Former chief executive of Irish Nationwide Building Society Michael Fingleton arriving at the Oireachtas Banking Inquiry on Wednesday. Photograph: Eric Luke/The Irish Times

A report into claims by a whistleblower at the banking inquiry has been delivered to the Oireachtas(...)

Sir, – The most exciting evidence from the Oireachtas banking inquiry is Michael Fingleton’s on his(...)

Michael Fingleton: Accepted that the bonuses paid by the building society were “excessive”. Photograph: Collins 5:01

Oireachtas banking inquiry yesterday that he doesn’t regret any decisions taken during his 38 years in charge(...)

Michael Fingleton  arriving at the Oireachtas banking inquiry. Photograph: Eric Luke

Irish banking market collapsed and the government was forced to introduce a blanket guarantee(...)

Matt Moran, former chief financial officer at Anglo Irish Bank.  Photograph: Collins Courts.

Moran, who joined the institution in 2002, is due before the Oireachtas banking inquiry today and is(...)

Gannon recently told the banking inquiry the development would not have been possible without the support(...)

 John Stanley Purcell told the Banking Inquiry he sees no benefit to pursuing directors of INBS when others have not been the subject of any investigation. File photograph: Eric Luke/The Irish Times

(...) action against members of the building society. John Stanley Purcell told the Banking Inquiry he sees no(...)

Former Irish Nationwide  chairman Michael Walsh who told the Banking Inquiry of his  regret at how many families had suffered from the ‘era of austerity’. He accepted many mistakes were made by Irish Nationwide, and other Irish financial institutions.

(...) that led to the banking crisis in Ireland but said much of the commentary about its difficulties is not(...)

Michael Walsh joined the board of the Irish Nationwide Building Society in 2001 and served as its chairman.

Michael Walsh, a former professor of banking at UCD and a long time associate of the businessman(...)

Fingleton: 'In hindsight, we were excessive' 5:01

Highlights of former Irish Nationwide Building Society chief, Michael Fingleton, at the banking(...)