Have you seen Deadpool yet? No? Then you might like to complain about my negative review of that(...)

(...) guests a little easier to book these days. On Volume Two, grandees like David Crosby, Salif Keita and(...)

Declan Kiberd: There’s no point in beating ourselves up that we don’t have people quite like Yeats or Joyce or Collins or Lady Gregory or Hanna Sheehy-Skeffington; it’s better just to be glad that they came at all. Like the Renaissance in Italy happens once in a thousand years and that’s enough

(...) biography from 1974 and a Paris Review interview from 1985. Declan Kiberd’s Inventing Ireland only came to(...)

Mrs Engels is more character than plot — but what a character! And there are some perplexities about chronology that might have sunk a lesser work, but seem mere trifles here, blown away by the power of the narrative voice. It’s an amazing achievement

(...) memory, not the actual book, which I immediately mailed it to my brother-in-law upon completing, because(...)

Firemen survey the damage outside the Tavern in the Town pub in Birmingham, after an IRA bomb blast. Photograph: Getty Images

(...). A separate police review of evidence in the case, ending in 2014, discovered that of the 168(...)

(...) had fish?’ . . . It’s very embarrassing. I suppose really, it’s like training to be an OAP.” Review(...)

Members of emergency services at the site of two crashed trains near Bad Aibling in southwestern Germany on Tuesday evening. The crash took place on a slope between a wood and a canal, difficult to reach by road, triggering a dramatic four-hour air rescue. Photograph: Michael Dalder/Reuters

(...), who identified himself as Patrick, said he was listening to music and reading a book when he heard a(...)

Builder, wrecker, blinkered visionary: Robert Caro writes that “to free his hands for the grab” of power, Robert Moses “shook impatiently from them the last crumbs” of his principles. Photograph: Joe Scherschel/National Geographic/Getty Images

(...) had to go through him. Nothing about this book is small. Its ambition, which is vast, matches the(...)

Máire T Robinson: “try leaving write what you know aside. Instead, embrace what you don’t know. Write what you want to find out. Write what fascinates you, troubles you, terrifies you”

(...) theories, the one that most captured my imagination was explored by Barbara Freitag in her book Sheela(...)

The Negotiation Book: Your Definitive Guide to Successful Negotiating by Steve Gates

(...) a concession. The book describes a four-stage process of improving competency starting with moving(...)