Bad timing doesn’t get any badder. It is rather unfortunate that this Stockholm-set exploration of an unconventional relationship features a knife-(...)

‘Duff’, for those readers who are not fluent in eyeroll, stands for ‘designated ugly fat friend’. And The Duff is a sociologically inspired novel i(...)

When Noah Baumbach’s Frances Ha hit cinemas last summer, the director spoke about wanting that picture to look and feel like a debut feature. Sure (...)


Sequelitis is an affliction that can strike any given franchise at any given moment. There is no known cure,though researchers have had some succes(...)


Once upon a time there was a terrific young actor from Belfast who seemed destined to be the new Laurence Olivier. Having wowed audiences all over (...)

A model realises that she has something in common with the music critic seated opposite on an airplane. A corrupt politician is served by a waitres(...)

It’s a shame that Get Hard, a film that sets out to satirise stereotypes, has come under scrutiny for its use of, well, stereotypes. True, the (...)

Where the heck have YOU BEEN? Excuse the caps-lock, but SpongeBobSquarePants, an animated icon of comparable status to Bugs Bunny and Foghorn Legho(...)

Ingrid (Ellen Dorrit Petersen) has recently gone completely blind, but as her opening voiceover explains, she’s working hard to retain mental image(...)

Gene Cernan, who walked on the moon in December 1972

The Apollo astronaut mentioned in the title is Gene Cernan, who walked on the moon in December 1972 and left his footprints and his daughter’s initial(...)