Aylan Kurdi, with his brother Galip, who both died trying to reach Europe: Aylan ‘deserves a public campaign to bring more of his fellow Syrians, and other refugees here’.

Africa and shipped straight to the West Indian sugar plantations. Almost no one in Britain had seen(...)

Europe’s humanitarian crisis

(...)”? Most of your readers have little idea of the suffering endured by billions of people in much of Africa(...)

Doing good brings its challenges. Photograph: Thinkstock

Africa where he devoted his life to caring for the sick. He was awarded the Nobel peace prize in 1952 and(...)

A Fathers and Daughters’ ‘chat day’ taking place under a large baobab tree, used for community events, in Chiradzulu district, Malawi. Photograph: Didem Tali

Many Malawian girls escape abusive marriages, but survivors are challenged with poverty, HIV and lack of opportunities for education or employment. Ch(...)

A father signs a document promising not to marry his daughter off during a fathers and daughters’ ‘chat day’ in Chiradzulu district, Malawi. Photograph: Didem Tali

It’s the Fathers and Daughters’ “chat day” at a village in the Chiradzulu district of southern Malawi, initiated by grassroots activists and village a(...)

(...) smells of Africa – the mixture of burning rubber, diesel fumes, sweat and the vanilla sweetness of the(...)

Bono in Lagos, Nigeria, with waje and selmor who sing on Strong Girl
Into Africa with Bono

Africa – the other on how you actually put the ball in back of the net, as opposed to insisting that a(...)

People escaping war and poverty march along the motorway out of Budapest. Photograph: Laszlo Balogh/Reuters

(...) other conflict zones in the Middle East and Africa, fled from a train that police held for more than a(...)

East and Africa. The mass drowning of boatloads of people in the Mediterranean, sometimes in their(...)

Minister for Defence Simon Coveney said: “People want us to do more and that is because of an outpouring of emotion – every father and every mother looking at that three-year-old boy on the beach, looked at him as if he could have been their own child.” Photograph: Cyril Byrne/The Irish Times

Ireland will accept thousands of refugees fleeing conflict in the Middle East and North Africa and(...)