Intent on feeling, Bill Clegg is clearly unafraid of melodrama and sentimentality; more talented writers have shown less courage. Photograph: Getty Images

(...) of the tragedy seep out elsewhere and involve random onlookers. On a human level the book has(...)

Raving, we’re raving

A review of "The Underground Is Massive". Michaelangelo Matos' book on the history of US dance(...)

Joseph O’Connor, right, on Geoff Mulligan: “Geoff is very clear and honest when he thinks the book is going wrong, losing focus, lacking clarity. He wants you to write what you mean”

(...)’ve worked with Joe for the best part of 20 years and seven books. In 1993 I read a book of Joe’s called(...)

(...) right relationships that achieve results. That’s one of the key messages in this interesting book put(...)

Surrendering to the yarragh: Van Morrison at Orangefield High, his old school in Belfast, in August 2014. Photograph: Exile Productions

(...) very young,” the late Ralph J Gleason wrote in 1970 in a review of Morrison’s album Moondance, “I saw a(...)

Pat Barker. Photograph: Ellen Warner

(...) of Art. That first book concentrated on the contrasting personalities of the three: Elinor was a(...)

(...) through the lens of a number of characters. Each of the book’s eight chapters introduces a new voice(...)

Former minister for justice Ray Burke on his way to jail in 2005: even he lamented (in public, at least) the Fraud Squad’s inability to conduct an effective investigation.. Photograph: Frank Miller

(...) being the first substantial review of company law in the history of the State. In a devastating critique(...)

Review: Thirst, by Kerry Hudson
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  • August 29, 2015, 00:20

Dave, a Bond Street security guard, catches Alena, a Siberian shoplifter in the act but, awe-struck by her beauty, decides to let her off. The opening(...)