Norwegian student Hanna Guriby re-imagined the Hammam building as an urban spa

O’Connell Street is a street you pass through to get somewhere else, rather than a destination in itself, says John McDonald, interior designer and he(...)

Kevin St Garda station, Dublin 8: the building is on the site of a medieval palace in one of Dublin’s most historic quarters. Photograph: Dave Meehan

In 2014, 21 Garda Stations were sold or sale agreed by the Office of Public Works (OPW), taking in more than €1,800,000 in total. Sixteen were assi(...)

Identifying the stressors in the workplace is the first step to finding ways of reducing them. Photograph: iStockphoto

Identifying the stressors in the workplace is the first step to finding ways of reducing them, according to Dr Blanaid Hayes, consultant in occupation(...)

Rasmus Hougaard, mindfulness trainer. Photograph: Conor McCabe

Picture the scene: more than 200 businesspeople sitting in silence at round tables in a large conference room with their eyes closed at 8.30am on a(...)

David Staunton: “Ecotherapy takes into account the feelings of loss, hopelessness and denial that many of us are living with due to the gross injustices – climate change, pollution, the mass extinction of birds, animals and plants – that nature and our planet experience”

‘Ecopsychology” is part of the solution to climate-change denial and inaction on global warming, according to David Staunton, an “ecopsychologist” (...)

PE teacher Enda Tourish who saved the life of his 16-year-old pupil Ryan Callan by administering CPR after the student collapsed in 2014 during a PE class in Our Lady’s Secondary School in Castleblayney, Co Monaghan. Photograph: Mark Steadman/Photocall Ireland

Many people reach a point in their lives when they would like to be able to help someone in an emergency. Some people have a natural ability to calm a(...)

The bottom-up approach to saving rural areas is crucial, says Bernard Kearney, who last year helped to set up a community shop in his parish, in Co Ro(...)

Europe-wide study: researchers in 15 countries are studying GM potatoes’ potential resistance to blight. Photograph: Julian Stratenschulte/AFP/Getty

The announcement this week of new European Union rules on genetically modified crops is just another step in a very politicised debate, according to D(...)

A remnant of the estate’s 19th-century monkey puzzles, plus towering specimens of the rhododendron ‘altaclerense’. Photograph: Megan O’Beirne

Most people have never heard of Kilmacurragh Arboretum, a tree lover’s paradise half an hour south of Bray, Co Wicklow. For many years the gardens wer(...)

Maeve Montgomery, dementia adviser: ‘There is a lot of love and kindness and gentleness involved in talking topeople with dementia.’ Photograph: Eric Luke

My job as a dementia adviser in the community is one of seven new posts across the country funded by the Alzheimer Society of Ireland. Prior to thi(...)