In 2005, Mitchelstown experienced the kind of bank holiday weekend that few small towns want or like - a very quiet three days for its shops, restaura(...)

London-born, of multicultural parentage, Lianne La Havas isn’t easy to pin down – she is as much at home supporting Bon Iver as collaborating in th(...)

Thanks to various music industry jigs and reels, it has taken Oliver Cole – one-time frontman for Irish rockers Turn – the best part of five years (...)

Singer Lianne La Havas: “I absolutely love doing what I do, but if you forget you love it, then it can be a very miserable job.” Photograph: Paul Bergen/AFP/GettyImages

Not for the first time has Londoner Lianne La Havas stepped up to the start line and wondered will she finish the race, let alone pip everyone else(...)

Jimmy Page: “I hear how inspiring my guitar playing is for young musicians. And that’s how I learned: listening to other guitarists, trying to get a sound all of my own.” Photograph: Damon Winter/New York Times

The man Rolling Stone magazine has described with a straight typeface as the pontiff of power riffing is chatting about William Butler Yeats and Edna (...)

‘A leather jacket, shiny in the lights . . . a salmon-colored shirt buttoned tight at the neck . . . His jeans were tight and black above his black(...)

From one underrated Irish band to another? Here’s hoping not, as The Citizens (whose four members were once in Dublin band Saville, which in 2(...)

Taking as their base of reference the still-in-fashion 1980s blend of post-punk (The Cure) and goth-rock (Sisters of Mercy) – with hints of Ni(...)

Two years ago, Cavan-based electronic music composer/arranger Eileen Tackney released her debut album, South. Commercially speaking, that dire(...)

Last year’s album, Kid Face, was for many the first introduction to Oklahoma-born Samantha Crain, a singer-songwriter whose initial interest in sho(...)