(...)’s free), The White Review, and The Plant Journal. The magazine I buy the most is not independent at all(...)

There’s a change in tone and texture evident on Obaro Ejimiwe’s third album. Instead of working(...)

(...) of Pádraig Rynne, whose 2014 album Notify scuppered all preconceptions of what this diminutive(...)

Jakob Bro: Gefion | Album Review
  • Music
  • February 27, 2015, 11:00

Much is made of the difference between European and American jazz, but the most interesting players are often those with a foot on each shore – Kei(...)

Paul Dukas (1865-1935) is a composer whose fate demonstrates that a single masterpiece is enough to seal a lasting reputation. The popularity of hi(...)

Marshall Gilkes: Köln | Album Review
  • Music
  • February 27, 2015, 06:00

Trombonist Marshall Gilkes is one of those Americans who’s from everywhere. Born on an Air Force base in Washington DC, the son of a military band con(...)

(...) keyboards and sings with promising Cork band John Blek and the Rats, and her debut solo album enlists their(...)

(...) album, Chasing Yesterday, is out next week. Special guests for both shows are Black Rivers. SINGER(...)

The “exile” in the album title really rings true in this case. The band came together when a(...)

BBC World Service producer John Samuelso), mainly because their 2013 debut album, Inform(...)