Sorcha has been struggling to get her message across on the doorsteps of Kimmage, Harold’s Cross and Terenure – and it’s not just because she’s gone (...)

I give them to the old man. Oh, he’s stitched her up here – he’s stitched her up in a big time way.

It’s, like, ridiculous o’clock in the morning and I’m sitting in the green room in Newstalk, while Chris and Ivan question my wife about her decision(...)

I’m not drinking these days, Ross. I’ve got my allergies. I’m actually off everything. Wheat, dairy, alcohol, salt, then obviously sugar.

I rub my two hands together. It’s my first night away from Sorcha in I don’t know how long – weeks, probably – and I am determined to enjoy it. She w(...)

“Thank God for women. Thank God for them. I hope one day we end up with a parliament with lots and lots of them in it.”

The old man steps out of the court with his hair – in other words, wig – blowing in the wind and the grim, businesslike face of a man standing on a r(...)

I don’t know why parents can’t just call their children normal names, like Aednat or Summer or Maeve spelled with three or four Bs, three or four Ds and three or four Hs?”

Sorcha says she hopes I haven’t forgotten about Saturday, but I barely even hear her. She goes, “Ross, are you even listening to me?” I’m there, “Yea(...)

He gives me what would have to be described as a fatherly hug, then he says hello to Sorcha with an enthusiasm that would be grounds for sexual harassment if he was paying her a salary.

The Hook, Lyon and Sinker Excellence in Selling Awards have become as familiar a part of the January routine as bringing my brat of a daughter to Dun(...)

The three of us are literally just sitting around the living-room, looking at each other. “So come on,” Sorcha goes, grinning like a chimp with lockjaw, “let’s all talk.”

‘This is lovely, isn’t it?” Sorcha goes. She means this – as in, like, us sitting around as a family? It’s not, by the way. It’s a complete nightmare(...)

It’s, like, New Year’s Day and I’ve got a hangover that knows my name. Sorcha sits down beside at the table and I can literally feel the heat from her(...)

Pang goes, “Okay, what’s this?” We’re about to leave the gaff to drop her back to the school. She’s going back home to China today and Honor is comin(...)

Then the two fighters are, I don’t know, summoned to the centre of the ring. The bell goes and we’re off.

‘You’re woodying about nuttin,” Ronan goes. I’m there, “I’d hordly call it nothing. I’m worrying about you – about, like, your safety.” “In(...)