Raving, we’re raving

A review of "The Underground Is Massive". Michaelangelo Matos' book on the history of US dance(...)

Sufjan Stevens performs at The Helix on August 28, 2015 in Dublin, Ireland. Photograph:  Kieran Frost/Redferns

(...) radiant rendering of Stevens seventh studio album Carrie & Lowell. Stevens was last here in(...)

Surrendering to the yarragh: Van Morrison at Orangefield High, his old school in Belfast, in August 2014. Photograph: Exile Productions

(...) very young,” the late Ralph J Gleason wrote in 1970 in a review of Morrison’s album Moondance, “I saw a(...)

(...) this album strikes me as his most considerable work to date. It 's about sitting in San Francisco(...)

Bookending an album with the strongest tracks, offering a gratifying welcome embrace and a(...)

(...) its finest exponents. His previous solo album, 2009’s Sweetwood, is a gorgeous, genteel collection(...)

If the Kilkenny Arts Festival has whetted rather than sated your appetite for Bach, here’s Andreas Staier swinging into view with new versions of s(...)

(...). There’s no need for any drummer jokes for a start. What you’ll find on the Londoner’s debut album is a(...)

Loose Tubes, the anarchic big band that blew British jazz wide open in the 1980s, acquired mythical status in the years following their demise(...)

(...) delivered with palpable sincerity and minimal harmonic substitution, giving the whole album a folksy(...)