The ties that bond: Masami Nagasawa, Kaho Suzu Hirose and Haruka Ayase in Our Little Sister

It’s no coincidence that Hirokazu Koreeda, maker of the planet’s most warm- hearted motion pictures, shot the delightful Our Little Sister in Kamakur(...)

Ruth Negga in Iona

‘I’m so sorry,” says Ruth Negga. “How do I explain this? I’m always trying to figure these things out in my head. But saying them aloud is another th(...)

Director Tom Geens sure likes to keep us guessing. How exactly did Scottish couple John (Higgins) and Karen (Dickie) end up living in a hollow in dee(...)

Sense of dislocation: Antonythasan Jesuthasan in Dheepan

Dheepan (Jesuthasan) is a Tamil Tiger who flees the Sri Lankan civil war, taking with him two strangers – posing as his wife ( Srinivasan) and daught(...)

Evanna Lynch: “All I thought about was numbers. I’d open those books and I was free. I loved Luna because she was different”

Folksong and legend (and the occasional tabloid newspaper report) has it that Evanna Lynch was plucked from obscurity by JK Rowling: the Harry Potter(...)

 Two’s company: Kristen Wiig and Tunde Adebimpe in Nasty Baby

Chilean director Sebastián Silva burst on to the international scene with the caustic 2008 comedy The Maid, a film that hoovered up praise, awards an(...)

Sister act: Emily Blunt and Charlize Theron in The Huntsman: Winter’s War

Snow White returns. Oh no, she doesn’t. Snow White and the Huntsman was a minor hit in 2012 when legions of Twihards turned out to watch another super(...)

Oedipal vexed: Barry Keoghan and Rachel Griffith in Mammal

That stern-faced cameo as Aunt Ellie, the rather joyless real-life inspiration for Mary Poppins in Saving Mr Banks. The suspicious matron in the thro(...)

Nerve endings and swagger: Barry Keoghan in Mammal

Can the timing be a coincidence? Margaret (Griffiths) learns that her 18-year-old son - who she abandoned in infancy - is missing, presumed dead, jus(...)

Sebastian Schipper: "It was like jumping into the Atlantic. It’s ice cold. It puts you into the moment. Your body takes over. You’re all reflexes." Photograph: Nicolas Guerin/Getty Images

It has been done before: think Mike Figgis’ Time Code, and Alexander Sokurov’s Russian Ark. It has been faked before: think Alejandro González Iñárri(...)