Miranda July solicited friends to forward a selection of emails that they wrote and received to her, and she curated a themed compendium of these emails for subscribers, delivering them by email on a weekly basis. Photograph: Elizabeth Weinberg/The New York Times

If the blank page is the visual metaphor for writer’s block, so the empty bedside table paints a picture of a condition just as morbid: reader’s block(...)

Ireland has a long history of literary censorship. With the establishment of the Free State in 1922, a Committee on Evil Literature was formed to t(...)

Aivis Kerans of Larkin Community College rehearsing for the students’ play, The Girl With No Name. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

The corridors of Larkin Community College are emptying out for the day, but in one classroom a dozen students remain, standing in a circle, avoidin(...)

Connected: online book clubs and apps offer readers new ways to interact with each other and even with authors

My wife quite frequently belches right near the back of my head when she passes behind me. When I say to her, “Stop burping behind me all the time,” s(...)

Review: Bake!

Pavilion Theatre, Dún Laoghaire, Co Dublin ****Conceived and performed by Paul Curley, Bake! takes the familiar ritual of a birthday party and turns (...)

Acrobats Emily Aoibheann and Elaine McCague (above, with Peter Corboy)  enliven the visual element of the show. Photograph: Patrick Redmond

Far Away From Me The Ark, Dublin ***   In Far Away From Me, writer and director Amy Conroy roams far from the bucolic landsca(...)

Noelle Brown and Iseult Casey in Monday’s Child. Photograph: Dylan Vaughan

Monday’s Child The Barn Theatre, Kilkenny **** This play for ages four and over presents important life issues in an accessible way. I(...)

Ereaders have given comfort to many a bookish parent, feeding or rocking an infant through the night. An ereader provides its own light source and can(...)

Artist Helen Barry works with young children at Wee Care

Thomas Johnston is a traditional musician and educational specialist. By day he works at St Patrick’s College, researching diversity in music educa(...)

From left, Deborah Treisman; Paul Muldoon; director of the Arts Council Orlaith McBride (not on the selection panel); Paula Meehan; Siobhán Parkinson; Juan Gabriel Vásquez; and Blake Morrison

‘We want a writer who will be a vehicle for the word,” says poet Paul Muldoon, chair of the selection panel for the Laureate for Irish Fiction, who(...)