiring Rite of (...)