Certain dinner parties are great places for life advice. Just throw out a conundrum over the Rougail saucisse and everyone can dispense their pa(...)

M ost every Sunday I wake up and think: Today I will walk down to the Poolbeg Lighthouse. Today I will take a bracing walk. Today I will fill my lung(...)

Ruth Fitzmaurice at Ladies’ Cove in Greystones, Co Wicklow

An article about swimming in Greystones, Co Wicklow by Ruth Fitzmaurice, published in The Irish Times last January, has led to her securing a “signif(...)

“This Mother’s Day and every day, I’m with Shonda.”

The problem with having written a book about daughters and their relationships with their mothers is that I now know far too much. I know too much a(...)

Most of these ideas didn’t have legs. Most of them started off with some low-self-esteem addled chick who had fallen hard for some much cooler dude – a busker say or a sound engineer

Back in the days when I used to sit down and think, “I’ll write a book, I mean how hard can it be?” I came up with one of many ideas for My Amazing F(...)

I went to a dinner party. People seem to be having them again. Not once did anybody mention property, so that was a relief. The conversation did in(...)

Marian Keyes: “We are only here for a nanosecond. All we are is dust on the breeze”

Marian Keyes was born in Limerick and lives in Dublin. She is one of the most successful Irish novelists of all time. Her books, which include W(...)

And whatever happens with my driving one thing I know for sure is the only reason I have learnt how to drive is because of this instructor. Her name is Olivia and I’m kind of in love with her

O n Valentine’s weekend here are three little words I never thought I’d say: I can drive. I am 44 and I can finally switch on the engine of a car (th(...)

“Some of the happiest moments of my life have happened sitting on a Tuesday evening with a tray on my lap in front of the telly. Bucket lists are too much pressure.”

I recently found out that a great friend – one of the funniest, most intelligent, firecrackingly gorgeous women I know – is the author of the world’s(...)

“Don’t let death talk upset your Sunday dinner and enjoy your roasties while ye may.”

The round-robin email from my mother to all eight of her offspring came through just as some of us were about to sit down to Sunday dinner. In the su(...)