The Way Back Home: Branar’s new show is based on an Oliver Jeffers picture book

Máiréad Ní Ghráda’s An Triail, which was produced as part of Dublin Theatre Festival in 1964, is one of the most important plays of the Irish dramatic(...)

Verbal pyrotechnics: Mark O’Rowe. Photograph: Alan Betson

Mark O’Rowe is best known for the verbal pyrotechnics of his monologue plays, dark narratives full of spectacular imagery and linguistic experiment. I(...)

Playwright Ross Dungan began his creative life as a comedian, and it comes as no surprise; even his greeting is laced with self-deprecation and iro(...)

This year’s Show in a Bag offerings include Noni Stapleton’s Charolais

‘Show in a Bag: it’s like a show in your pocket,” says Gavin Kostick. The playwright is one of the founders of this innovative mode of theatre product(...)

Found in translation: a self-portrait by Tove Jansson, author of The Summer Book. Photograph:

I spent last month following the lead of Louisa Cameron, patron of my local bookshop, Raven Books, who was making a concerted effort to read and promo(...)

Shaun Dunne: coming from a place of truth. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

‘It started with flags and headbands,” Shaun Dunne jokes, remembering the time he spent as a child selling souvenirs outside Croke Park on match da(...)

Director Róisín McBrinn

‘We must reform society before we can reform ourselves,” George Bernard Shaw wrote in the preface to his early play Misalliance. It is this sort of(...)

Artistic touch: Jenny Wallblom and her children, Lois and Milo Humphries, exploring Propositions at Imma. Photograph: Frank Miller

Art galleries are my go-to place for rainy day run-arounds with my young children. All those big empty rooms. All those long corridors. I am not going(...)

Billy Collins: ‘It is like an eye chart, with its big E at the top, and the letters getting less legible as it moves along. A poem should be like that’

‘The idea of a popular poet is a bit of an oxymoron in people’s minds,” says Billy Collins, the luminary lyricist and former American poet laureate(...)

Harper Lee: after years of resistance from her, ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ was published for Kindle by HarperCollins last month. Photograph:  Chip Somodevilla/Getty

‘Don’t tell me there is no romance in buying ebooks,” Margaret Drabble recently wrote in an article in praise of the digital platform. “What could (...)