Architect Niall McLaughlin: “I want to use the opportunity to promote the idea that good architecture can make good low-cost housing”

In the east London district of Whitechapel, where the luxury developments of the UK’s richest are gated by the graffiti of the UK’s poorest, lies D(...)

Window cleaners at Hawkins House where it is said: ‘Half the windows don’t open; the other half don’t close.’ Photograph: Aidan Crawley

The Irish Times office is a good place for a game of fantasy wrecking ball. Everybody’s got a least favourite Irish building. And here, on on Tara Str(...)

From left, ADAM GAFFEY wears a three-piece suit from River Island, shoes from New Look and a shirt from Collar & Cuff; KEITH KENNY wears Dubarry boots, Replay denims, J Lindeberg T-shirt, Replay shirt, and a Guess hooded top; and KYLE CHELDON BARNETT wears a Cos coat and vest, Sun Buddies glasses, Trippen boots, Christopher Raeburn backpack, H&M trousers, and a Craig Green long shirt. Photographs: Eric Luke, Nick Bradshaw, Alan Betson

(...) seen in everything,” he says. “I look at architecture, design, film, fashion, music and art, and they(...)

Irish architects O’Donnell + Tuomey have been pipped at the post for the premier Mies van der Rohe prize for European architecture, which went to the (...)

From left, a digital montage of how architects Donaghy and Dimond envisaged the West Cork Arts Centre; and the centre as it appears now

The new West Cork Arts Centre, called Uillinn, certainly makes its mark on the landscape. A great hulk of weathered Corten steel rises up in the mi(...)

Detail from Thicket by Anthony Lyttle

(...) “pattern” relates to an influential 1977 book on urban architecture, design and community, A Pattern(...)

Patrick Scott and some of his work in the Hugh Lane Gallery, Parnell Square, Dublin: ‘At its best, that work possesses a timeless purity and elegance.’ Photography: Dara Mac Dónaill/The Irish Times

(...) encountered in art, architecture, design and, not least, life. For, as in the Japanese ritual of the tea(...)

 Bolands Mill at Grand Canal Dock, which figured in the 1916 Rising, was built by the Pim brothers in 1837

The history of Dublin falls into familiar categories, packaged for the convenience of the secondary-school curriculum, popular history and the tourist(...)

Pablo Picasso died, in April 1973, leaving a  fortune estimated at the equivalent of €660 million. Photograph: Getty

When President François Hollande, the crème de la crème of the cultural world and the heirs of the Picasso fortune gathered last weekend to celebrate (...)

Visitors outside the Casino at Marino, Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

Two of Ireland’s leading conservation architects are at loggerheads over the latest renovation of the perfectly proportioned Casino at Marino, whic(...)