Unlikely meth head: Kate Mara in Captive

Dear Movie God. Please save us from Regular God films. Amen. Long before the poor viewer is subjected to watching footage of Captive’s real-life prota(...)

Racing driver Betty Saadeh, part of the Speed Sisters, an all-female Palestinian racing team who compete on the West Bank’s professional car-racing circuit. (Photo: ABBAS MOMANI/AFP/GettyImages)

With a swagger that might make Conor McGregor blush, the Bethlehem-raised racer Betty Saadeh (35) swings out of a modified car and back into her he(...)

So you made it all the way through Hard to Be a God without flinching. Well done, you. You’re arthouse hard. But that’s not necessarily going to be(...)

Robert Redford stars as Bill Bryson and Nick Nolte as Stephen Katz in ‘A Walk in the Woods’. Photograph: Frank Masi, SMPSP / Broad Green Pictures 8:33

Despite the odd Germanic-sounding vowel – a holdover from his native Des Moines brogue – you do have to remind yourself that Bill Bryson isn’t British(...)

It’s 1992 and war has come to Abkhazia, but that won’t shift Ivo (Lembit Ulfsaf) who has chosen to stay, making boxes for the tangerines harvested (...)

Nannies who tend to other people’s children in order to financially support their own is a theme that has been explored to great effect by Anthony (...)

Buster Keaton in  Steamboat Bill, Jr: “I was mad at the time, or I would never have done the thing.”

Hollywood lore has it that Buster Keaton was suicidal during the production of Steamboat Bill, Jr. How else might one account for artist’s acrobati(...)

M Night Shyamalan: ‘I always tell my kids: you’re not failing enough’. Photograph: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images 4:11

M Night Shyamalan bounds into the room looking a good decade younger than his 45 years and far more refreshed than anyone on a promotional tour oug(...)

Wretched , nihilistic, damaged: Robert Blake in Richard Brooks’ In Cold Blood

November 1959. Two low-lives – Perry Smith (Robert Blake) and “Dick” Hickock (Scott Wilson) – concoct a plan to invade the home of the Clutter fami(...)

Thomas Mann

Thomas Mann pauses and looks out the window of his London hotel. It’s his first time here. “I really want to it to rain,” he says. “I won’t feel li(...)