AdBlock: wipes sites so clean that it leaves white rectangles where you know an ad should be – like someone cutting holes in a newspaper before you picked it up. Photograph: Scott Griessel/Getty

If you’re reading this in the good old-fashioned newspaper, you do so safe in the knowledge that no advert is going to suddenly burst from these wo(...)

What’s going on?: we’re still no wiser how the centenary of the Rising will be marked. Photograph: Matt Kavanagh

We’re getting so close to the 1916 centenary you can almost smell the enormous argument approaching. One of the enormous arguments, at least. So far w(...)

Photograph: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg

When Maja Dabkowska slipped between a Luas tram and a platform on Tuesday morning it was about as much drama as anyone would expect or want in a week.(...)

Regeneration: Doctor Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman

For a globally successful, ratings-sucking, cross-generational cultural behemoth, Doctor Who still means very little to a lot of people. Or if it mean(...)

Awesome: squeezing into shot at Fianna Fáil’s 2009 ardfheis

Television was invented 90 years ago. Irish television is more than 50 years old. As far back as the 1950s people could make home movies. By the 19(...)

 Pádraig Pearse: he may have whistled but he most definitely did not say farewell to his wife in the moments before his execution.  Photograph:  National Archives of Ireland

There are so few diaries from the Easter Rising that, even almost a century later, words as sparse and dry as those of Sgt Maj Samuel Lomas stand out(...)

Dab hand: cleaning the graffiti off Molly Malone this week. Photograph: Eric Luke

It had to be the cleavage. It’s always the cleavage. You can bet that when they first pulled the sheet from Molly Malone, and unveiled her to the worl(...)

Now dig this: why don’t we depict historical events in the spots across the country where they took place?

Three people in hi-vis jackets stood at a hole outside Trinity College on Wednesday. Staring into it. Chatting. It was a stereotypical scene, the open(...)

Airy port: The departures lounge in Heathrow’s Terminal 2. Photograph: Niel Hall/Reuters

It was raining in London on Tuesday, a grim drizzle as we landed at Heathrow and began the long descent from to the arrivals area. Out into the long m(...)

Ombudsman for Children, Emily Logan. Photograph: Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland

The Special Inquiry into the taking of children from two Roma families in Athlone and Tallaght last October deserves to be read. Even in the often dry(...)