A Hanergy exhibition stand at a Clean Energy Expo in Beijing recently:  China’s Hanergy Thin Film Power Group is under investigation by Hong Kong’s market watchdog,  after the company lost half its market value of nearly $40 billion in 24 minutes on May 20, 2015. Photograph:  REUTERS

(...).However, there are few obvious alternatives, with bonds yielding next to nothing these days, and that has forced(...)

Bankers say the rise in the value of the Swiss franc in January reflected a drying up of liquidity due to restrictions on  trading activities

(...) bull market in bonds to a sudden end and trigger painful increases in volatility across credit and(...)

European Central Bank  asset buying is helping bank earnings, with firms such as Intesa Sanpaolo SpA saying profit doubled in the first quarter as it sold government bonds. (Photograh: FRANK RUMPENHORST/EPA)

(...) doubled in the first quarter as it sold government bonds. “We’re seeing a substantial rotation into value(...)

Axa’s chief executive says divestment move should inspire other financial institutions to follow suit

(...) infrastructure and green bonds.The move makes the French group the biggest recruit to an global fossil(...)

The National Treasury Management Agency (NTMA) has sold €500 million of six months treasury bills at a yield of - 0.03 per cent. Photo: Eric Luke/The Irish Times

(...) seven-year bonds, at a yield of 0.81 per cent, which raised €750 million.The NTMA had already raised €10(...)

Donnacha Ryan: “I just have to manage my situation and see how I pull up each day. It’s all about the moment.” Photograph: James Crombie/Inpho.

(...)’ll get into the gas and minerals bit of it, bonds and that. I’ve an interest in finance from the degree(...)

Robbie Keane: fundamentally solid, occasionally infuriating, but remarkably consistent

(...) course, but about €350 million of its bonds still trade on the ISE. The offer, had it been accepted(...)

Yields on government bonds of the big advanced economies peaked in the early 1980s: Japan’s peak was near 10 per cent, Germany’s 11 per cent, and those of the US and UK 15 per cent and 16 per cent.

(...) rise, but modestly. This is also what we should expect.Yields on 10-year bonds have behaved like the(...)

Dermot Bolger: Tanglewood refused to go away in my imagination and one day I realised that if you  set a novel in the summer of 1913 you had no need to go into the whole story of the first World War: the reader would register the date and fill in the terrible tragedy  for you, without your characters being aware of what they were sleepwalking towards.” Photograph: Kate Geraghty

(...) bonds of memory and love that can simultaneously exist within any marriage.Its title was inspired by(...)

Alex Barclay: To anyone who is considering voting “no”, please spend time in the shoes of those whom your vote will affect. This is not an X that ends in a box. That one X will move like a hollow-point bullet. You can’t turn your head away from what happens next, from the injuries you will cause, from the damage you will do. Exclusion, for any reason, crushes spirits

(...) is a heart and to whomever it bonds, the mechanism remains the same. From this, love grows, passion(...)