John Lydon: ‘I was raised by my parents to go through the school of hard knocks without self-pity.’ Photograph: Sahlan Hayes/Getty

(...), Here’s the Sex Pistols, has never, since 1978, been out of the Best Albums of All Time lists, while(...)

Niamh Buck (left), Maria O’Grady with her daughter Amber (far right) at the Lady Gaga concert at the 3arena in Dublin last night. Photograph: Neil Coles

(...) her latest album Artpop, which has not sold as well as her other albums, and played in Birmingham(...)

Eamonn Dowd: “You have to do it for real.” Photograph: Åsa Kärrman

(...)’d have preferred Berlin. I had two albums released by a German label, but I got bad directions and ended(...)

 Horslips members and old friends Jim Lockhart (left) and Barry Devlin. Photograph: Eric Luke

(...) what we did which was 12 albums in 10 years. We had a ball for 10 years on the road and signs on, since(...)

(...) and death, and you have various reasons why some best-intended albums have never been heard outside(...)

(...) confidence is something to behold. Three albums in four years have seen him do a great deal of finessing(...)

Simon Toldam Trio: Kig Op 14
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  • October 17, 2014, 00:00

(...) the spectrum, like the album’s charmingly simple closing blues. (...)

Vashti Bunyan: Heartleap

(...) wagon. Yet there’s only been two albums to date (1970’s Just Another Diamond Day and 2005’s Lookaftering(...)

Time music. They’re no mean hands at composition either. Although their two albums to date have taken(...)

Archive: Vashti Bunyan

(...) release of her first and second albums, an odyssey which took her from the London of the swinging Sixties(...)