As ground control manager at Airbnb, Dan Skold’s jobs involves making the technology company a cool place to work. “We like to think of ourselves as the ‘ninjas of culture’ and we have a very unique opportunity to shape the direction of this company as it is really taking off.”

(...) work in traditional roles such as in IT, human resources, marketing, business development and finance(...)

Smartphone maker Blackberry is cutting jobs as it “reallocates resources to capitalise on growth opportunities and achieve profitability across all its business segments”. (Photograph: Dado Ruvic/Reuters)

(...) software, hardware and applications business. The company did not specify how many employees would be(...)

On May 1st, Amazon said that it had started reporting revenue from its operations in Britain, Germany, Italy and Spain. (Photograph: Rick Wilking/Reuters)

(...). “We regularly review our business structure to ensure that we are able to best serve our customers(...)

‘Algorithms may be good at crunching numbers and putting them in some kind of context, but journalists are good at asking annoying questions.’ Photograph: Thinkstock

(...)-earnings business stories and will soon be using it for sports coverage too. You’ve never heard of Wordsmith but you(...)

The Keenan Systems mixer. The company develops feeding machines, which are used by thousands of farmers from Canada to China, to give their livestock the optimal mix of food. The machines are connected to the cloud allowing for a real-time feed of information

(...) in big data, technology and the Internet of Things, a new era of farming is emerging. Cows are being(...)

John McGuire, founder of Active Mind Technology and creator of Game Golf, pictured at the company’s offices on Geary Street. Photograph: Charlie Taylor

(...) designed to assist Irish technology companies targeting the Bay Area. “We are trying to get companies(...)

An airbnb floating house in London: the tech start-up is considered a unicorn as it has reached a €1 billion or more valuation. Photograph: Mikael Buck/airbnb/PA Wire

(...), clear revenue streams, or even customer growth projections. But what they lack in Business Studies 101(...)

Of 346 respondents to a survey of victim services in the US, 97 per cent said domestic and sexual assault victims who seek services are being harassed, monitored and threatened by offenders misusing technology. Photograph: Getty

Technology is – usually – our friend. It lets us hail a taxi and turn on the heat before we get(...)

Ryan Pandya (left) and Perumal Gandhi of US-based company Muufri which has discovered a way to produce animal-free milk

(...) plant will utilise ingredient technology developed in conjunction with Teagasc scientists to(...)

EU Commissioner Carlos Moedas speaking at the official opening of the Paddy O’Keeffe innovation centre at Teagasc Moorepark in Fermoy: the centre is now home to some 200 people who are working in animal and grassland research

(...) fencing technology where collars on the cows issue a warning as they approach an invisible boundary, so(...)