Burgundy Stain Sessions: Thomas Bartlett

Collaboration is the name of Thomas Bartlett’s game. The population at large may not know the Vermont-born pianist, singer and producer, but his ex(...)

Stop. The. Presses. Van Morrison graces the stage of Dublin’s Olympia theatre on December 10th in two guises: that of performer and that of public int(...)

Break the fourth wall of stardom A new app popped into The Ticket’s inbox during the week. Irish contemporary music collective Crash Ensembl(...)

In the 1990s, Brian Eno was at the height of his estimable prolific powers, and Nerve Net and My Squelchy Life are – inarguably, for Eno devot(...)

Musical genes aside (the grandad of siblings Barbara and Ethan Gruska is legendary soundtrack composer John Williams), you’d swear blind over (...)

Are you a saver or a spender? I am a saver in my personal life, when it comes to spending on myself. I am a spender when it comes to family, friend(...)

Ruth-Anne Cunningham: ‘The biggest struggle for songwriters is that we’re not okay with not being able to deliver’

Who looks at songwriting credits any more? The days of poring over the inside of a CD sleeve, reading who wrote what, produced this, engineered tha(...)

Classic Vinyl Sunday

It’s an idea that’s so old-school you might as well be dipping your nib into the inkwell on your desk. Classic Vinyl Sunday is also a great ide(...)

In 1994, John Grant, the man whose music we now know and (yes, really) unashamedly adore, formed The Czars. For 10 years they toiled, rele(...)

Joni Mitchell has taken control over most things she has been involved with, so this four-disc set is as much a retrospective as it is familiar mus(...)