Jon Hopkins has emerged as a master of the electronica form over the past few years.  The British musician and producer has latterly (...)

If I had opened a fortune cookie just after the start of January and been informed that I would be on the receiving end of one of the biggest (...)

Charlie Cullen: “I might research online but as a retailer I know the benefits of buying from a store.”

Are you a saver or a spender? I tend to be impulsive and, if I see something I can afford, I would buy it straightaway. However, I think it’s impor(...)

We have more than some time for Public Service Broadcasting (aka musician Wrigglesworth and former BBC World Service producer John Samuelso), mainly b(...)

Even as we freeze our socks off to the likes of Fortitude and other Nordic noir interests, along comes Ellen AW Sundes to add to the brooding atmosphe(...)

Vincent McCarthy: ‘While money is the means,  financial freedom is the goal’.

Are you a saver or a spender? I am a spender, but my biggest expenditure is on travel, so I like to consider this an investment in memories! However, (...)

Dublin’s Dunk Murphy seems to be one of those creative types who simply hunkers down and does the business – no frills, no ego, no terrific claims or (...)

It was 40 years ago this week when Led Zeppelin released their sixth studio album – a double that arrived at a point when a brattish new guard would s(...)

‘I rarely take less than €200 (funds permitting) from cash machines – cash disappears so fast that sometimes I think I have been robbed or lost money’

Are you a saver or a spender? Unfortunately a spender – and no matter how much or how little I have, it’s all spent. My 15-year-old daughter Rebecca i(...)

Ah, the late ’70s! What we recall most about that time was not the corporate commodification of the class of 1976, but the fact that punk’s sidebar le(...)