If you cannot resist the pull of an ice-cream snack, opt instead for an ice lolly, which will hit the spot without hitting your waist. Photograph: Thinkstock

Q It’s getting warm and it’s actually easier to motivate myself to get out running in the sunshine, but at the same time I feel more bloated and swoll(...)

All set: there will come a time when that American holiday works for you again, but it is not now. Meanwhile the older children might love to go and stay with their American family on their own

Q Every year my husband and our four-year-old son – and, now, another baby who is six-months-old – have to spend our summer holidays in Massa(...)

Once the stalemate is broken, it is so much easier to do it again and again until a sexual routine is re-established. Photograph: Thinkstock

Q I’ve been with my husband for more than 14 years and we’ve been married for five years. We have two children, aged three and one, so things are pret(...)

Run no matter what you are feeling . . . because life is always going to keep coming at us. Photograph: Thinkstock

Q After a really tough five months, my beloved dad died last Monday. I’m trying to hold everything together for my family, look after my mum and my da(...)

The hardest thing about a marathon is staying motivated throughout your training. Photograph: Thinkstock

Q I am a 29-year-old complainer and serial feeling-sorry-for-myselfer. My life is fine in the grand scheme of things but I am a serial whiner and give(...)

Watch your sauce intake: tomato ketchup, BBQ sauce and chilli sauce can be full of sugar. Photograph: Getty Images

Q I have been running since the beginning of the year with The Irish Times Get Running courses, and it has been brilliant; really life changing. I los(...)