(...) readily agreed." Their joint discussion, chaired by author and contributing editor to the London Review(...)

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(...) the north Dublin coast. The event takes place on World Book Day, March 5th, as part of the Laureate na(...)

FBD predicted its motor premiums would rise on average by about 7 or 8 per cent this year to reflect the increase in claims resulting from the economic recovery.

(...) said it would review its figures.“We are reducing our exposure to motoring insurance,” FBD’s chief(...)

(...)’s free), The White Review, and The Plant Journal. The magazine I buy the most is not independent at all(...)

(...) inspirational, written by a partner and leadership coach at consulting firm McKinsey. The book is short and has(...)

(...) interest. His was essentially an optimistic book, setting out a radical but not impossible programme of(...)

Connected: online book clubs and apps offer readers new ways to interact with each other and even with authors

(...) enable readers to connect instantly with each other. New technologies present the possibility of the book(...)

(...) destroyer into the shark-infested Caribbean. (The Story of a Shipwrecked Sailor, Márquez’s book(...)

Matt Sumell’s debut novel ‘Making Nice’ is  a funny and moving book comprised of interlinking, individually titled stories

(...) of bird he has bought off the internet. Alby is also talking about himself, in one of the book’s many(...)

A heavy mist has descended over sixth-century Britain, a bleak country inhabited by mutually antagonistic Saxons and Britons. The Romans left long bef(...)