No matter how often we hear the term “mental health”, especially given the week that’s in it, it can be hard to know exactly what it means. Everyone t(...)

I wake at 5am but stay put until 6am. Getting up is no problem when I get to bed early. But it’s murder when I don’t.I plod downstairs and open the ba(...)

Ease, we are told, can be ours for the asking. But things we find difficult constantly show their face, regardless of how well we eat, pray and love. (...)

We met on a train heading to Dublin. It was 16 years since I had seen her. She remembered last seeing me just after the birth of her first child. And (...)

I live in Dublin’s city centre beside a clearing where a clutch of old trees and overgrown bushes have merged into a small city forest.Hidden in this (...)

When my eyes opened the first thing I saw was the clock radio with its illuminated digits. They read 4:28am. The second thing I saw was a bright full (...)

There are moments in life when friends and strangers are drawn together by tragedy. In the past week I mourned the sudden loss of a beautiful young pe(...)

Midpoints are a good place to pause and take stock. After 26 weeks I need to pause and ask myself some hard questions: Why am I doing this? What diffe(...)

This week I spent a day in the country with people who are real pros at living in the now. Being in their company, I slowed down and found it easy to (...)

I was in the company of a doe-eyed child this week. His eyes were so alive with curiosity and alertness. His why, why, why opened my eyes to something(...)