Mascagni suffered the fate of seeing his first performed opera, Cavalleria Rusticana, a worldwide success but then never replicating that. This(...)

For an instrument known for its picking, recently we’ve witnessed an unpicking of the banjo – with some notable results. In 2013 we had the ple(...)

If there is a more resilient yet under-the-radar Irish singer-songwriter than Johnny Duhan then we have yet to meet them. To say that he h(...)

From 1973 to 1987, Wolfgang Flür was a member of Kraftwerk, the Dusseldorf electronic group that changed the face (and the genes) of pop music. (...)

You may not have heard of R. City, but you’ll certainly know their songs. Writing and production duo Theron and Timothy Thomas are respons(...)

(...) album which didn’t satisfy any party and the artist swiftly departed. Haze is back on more familiar(...)

(...) he took a long sabbatical. Ten years on and though his new album does not lack energy, craft or a(...)

(...) edgy sounds on Jersey, Jumpman and album standout Diamonds Dancing where both rapping parties sound(...)

Three distinctive Haydn symphonies, all in the key of D, all given taut, bracing, urgently propelled performances. Even the famous tick-tocking slow (...)

Wexford drummer Kevin Lawlor’s second album sounds like a “masterpiece” in the original sense(...)