Emily O’Reilly pictured in her office during her last week as Ombudsman last year.  Photograph: Bryan O’Brien / THE IRISH TIMES

The fact that biology has “manacled” them to the lives of their children needs to be acknowledged if mothers are to find “psychological peace” in t(...)

Chelsea Clinton has lovely hair. In the greater scheme of things it’s not important but I was kind of mesmerised by it as I sat in front of her in UCD(...)

The phone rings in work. It’s a man called Mark asking about some photographs we’d taken of his younger brother a few years ago. I don’t say anything (...)

I spent a lot of my teenage years trying to get out of going to school. I had a repertoire of “tummy aches” and “splitting headaches” worthy of an Osc(...)

Today I want to talk about a larger woman. But I want to make you a deal. You’ve to try your best not to feel sorry for me while I talk about being bi(...)

A woman is lying on a pink sofa swathed in a brown fleece blanket so she resembles a cocooned insect, a cassava mealybug say. She looks peaceful. Cont(...)

He flew in from Ukraine. I went to meet him at the airport, although he wasn’t expecting me. I had planned to stand in arrivals with a sign saying (...)

I’ve thought about this and I’ve decided brunch is the best meal ever invented. The word is brilliant for a start. It was conceived in the late 19th c(...)

I am in my good friend’s house on a sort of retreat. Not the kind I used to go on where you had to get up at 4am and meditate all day and eat l(...)

At the book club recently, something unusual happened. As a group, consensus is not something we usual dabble in. Usually, it’s cockt(...)