Rising New York vibraphonist Chris Dingman is clearly something of a mystic: he drew inspiration for this ambitious five- part suite from his obser(...)

Meet the musician behind the album of 2015 to date. His name is Kamasi Washington and the album(...)

Jr’s solo career. On the contrary; their guitarist’s third album has been in the works for some time(...)

(...), wigged-out takes on dabke folk. A glitzy gang of collaborators are onboard for the new album (Kieran(...)

(...) soundbite. His sixth album is possibly his most diverse yet. A neat, subtle incursion into 1980s synthpop(...)

Composer/arranger Mike Gibbs and guitarist Bill Frisell have been listening to one another since they met at Berklee in the mid-1970s. (Gibbs was c(...)

(...) album is a showcase for his skills in pushing an instrumental agenda. As a producer, Galvin appreciates(...)

There are only two tracks, albeit lengthy ones, on Kieran Hebden’s eighth album as Four Tet, but(...)

(...). The album is less about him and more about others, though the demons of small- town American life feel(...)

(...) written after the singer’s first trip to Jamaica, her mother’s birthplace. Though the album is a part(...)