Ruth Field says walk, or make it your mission to find an alternative exercise that meets the minimum exercise requirements. And do it now. Photograph: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Q I’m turning 40 and feeling terrified about it. I can’t believe I’m so old. I look back on my life and feel as though I’ve got nothing to show for it(...)

Running mates: a time might come when your companion starts to slow you down - or simply annoy you. Photograph: Getty Images/Fuse

Q I have a serious running dilemma. I recently started running with another local mum on the school run. She was inspired by my dropping the kids off (...)

Q I always feel the same every Christmas: I make a huge effort to buy thoughtful gifts for all my family and no one ever does the same for me, and it (...)

The first rule of committed running is to run whatever the weather conditions. Photograph: Getty Images

Dear Grit Doctor, it’s raining pretty much all day every day, and I never seem to have an opportunity to run. The only time it’s not raining is when I(...)

Olfactory blues: what are you to do when something doesn’t smell right in your relationship? Photograph: Thinkstock

Q I love my partner dearly, but he is dirty – and not in a good way. He doesn’t wash or wear clean clothes. He wasn’t always like this, and he definit(...)

The grit doctor says: ‘Remind yourself through your gritted teeth that none of it is supposed to be easy.’ Photograph: Thinkstock

Q First four-mile (6.4k) run done in ages, I’m soo slow and shattered, u take the eye off the ball for one second and you’re screwed @gritdoctor help!(...)

Don’t restrict yourself to your Tinder app. Get online with other dating agencies. Photograph: Thinkstock

Q I have a moral dilemma. I recently broke off a five-year relationship and have been enjoying being single again. I met a younger guy and the chemist(...)

Being active is every bit as necessary to me for a great holiday as all the wine, cheese and merrymaking . . . and the long stretches of runnable sandy beach are drawing me in. Photograph: iStockphoto

Q So, Ruth, do you really run on your holidays or do you just say that to make us feel bad about ourselves? I don’t see how it is possible with three (...)

Being constantly told that these are the best years and how much we should treasure our young children can add to the pressures of being a parent. Photograph: Thinkstock

Q The thing is, Grit Doctor, I find being a mum so hard. I get up in the morning with the best intentions to be kind to my kids, but have always sc(...)

To start getting real kicks out of it all again, you are going to have to stretch yourself. Photograph: Thinkstock

Q I have been feeling completely uninspired by my runs. I am doing them but feel as though I am getting nothing out of them. I don’t have that high fe(...)