Seeking climate justice: founder Bill McKibben. Photograph: Nancie Battaglia

Bill McKibben had the first hybrid electric car in Vermont. His home in the countryside of the American state is covered in solar panels, and has all (...)

Architect Benan Clancy of Blackwood Associates Architects outside the restored Victorian house in Dublin 8: “We kept the proportions of all the main rooms as they were.” Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Looking into the back gardens of the Victorian houses in Sandymount from the Dart gives a near perfect picture of the variety of sizes and shapes o(...)

 Pauline Forster  at the Rotunda Hospital,Dublin: ‘ Having a baby is a unique time in people’s lives and it’s such a privilege to play a small role, to help them cope with any difficulties they face.’ Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

There are six social workers in the Rotunda Hospital. We provide a confidential information, support and counselling service to all women who attend t(...)

Yoga teacher Nicola Foxe (left) giving a yoga class to students from Blossom Ireland group at the Raheny Dance Studio, in Dublin. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

Most people view yoga as a practice that requires quite a bit of self-discipline and focus to master. So to consider it an appropriate form of activit(...)

Hot in the kitchen?: checking the temperature of food in a restaurant. Photograph: Photofusion/Universal via Getty

Last month the Food Safety Authority of Ireland forced 14 restaurants, takeaways and other food businesses to close after visits by environmental-heal(...)

 Stephen Hickey is restoring his three-bedroom Georgian townhouse in Dundalk and has been writing a blog about the process. Photograph:  Ciara Wilkinson.

The internal restoration work on a period house is arguably the most satisfying. Once the structural work is complete and an external repair and maint(...)

The risk of eczema is linked to high water leakiness in babies, according to Prof Alan Irvine of Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin, Dublin. Photograph: Eric Luke

Prof Alan Irvine, consultant paediatric dermatologist at Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital in Crumlin and associate professor of dermatology at Trinit(...)

“We welcome all the regulatory proposals from the Education and Justice Ministers announced this week, but we remain skeptical that they will be implemented,” says David O’Grady, chief executive of Marketing English in Ireland

Thousands of overseas students who came to Ireland to learn English have lost their courses and their tuition fees over the past year with the closure(...)

If you are heading to the Botanic Gardens this weekend, check out a nice exhibition of artwork that comes to an end this weekend in the garden’s ga(...)

Homeopathic remedies: widely used around Europe. Photograph: BSIP/UIG/Getty

Homeopathy doesn’t always get a fair hearing in the media, according to Sheelagh Behan, an Irish homeopath and organiser of an international conferenc(...)