(...) traditional and classical music and gardening. Through her son’s interest in cricket she became for a time a(...)

The Dublin Castle event coincides with ‘Ireland: Crossroads of Art and Design, 1690-1840’, a major exhibition under way at the prestigious Art Institute of Chicago

(...) speakers and topics are Lynda Mulvin (Irish Collectors of Classical Sculpture: From Downhill to Russborough(...)

Gunnar Staalesen: ‘What book would I give to a friend’s child on their 18th birthday?  Probably Love in the Time of Cholera, so that he or she can understand that love can survive all’

(...) classical Swedish poet Carl Michael Bellman’s Fredman’s Epistles, illustrated by the artist Peter Dahl(...)

Bentley Continental GT V8: The Continental GT has been a soaring success for Bentley – it was the first model launched under Volkswagen ownership and instantly took the venerable British luxury brand from making a paltry couple of thousand cars a year to runaway sales success. 2:18

(...) the ideal of the classical Bentley (all beefy construction, torquey engine and unfussy, practical(...)

(...) jazz, whose musical embrace is warm and wide, blurring the lines between jazz and classical. His(...)

Alan Gilbert (pictured conducting the New York Philharmonic last year): ‘For many orchestras, what the New York Philharmonic achieves in the first rehearsal is something they can only dream of achieving in concert’

It was the talk of New York’s classical community earlier this year when Alan Gilbert announced(...)

Opera of a different kind featured on Dublin’s streets over the weekend in Things We Throw Away (above). A public street with pedestrians passing around and sometimes through the performing space is not exactly an easy spot for pop-up opera. Photograph: Brian Lawless/PA Wire

Classical Music: The ensemble is to give a series of concerts in the dark; elsewhere, street opera(...)

Therapy? are, from left, Michael McKeegan, Andy Cairns and Neil Cooper

(...) country, classical or jazz. You may have gotten into Radiators from Space, Boomtown Rats, The Damned, Iron(...)

‘Whatever reactions it inspires, Venus Restored must be understood in its historical context and as a key work in modern art’s challenging of perception and traditional values, and encouragement of an active rather than passive response.’ Photograph: Chris Young/AFP/Getty Images.

(...) objects which made the familiar (the classical nude) strange (corseted in rope). Produced at the time of(...)

Kenneth Killeen: ‘In the case of Whiplash, which reinforces the stereotypical view of jazz, that’s not good’

(...). Expect a Venn diagram of improv, math-rock, jazz and contemporary classical. 12 Points Project Arts(...)