(...), The San Francisco Chronicle, The Far Eastern Economic Review, New York magazine, Vanity Fair Germany(...)

Icon employs more than 1,000 people in Ireland

(...) represents a gross book to bill of 1.33. Net business wins were $454 million, representing a net book to bill(...)

(...) tale about the trials and tribulations of the fat man. The book is still in print to this day and it(...)

‘Independent bookshops have a deep engagement with the culture of their city and country and they can reflect that in their stock.’ Maurice Earls of Books Upstairs on D’Olier Street, Dublin. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

(...): to protect it from the bargain-basement business model of book-selling is to protect writers, readers(...)

The view of the East River from Mary Costello’s apartment in New York: “When I wake on Sunday morning will the Kimmage light enfold me or will I blink at the strangeness of the room, at some vague indefinable absence? Will there be a brief up-flow of images – the stretch of Madison where the sun dazzles in early morning, the rooftop view of the astro-pitch across the street and the East river in the distance? I might close my eyes for a second to recover again that tightly packed urban grid, those large emotional spaces to which I was, temporarily, given access”

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This is a book about vision, belief and thinking beyond narrow horizons. Specifically, it is also(...)

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A book landed on my desk with a soft little moan recently. It’s called The Wild Oats Project and(...)

Kiev protesters: Sakwa maintains Vladimir Putin is the most pro-European leader of Russia ever. Photograph: Vladislav Sodel

Polish heritage who specialises in Russian and European politics, intends his book to counter the(...)