Inclement: Boole loved everything about Cork except the weather, which ended up killing him – getting caught in a storm led to pneumonia – when he was 49, in 1864. Wood engraving photographed by Ann Ronan/Print Collector/Getty
George Boole: generous genius

(...) taught himself French, German, Italian and classical Greek. As a teenager Boole began to take a serious(...)

(...) how that superb musician came from little ol’ Belfast to the premier position he holds in classical(...)

(...) landed the production at Castle Coole, an impeccable neo-classical building, that lends an aura of(...)

Conductor Andrew Litton

One of the first things Andrew Litton said to me when I met him in the conductor’s room in Bergen’s Grieghallen was: “I like that orchestra very mu(...)

Tara Erraught: the Irish mezzo soprano of the moment gives recitals at Wexford Festival Opera, the NCH and in Galway. Photograph: Dieter Nagl/AFP/Getty Images

The new concert season kicks off in earnest on Friday, with one of the most explosive works ever written. Stravinsky’s still awe-inspiring Rite of (...)

Ashton House consists of a three-storey main block with two-storey wings.

A classical period house on almost 28 acres beside Ashtown railway station, which sold before the(...)

Hogan, Ireland’s greatest neo-classical sculptor, was a defeated entrant. Two fine plaster models that(...)

Immanuel Chirwa (18), who sat this year’s Leaving Cert while living in direct provision. Photograph: Eric Luke/The Irish Times

I was forced to do classical studies, French, and Spanish. “In English, they had already started(...)

Micachu & the Shapes: ‘We weren’t trying to force things out of ourselves. It just came out. Flowed out of us’

(...) built a strange mix of DIY spirit and classical knowledge. The band’s first album, Jewellery, was(...)

(...) gavottes and other classical tunes. It certainly had a soothing effect on us doctors and nurses and, with(...)