Possibly the first album released through Sony Classical that features work by a composer who assuredly skirts a line between neo-classical, post-r(...)

Niall McGarry: ‘I generally see clothes as good value and a good investment.’

Are you a saver or a spender? There is no ambiguity here, I’m absolutely a spender. I love spending! I’d like to be a better saver, but I know I just (...)

Belfast-based Joe O’Sullivan: oncology consultant and musician.

Whoever says that the medical profession can’t tell one end of a guitar from the other clearly hasn’t encountered Belfast-based Joe O’Sullivan. By (...)

One-time dishwasher. Former encyclopedia, Bible and vacuum-cleaner salesman. Marijuana activist. Country-music renegade. One of the most successful co(...)

With a running time of more than four hours (60-plus tracks across three discs that are accompanied by a heavily illustrated and annotated boo(...)

Chicago’s Ezra Furman is the hot-to-trot name du jour, the oddly named pop/rock musician who is having a moment in the spotlight thanks to adv(...)

Jenny Taaffe: “I believe in ‘if you buy cheap, you buy twice’, so I will never look for the cheapest price, but I definitely like to get value.”

Are you a saver or a spender? I’m a bit of both! I like to put something away, but I also find it hard to resist the purchase of something fashion rel(...)

Sarah Murphy, Hepsebah O’Reilly and Dee Fahy from Westport, Co Mayo at the O2 arena for the Taylor Swift concert. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

It’s a tweenage rampage at Dublin’s 3Arena - school is out, and the queues have been starting from early afternoon. There doesn’t seem to be a young (...)

The trouble with being prolific (and Neil Young is exactly that – this is his 36th studio album) is that you can, unwittingly, repeat yourself(...)

Dublin band North Sea have kept a relatively low profile since the release of their debut EP three years ago; the interim time spent honing th(...)