We already know about four tiny moons that orbit Pluto (top of illustration) and its large moon Charon in a chaotic fashion. They follow roughly circular paths but wobble and tumble erratically as they pass close to the two larger bodies. Illustration: Nasa/SETI Institute via the New York Times

(...) present state of the universe and of the laws of classical mechanics, “nothing would be uncertain, and the(...)

Alina Ibragimova: a gutsy player who dives into the music, body and soul. Photograph: Sussie Ahlburg

The West Cork Chamber Music Festival opened on Friday with one of Mozart’s most celebrated achievements: 22 bars of music so distinctive they seem (...)

Detail from Narciso by Sandro Chia

(...) known as a maker of monumental abstract pieces, but his abstraction is thoroughly grounded in classical(...)

Still from What Happened, Miss Simone?

(...)-American classical pianist. But the US wasn’t ready. After being rejected by a prestigious music college because of(...)

 Roger Casement.

Irish arts and culture worldwide. This will include a concert featuring Irish classical musicians and(...)

The John F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington DC, where a three-week festival, Ireland 100: Celebrating a Century of Irish Arts and Culture, will take place next year. Photograph: Getty Images

London, classical musicians from across Ireland will perform at a concert in London’s Wigmore Hall in(...)

In a word... sex

(...) between five and seven”. We thought it so clever then, assisted by our classical education at St Nathy(...)

(...), John Cassavetes and Hal Ashby changed US cinema in that post-classical era and he delivers a perfectly(...)

The herd of rotbunt cows where the suspected case of BSE was located  in Co Louth. Photograph: Ciara Wilkinson.

(...) happened. “The identification of classical BSE cases after the implementation of the ban on the feeding of(...)

Annie Clark  of St Vincent: “I find that sometimes my ears are my biggest asset – and my ears are the things that will always keep my body reaching and they will always reach for things that I’m not quite able to play”

(...) performances. “I just wanted to make a show that I thought was really entertaining in the classical school(...)