Michael O’Higgins: Some people have commented that Snapshots captures the spirit of the 1980s very well.  I like to think that this essence is there because I spent so much time working on it

(...) were days when I would have been very grateful to get one. My book was ignored. I received a single(...)

 Winston Churchill, first lord of the admiralty, at the start of the start of the first World War. Photograph: Popperfoto / Getty Images

(...) is no evidence for it, nor does he reveal who reported it. Although this book is a literary biography(...)

(...) narrative device that moves the story’s telling from book to play-within-a-play has a knowingness that(...)

(...) recounted in an award-winning children’s book (Mordicai Gerstein’s The Man Who Walked Between the Towers(...)

Green Griants: by E Freya Williams. Price: €29.99

(...) exemplars in this field and their stories provide the backbone of this book by sustainability consultant(...)

(...) book shares its overall title and recounts a visit to Herbert and his wife at the parsonage of Bemerton(...)

(...) touches of the teeth”). In one book, she discovers real-life diver Rodney Fox, who was massively injured(...)

Róisín Ingle. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

(...) she keeps private. Until this book came out, there was one subject in particular about which she had(...)

Former US president Richard Nixon and  his secretary of state Henry Kissinger in the Oval Office on September 21st, 1973. Photograph: AP Photo

(...)’s early life. In the first three chapters of the book, he provides a fascinating look at the social(...)

Thinking anew: the Ven Gordon Linney. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

(...) in the 1983-4 New Ireland Forum. He was also a member of a government review body on primary(...)