‘Robert  Putnam believes that the “neo-traditional model” of family, that is, stable, durable marriages of biological parents, where both parents are likely to work but also invest significant time into parenting, leads to a range of positive outcomes for children.’ Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

(...) either. There has been a great deal of discussion of Robert Putnam’s latest book, Our Kids. In this book(...)

Averil Power: her interview on Moncrieff provided a rare glimpse of a politician throwing off the pressures and hypocrisies of party loyalties. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

(...) the programme,” Dunphy says, giggling. “He gave me a bad review for a book. Can you imagine how small(...)

(...) act like psychopaths? It is the central theme of Belinda McKeon’s second novel, a book set for the(...)

(...) or so covered by the book. The vehicle for this is the launch and gradual evolution of the magazine(...)

(...) painful is the fact that this huge book brings Bellow only to the age of 49 and the publication, in 1964(...)

Marked Off, by Don Cameron
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  • May 30, 2015, 00:52

Paperback review (...)

Shark, by Will Self
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  • May 30, 2015, 00:50

Paperback review (...)

A float depicting Silvio Berlusconi entitled The Banana Republic, at the traditional Viareggio Carnival parade, in 2001. Photograph: AP Photo/Riccardo Dalle Luche

In some ways the Mafia, with its powerful matriarchs and clan loyalty, is a grotesque parody of Mediterranean family life. Rival clans gain strengt(...)

(...), in the book’s depictions of sex and in how it so flawlessly captures these 20-somethings(...)