Originally a collaboration between producers Diplo and Switch, Major Lazer’s 2009 debut (the excellent Guns Don’t Kill People . . . Lazers Do)(...)

The Printmakers, led by pianist Nikki Iles and vocalist Norma Winstone, have been playing live together for several years, so although this is(...)

(...) should take, then the debut album from Galway five-piece indie/folk types Amazing Apples is it. First(...)

Following the mainstream success of 2011’s Ceremonials album, a much-harried Florence Welch(...)

Ben Reel: 7th | Album Review
  • Music
  • May 29, 2015, 00:00

Calling your new album by its numerical sequence seems to signify either a pompous regard for its(...)

Kamasi Washington’s new album certainly lives up to the billing. A 32-piece orchestra, 20(...)

There’s an unfettered quality to the music of Breaking Trad that would surely appeal to Walter White’s wayward sensibilities, so this recently(...)

(...) sensible decision to wait to release an album – she was signed to Rough Trade last year – means that the(...)

London producer James Mathé’s way with melancholy continues to serve him well. It also finds him following an increasingly interesting pa(...)

The title of Slaves’ debut album comes across as more of a scornful challenge than a concerned(...)