Induced pluripotent stem cells. Photograph: Shinya Yamanaka/AP Photo

A bitter controversy raged in biology from the late 1990s to 2007 over whether or not research using human embryonic stem cells (ESC) is ethically per(...)

‘Experts agree that most people who claim alien abduction experiences are sane and sincerely believe they have encountered aliens.’ Photograph: Thinkstock

The October issue of The Psychologist is mainly devoted to psychological considerations of human interactions with outer space. The article I found(...)

Illustration: Thinkstock

Today I would like to share some surprising tips with you about how to achieve and maintain better health. Firstly, don’t be in any hurry to retire fr(...)

MRI scan of a human head. Photograph: Thinkstock

In my column of November 9th, 2006, I described the amazing results reported in the 1970s by British paediatrician John Lorber to the effect that s(...)

The traditional teaching method, unfashionable since the 1960s, focuses on explicit instruction of the students by the teacher. Photograph: Richards/Fox Photos/Getty Images

Education is expensive. Some 16.5 per cent of the gross current Irish budget is spent on education, the third-biggest spend after social protection (3(...)

Photograph: Thinkstock

Vacations are generally considered to be a source of happiness and essential for quality of life, and I’m certainly looking forward to my upcoming (...)

Taking regular exercise is one extender of youth. Photograph: Thinkstock

We all know people of our own age who look older – and younger – than we do. Each of us ages at our own pace and new research is uncovering how to (...)

The ground-breaking psychiatrists Sigmund Freud uncovered the flawed nature of the human psyche. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images

Liberalism is the dominant social-political philosophy of our day and has been in the ascendant since the 1960s. Although the liberal agenda has su(...)

‘This is highly illogical’: Leonard Nimoy as Spock

We expect scientists and philosophers to think clearly and rationally. We turn in particular to philosophers to help us to sharpen our critical thi(...)

Nearly all corn and soybeans grown in the US are genetically modified. Above, activists take part in a march against US agrochemical giant Monsanto and GMO foods in Los Angeles. Photograph: Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images

The discovery of the molecular structure of the genetic material DNA in 1953 revolutionised understanding of the molecular basis of life. Many prac(...)