People react to results coming in from constituencies around Ireland indicating an overwhelming majority voting in favour of same-sex marriage. Photograph: EPA/Aidan Crawley

(...) the issue at hand. Elsewhere, senior politicians welcomed the the result, with Minister for Health Leo(...)

Boy was injured when part of a horsebox fell on him on a farm in west Cork.

(...) to celebrate his second birthday next month, is the O’Regans’ eldest child and they only recently(...)

Drag queen and gay rights activist Rory O’Neill, also known by his stage name Panti, cheers with other supporters for same-sex marriage at Dublin Castle on Saturday. Photograph: Paul Faith/AFP/ Getty Images 3:18

(...) welcomed the result, with Minister for Health Leo Varadkar saying the overwhelming Yes vote makes Ireland a(...)

 Micheal Baron (left) founder of Belong with his husband Jamie Nanci at North Strand polling station. Photograph: Cyril Byrne / THE IRISH TIMES

(...) health reasons,” says Darragh. A ‘Yes’ vote, he says, would mean “Ireland is changing for the better.” “I(...)

In Ireland, a traditionally Roman Catholic country that has long been known for a seeming conservative streak, the lack of a strong backlash during the referendum campaign has been notable, even as opponents of the measure have mobilised.   Photograph: Aidan Crawley/EPA

(...) region’s health minister, Jim Wells, resigned after a lesbian constituent confronted him over comments he(...)

In one case in the Louth-Meath area, it took three years for social workers to respond to concerns about a child threatening suicide. Photograph: The Irish Times 6:47

(...) flagged in an official report to be published shortly. Child protection and welfare concerns were raised(...)

A boy begging in an alleyway off Dawson Street in Dublin. The State must address delays in the provision of social housing and ensure emergency housing “is appropriate to children’s needs”, says the Ombudsman for Children’s report. Photograph: Frank Miller

The Government is tolerating “unacceptable” levels of child poverty, standing over discrimination(...)

‘Their stories offer compelling insights into the negative impact gaps in services and system-oriented practices have on the lives of children and their families’. Photograph: Getty Images

(...)’s rights experts for its efforts since 2006 to give meaning to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child(...)

Cormac Walsh leaving the Four Courts on Thursday after the significant High Court decision. Photograph: Courts Collins

A man sexually assaulted over years as a child by another man whom he regarded as a “father figure(...)

Dried up: the UN Global Pulse unit monitors social network messages from Twitter and elsewhere for early-warning signals of a disease outbreak, crop failure or economic turmoil in a region of a developing country. Photograph: Reuters

(...) health, safety and education.That is the driving assumption behind a new project led by Unicef and ARM(...)