In retrospect, it seems remarkable how much of the iconography of the 1916 Rising came to fix itself on the figures of the seven signatories of the(...)

(...) lives there. Notes from a Small Island is the best-selling British travel book ever, and was voted in(...)

(...) displaying the presence of an uncompromising tastemaker. To prepare the book Cavanagh listened to more than(...)

(...) that sets their uncertain future. John McCourt’s latest book is Writing the Frontier: Anthony(...)

(...) proceeds to trot out a bewildering array of modernities, which pop up as the book unfolds: “anti(...)

(...), Asenath, was taken from the Book of Genesis. Nicholson’s independent spirit was evident early, she(...)

Minor Languages and the Literary Imagination in Twentieth-Century Ireland and Europe, the book examines(...)

A faltering biography of Ted Hughes
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  • October 10, 2015, 01:00

(...) of his unpublished work than any other scholar in the fraught lead-up to this book’s publication(...)

(...) loneliness felt by Kate in the book’s title story, Dinosaurs on Other Planets, published last year in the New(...)

Claire Danes: mesmerisingly good in the fifth season of ‘Homeland’

(...) and foolhardy Middle East specialist with a contact book that gives access to the head of Hezbollah(...)