Old favourite: WB Yeats. Photograph: George Grantham Bain Collection/Library of Congress

EDNA O’BRIEN Novelist I love Yeats’s work, and I think the range is phenomenal. As we know, but which we have to keep remembering, his interests were (...)

Former model Donald Cumming was, from 2006 to 2013, the frontman of New York City band The Virgins. Setting out their stall by supporting (...)

Interesting this – one of the UK’s primary folk-pop songwriters records a concept album inspired by Sylvia Plath’s only published novel, The B(...)

Jason Flynn: Sometimes I think the effort of shopping around doesn’t justify the saving I might make

Are you a saver or a spender? Definitely a spender. When every day is a rainy day, there seems little point in saving for one. Although I should proba(...)

He used to be a robot, but he’s all right now. Wolfgang Flür is one of the most famous musicians in the history of electronica, and as he runs thro(...)

The first Stones album of the 1970s, Sticky Fingers courted controversy before anyone had even heard the music. That (then) rude Andy Warh(...)

There is something very good yet strangely-strange about Jenny Hval, a Norwegian singer/writer/ novelist and exponent of the avant-garde. (...)

Teeling Whiskey Company founder and managing director Jack Teeling: “I was never an extravagant spender.”

Are you a saver or a spender? I’m more of a spender than a saver, to be honest, so when I have money I tend to find a home for it fairly quickly. Do(...)

Foo Fighters lead singer Dave Grohl on stage at Slane on Saturday.

Up to 14,000 hipster-ish people may have been wallowing in electro music bliss at Forbidden Fruit in the urban setting of the Royal Hospital, Kilmainh(...)

If there’s a classic case of a young band looking at the ground to check which direction it should take, then the debut album from Galway five(...)