‘On March 30th, 2000 the DPP issued a formal direction that Ian Bailey (above) should not be prosecuted on the basis of available evidence.’ Photograph: Matt Kavanagh

Sophie Toscan du Plantier was murdered on December 23rd, 1996. She was battered to death with a rock and a concrete block. Fifty wounds were in(...)

‘Charlie Haughey was also forced to resign as taoiseach, not over the policies which he enacted from 1987 that devastated the health and education services but over whether he knew in 1982 of the tapping for a few weeks of the phones of journalists.’ Photograph: Frank Miller

Once again we have a political crisis about something that hardly matters, while issues that certainly matter remain ignored. That a Gar(...)

‘ “Getting hurt? You recover from it. And the pain does subside and I don’t know, in a really perverted way, legally inflicting pain on someone else gives you a thrill,” Brian O’Driscoll  said jokingly, according to Gerry Thornley.’ Above, O’Driscoll is applauded by his team mates at the Six Nations game against Italy at the Aviva Stadium, Dublin. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

One of the most memorable moments or sequence of moments in sport or perhaps in national life in the last while was the effusion of affection, (...)

‘This should be called The Concealment of Information Bill. And it could get worse before it is finally enacted.  For instance, there is pressure to exempt information on salaries and fees paid to people engaged by Nama. It is contended “the best and the brightest” will flee the agency if there is a possibility the size of their wage packets will be disclosed.’ Above, the Treasury Building, home to Nama, in Dublin. Photograph: Eric Luke

There is a way of sorting out, at a stroke, the secretive “charities”, including the Frank Flannery lobbying payments: make them subject to the(...)

Brendan Howlin was delighted last Thursday, marking the take over of the National Lottery by Premier Lotteries Ireland, a consortium involving (...)

If Martin Callinan, the Garda Commissioner, believed a criminal offence had been perpetrated within the offices of the Garda Síochána Ombudsman(...)

Declan Costello, second from right at back, attorney general in 1973. Photograph: Pat Langan

Fifty years ago a politician published a manifesto which, if implemented, would have changed the nature of Irish society, would have defied the(...)

Louise O’Keeffe: apology to her was a meaningless contrivance. Photograph: Garrett White / Collins Court

The responses of Enda Kenny and Eamon Gilmore to the European Court of Human Rights judgment in the Louise O’Keeffe case may have been a contrivance, (...)

 Louise O’Keeffe: vindicated yesterday at the European Court of Human Rights. Photograph: Garrett White / Collins Court

The Republic has again been shamed in the international court of decent opinion and two of our primary institutions, the Government and Supreme Court,(...)

It is no surprise that board members of a charitable organisation would think it appropriate to allocate €700,000 of charitable funds to fund the reti(...)