Ferriter’s review of Coogan’s book, Weekend Review, November 21st], it would seem this duo might have some(...)

(...) of other weepie family dramas: the parental loss of Bambi, the final farewell of The Jungle Book and(...)

Sir, – In reference to some of the correspondence regarding Diarmaid Ferriter’s review of Tim Pat(...)

British chancellor George Osborne’s fancy fiscal footwork in the Autumn Statement restored as the clear favourite to succeed David Cameron as prime minister. Photograph:  Andy Rain/EPA

(...)’s autumn statement and spending review was a virtuoso display of skill and poise that put Strictly Come(...)

Spending Review on Wednesday, chancellor of the exchequer George Osborne also backed away from cutting the(...)

Bag lady: Jaimie Alexander as Jane Doe in new US drama series Blindspot, currently showing on Sky Living

(...) highest concept of all, transferring the entire Marvel comic-book universe on to the small and big screens(...)

Sir, – Diarmaid Ferriter’s review of Tim Pat Coogan’s new book 1916: The Mornings After – From the(...)

 Eamon de Valera  inspects troops outside the GPO in Dublin on the 25th anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising: The English have an innate distaste for de Valera because he personifies an independent Irish national identity, claims historian Ronan Fanning. Photograph: Keystone/Getty Images

Valera was the most divisive figure in 20th-century Irish history, the reception of the book since its(...)

Ferriter on Tim Pat Coogan

Sir, – Very late in his scathing review of Tim Pat Coogan’s new book, 1916: The Mornings After(...)

Frankie Gaffney: I did fill an artist’s notebook with anecdotes and phrases once I’d decided to write a book. I’d recommend this to anyone; daily life is instantly transformed into research, and life itself becomes more rewarding when you start finding and recording value in the mundane

What was the first book to make an impression on you? My Ma started reading to me long before I(...)