(...) singer’s first album for the Jazz Village label is a classic piano-trio- meets-singer affair, with an(...)

It’s a brave record label owner that will stick their heads above the parapet by issuing their own music on their label. Before you can say the (...)

(...) evidence of That’s How Baby Learns, it may turn out to be a permanent move for Coe because this is an album(...)

This Nashville-based pair have taken their time producing a debut album perhaps worrying that(...)

Southside), though it’s striking the rest of the album rarely bothers with brewing up a new beats aesthetic(...)

Most musicians go through their entire career without looking back over their shoulders. In Eleanor McEvoy’s case, her most recent releases have enta(...)

The third album by Elisabeth Maurus documents the folk-rocker’s return to her native ‘Wild West(...)

(...) lights but also displays no small level of distinctiveness. Fact is, this debut album from Limerick(...)

When your raison d’être is to add some beauty to the world, then there’s a fair chance your musical palette will embrace a broad spectrum of colour. (...)

(...) nyabinghi rhythms and mesmerising percussion. This is a reissue of the 1975 album Count Ossie made with(...)