Pope Pius II (1405-1464): His book, On Europe (1458), influenced by Strabo’s Geography,  has (just) this to say about Ireland: “We ought now to acquit ourselves of Ireland, which is separated from Britain by a short stretch of sea, […]but since nothing worth remembering has taken place there, we understand, during the period we write about, we hurry on to matters Spanish.” Photograph:  APIC/Getty Images

The Renaissance was hugely influenced by classical texts, which had little (good) to say about(...)

Dr Jim Browne (centre), president of NUI Galway, with Charlie Byrne, founder and owner of Charlie Byrne’s Bookshop in Galway, and playwright, poet and painter, Patricia Burke Brogan, both of whom were conferred with  honorary Masters of Arts degrees  at NUI Galway yesterday. Photograph: Joe O’Shaughnessy.

(...) traditional and classical music collaborations is evidence of his creative genius as composer, pianist and(...)

Detail from Night Time in LA by Patrick Morrison. Photograph: Ciaran Connelly

(...); representational and deeply informed by the western classical tradition, but at the same time edgily contemporary(...)

 Horslips members and old friends Jim Lockhart (left) and Barry Devlin. Photograph: Eric Luke

(...) college students and that’s what they did in 1970. They tended to fuse classical or outside elements with(...)

Fermanagh Until Nov 8 Ursula Burke’s porcelain sculptures harness classical iconography and the decorative(...)

(...) for melding traditional and classical music with a twist. TRADITIONAL Máirtín O’Connor, Cathal(...)

National Symphony Orchestra
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If you think you have a busy week ahead, spare a thought for trombonist Christian Lindberg, who will be performing at the National Concert Hall next F(...)

Ireland’s Georgian heritage is now the subject of intense international interest. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

(...) classical traditions had “become native – by a strange and mysterious process of alchemy – so that things(...)

A stained glass window in Derry’s Guildhall depicting the coronation of King George V.

(...) to an atrium, was added to the northern end of the Edwardian neo-classical grouping as if to signal(...)

(...) ceiling roses – the sort of quality you tend to see in far grander houses – there are neo-classical(...)