From the first few seconds of the first track, Wave Collapse, you know that good times are ahead on Subplots’ second album. It has been almost six (...)

Pilloried from the get-go for stepping into the shadow of Coldplay, Kodaline may have felt they never stood a chance, yet mainstream audiences have(...)

Rhiannon Giddens lauds ‘the bravery of the Dolly Partons and the Loretta Lynns, feminists in a male-dominated environment’. Photograph: Larry French/Getty

After the first few words, you just know that Rhiannon Giddens has spent much of her time in Ireland. The North Carolina singer has lived for the p(...)

Gillian Mooney: “The only time I haggle over prices is in the markets in India. I don’t tend to haggle over prices at home here in Ireland, as it’s mainly fixed prices.”

Are you a saver or a spender? I’m a total spender. I find it hard to resist living in the moment and spending freely. I worked in the Middle East for (...)

Kodaline on stage: “New songs reinvigorate the set, and playing them next to songs you’re very familiar with makes the older material fresher.” Photograph: David Wolff-Patrick/Redferns via Getty 3:46

It’s a freezing afternoon in January in a very chilly Georgian house in rural Co Kildare. One of Ireland’s most successful bands are taking a break(...)

Cut out for the music business: Jake Riviera with a cardboard Elvis Costello in 1977. Photograph: Getty Images

Stiff Records HQ, London, 1977. Piles of Pink Floyd and Roy Harper posters are dumped near the toilet. Beside a sink a designer toils away, cutting an(...)

A valid rival to Aretha Franklin as the best woman soul singer of the past 50 years, born Betty Jo Haskins in Michigan, Detroit, 69 years ago, is i(...)

Californian singer-songwriter Jessica Pratt might baulk at the terms “freak-folk”, “psych-folk” and “anti-folk”, but those are the niche genre area(...)

Jenny Huston: ‘I dislike paying for massive advertising campaigns on simple products and I am quite happy to buy lesser known, better value Irish items in Lidl or Aldi, for example.’ Photograph: Arthur Carron

Are you a saver or a spender? Sadly I am a spender (sad for me, not for the economy). The only time I can save is through forced saving. I had a direc(...)

There is a very happy and noisy Irish rock band this week, and its name is New Secret Weapon. The reason for the band’s collective state of exhilar(...)