Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras:  calling for support from opposition parties, he has reiterated that his government  will  implement a February 20th deal struck with the euro zone.  Photograph: François Mori/AP

(...) officials expressed interest in Greek treasury bill auctions and bonds, a finance ministry official said(...)

A street vendor selling Greek shadow-puppet theatre figures  in Athens: Greece remains internationally uncompetitive, as shown by the sluggishness of its exports. Photograph: Kostas Tsironis/Reuters

(...) are far lower than earlier, as the divergent spreads in yields on government bonds indicate. Another(...)

The action by the special liquidators to the IBRC had alleged breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, and breach of duty of care against the members of Irish Nationwide’s  former board. Photograph: Alan Betson / The Irish Times

(...) with government bonds in an exercise that reduced the deficit by approximately €1 billion per year(...)

The annual rate of inflation in the 19-nation bloc climbed to minus 0.1 per cent from minus 0.3 per cent in February. Photograph: Sean Gallup/Getty Images

(...)-based ECB pledged to buy €1.1 trillion of assets including government bonds through September 2016 to fend(...)

German government bonds. Demand hit a 12-year high as investors ploughed in to buy bonds at a yield of(...)

New data on Monday showed that prices in Europe’s largest economy rose 0.1 per cent in March from a year earlier. (Photograph: Krisztian Bocsi/Bloomberg)

(...) pledged to spend €1.1 trillion on government bonds and other assets to stave off the threat of deflation(...)

Alexis Tsipras, Greece’s prime minister, has so far pledged to repay in full obligations to the International Monetary Fund and the ECB, as well as private bondholders. (Photograph: Kostas Tsironis/Bloomberg)

(...). Sales of those securities, which totaled about €6 billion, increased the amount of Greek bonds(...)

A demonstrator taking part in a protest against Brazil’s president Dilma Rousseff in Rio this month. This latest police operation highlights the increasing confidence of anticorruption authorities in Brazil to tackle the problem but also the entrenched nature of graft in Brazil. Photograph: Ricardo Moraes/Reuters

(...) fiscal surplus of 1.2 per cent of GDP in order to avoid having its bonds downgraded to junk.A recent(...)

(...) sounds all round. In 1997, David Bowie earned $55 million selling securitisation bonds to punters, who(...)

The loss of 72 German nationals, including 16 schoolchildren, on Germanwings flight 4U 9525 was one of the largest losses of life in a single incident in recent German history. Photograph: Getty Images

(...), including €1.9 billion of profit on bonds held by the European Central Bank. It is also seeking about €1(...)