Pat Metheny has always blurred the genre lines, eliding gnarly post-Coltrane jazz with smooth Brazilian pop music, but recently the acclaimed US gu(...)

(...) their own furrows irrespective of reward. Her debut album Grow was unwillingly conceived out of a near(...)

Ebony Hoorn; they form a band, develop a manifesto and write an album tracing a metaphorical journey(...)

(...) matching emotions with textures and that’s to the fore on this debut album. An antique family piano(...)

Joanna Serrat’s music shimmers with a brooding sonic elegance behind a slight, almost childlike voice. Her language is dark, colourful, dramatic (...)

Thought you knew Antony & the Johnsons? Think again. The first solo album by Anohni(...)

(...) man’s 10th studio album is arguably his best since 1999’s signature release, Normal for Bridgewater(...)

(...), and particularly within the confines of a five-piece band. Réalta’s second album reveals occasional(...)

There’s a lot more to relish to Kaytranada’s debut album than just the addictive video game he(...)

French viola-player Adrien La Marca, named Révélation soliste instrumental de l’année at the French Ministry of Culture’s Victoires de la Musique in (...)