(...)-adult novels discussed here have been selected for review primarily because of what is perceived as their(...)


(...)-view mirror car-chases not unlike those in a similarly titled film by William Friedkin, and just when you(...)

(...) pursues a car and berates the driver for not paying her gym fees. The story kicks off properly when(...)

(...) covers of car magazines alongside the likes of the Ferrari F40 and Lamborghini Countach. Somehow these(...)

Gardaí released two of the men arrested for the car burglaries without charge, while the other man went before court in Cloverhill. File photograph: Bryan O’Brien/The Irish Times

Gardaí in the midlands have broken up a car theft gang, recovering up to eight stolen vehicles in(...)

Our Test Drive: the Citroen DS5 4:33

Is the Citroen DS5 luxurious enough to take on its German counterparts? We take it out on the roads to find out. Video: Neil Briscoe

People march in to the Cuddell Recreation Center where Tamir Rice was killed, in protest to Cleveland police officer Michael Brelo being acquitted of manslaughter charges after he shot two people in 2012. Photograph: Ricky Rhodes/Getty Images.

(...) black man and woman after a high-speed car chase in 2012, one in a series of cases that have raised(...)

(...) defence it was of its time: it had the swagger of a boom-time SUV and its owners sat so tall in the car(...)

The late Dermot Healy near his home in Ballyconnell West, Co Sligo: “He talked to the postman, walked the lanes, provided feasts, listened to birds and tales of ghosts, watched the play of light, cooks’ hands, glasses raised to lips, fingers moving over the buttons of a concertina and collected jokes, exclamations, sayings, idiomatic twists, shrugs, gestures, the way a thought or feeling broke into a face.” Photograph: Alan Betson

(...) and mordant columnist named Blake reviewing a collection of essays titles his review Tin of Sardines(...)

Make it so: Patrick Stewart leads a gang of neo-Nazi thugs in Green Room

Ain’t Rights are a down-at-heel hardcore band syphoning petrol in car parks as they journey from(...)