Martin Reeves: “Experiments should be individually small, large in overall number and quick to come to a conclusion.”

(...). Strategy itself is in danger of getting a bad name. According to the authors of a new book on strategy(...)

(...) benefits of working for themselves. This book is a primer for those considering embarking on this career(...)

Harper Lee in 2007 when receiving the presidential medal of freedom, at the White House, Washington. Photograph: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Set a Watchman – comes yet another strange twist to the tale of how the book made its way to(...)

Jeremy Hutchinson is 100 years of age and sharp as a tack. This book is dedicated to some of the(...)

Relentless heat incapacitates a small French town. It is the summer of 1919, and life is not quite back to normal. Adding to the unreality is the p(...)

Although John McAuliffe’s new book is founded in what the back cover describes as “the domestic(...)

(...), could have written authoritatively about its Irish Georgian silver component: his pioneering book of(...)

(...) distinguishing features (and greatest strengths) of the book is Longerich’s skill in analysing the diaries that(...)

Since the late 19th century the Irish sisters Mary and Lizzie Burns have lived on in the twilight zone occupied by so many other women associated w(...)

(...) personal integrity and creative freedom, and these qualities – and a few more – inform the book. The tone(...)