Big singing: Pat Kenny, now on UTV Ireland

Let’s have a look at the TV listings for the Thursday just gone. And the Thursday of the equivalent January week a full decade before, in 2005. RTÉ On(...)

The first time I used an unnecessary exclamation mark in a text, it felt like a defeat. It was a rictus grin. Okay, world. You’ve worn me down. Here i(...)

Cast member Seth Rogen and wife actress Lauren Miller pose during the premiere of  The Interview,  the film that allegedly sparked the Sony hacking. REUTERS/Kevork Djansezian

It was a year of hacks and leaks. The celebrities’ private iCloud images. The Sony hack that laid bear the grimly hilarious dialogue between movie exe(...)

What were your cultural highlights of 2014? In print, Richard Flanagan’s The Narrow Road to the Deep North was a beautiful, deeply affecting n(...)

End of year lists tend to be neatly themed, top 10s to be referred to time and again and then filed away for future generations to refer back to an(...)

We now hear concocted terms, like ‘superstorm’, that have no real definition but sound exciting. Photograph: NASA Goddard Modis Rapid Response/AP

Sometimes you can be forgiven for grabbing the kids, tying down the dog, retreating to the basement (or digging a basement if you didn’t have one t(...)

Ray D’Arcy: can he meet the challenge of sounding fresh within the comfortable walls of the RTÉ establishment?

Every few months, in what has become a traditional parade of floating heads and jagged graphs, radio listenership figures get a splash on the news (...)

Remembrance: candles in the doorway on Molesworth Street in Dublin where John Corrie was found. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

How far from Leinster House would Jonathan Corrie need to have died for it to have been treated as an individual tragedy rather than as a political sc(...)

Wingman: Gerry Adams’s apology was backed up by Martin McGuinness. Photograph: Peter Muhly/AFP/Getty

What was your favourite apology of the week? There were so many that it’s hard to choose only one. Was it John Delaney eventually saying sorry? Maybe (...)

There but never in the way: Ryan Tubridy with some of the children appearing on the RTÉ Christmas special

The Late Late Toy Show returns this week. Boo to this annual tradition, said the Irish Times television critic in 1975. That year was “particularly ch(...)