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Body mass index (BMI) is a measure of body weight and is widely used to calculate the prevalence of obesity in the population. According to this crite(...)

Today I return to the merry-go-round of nutritional advice on healthy eating. You have long been told that saturated fat, found for example in butter,(...)

The human brain can be bilingual even before birth. Photograph: Thinkstock

I have occasional bursts of enthusiasm to learn French. But now I have an extra incentive to stick with it because research is increasingly sho(...)

Did you ever wonder how dinosaurs performed the sex act? Don’t fret if you haven’t figured it out yet – the matter remains a puzzle for science(...)

There is mounting evidence that chickens are much smarter than anyone thought and that they understand their world. This research is described by C(...)

Many people take supplements of vitamins A, C and E, thinking these antioxidants will help to ward off cancer

About two years ago I announced to my wife at breakfast my intention to start taking a regular omega-3 fatty acid dietary supplement, but added(...)

An anti-pylon protest at Mahon Falls, Co Waterford, last year. Photograph: Dylan Vaughan

Eirgrid’s plan for essential upgrading of the national electricity power grid is attracting stiff opposition from communities living near the p(...)

The simple message of Morgan Spurlock’s 2004 documentary Super Size Me is wrong

There is a widespread belief that eating fast food (eg hamburger, fries and Coke meals) is intrinsically bad for your health and is a sure path to (...)

Richard Dawkins: according to him, belief in God is childishly unreasonable. Photograph: David Levenson/Getty Images

The modern world runs on science-based technology, and nobody seriously disputes the importance of science. This importance has tempted many eminent s(...)

Lung cancer is the major but not the only ill-effect of smoking cigarettes. Cancer Research UK cites smoking cigarettes as causing 83 per cent of lung(...)