This is the year I am going to embrace my inner-businesswoman

It’s early days but I’ve designated 2015 as the year I am going to embrace my inner-businesswoman. I could have sworn to Trump I didn’t have one but r(...)

Daniel Philbin-Bowman, Angus Ridgway and Tal Ben-Shahar of PotentiaLife.  Photograph: Joanne O’Brien

In the marbled lobby of a five-star hotel in London, business men and women bustle through arranging meetings, scanning digital devices and – (...)

I’ve never been to Dingle. That’s right, not once. When I tell people this in the run up to my first trip to the town for the Other Voices music festi(...)

On Christmas Eve my Uncle Ron and my Auntie Eva will be celebrating their wedding anniversary in Broadstairs, Kent, where they’ve been living in wedde(...)

‘Was that you?” my boyfriend asks. “Did you do that?” He’s talking about an item on the radio. Something about Frozen and fisticuffs and parents who s(...)

“I had lost everything”: Mandy Cotter,   who spoke at the launch of the Homeless Exhibition by David Cantwell, Daisy House

’Tis the season to talk about homelessness. About men dying in doorways. A time to wonder where the bronze statue of a Homeless Jesus lying on a bench(...)

I have a twitch. A twitch in the left side of my face. I try to garner sympathy from assorted loved ones as they prowl through the kitchen on various (...)

Wear good boots and get them mended:  shoe advice for life

I’m quite fond of the smell of shoe polish in the morning. I’d hang out in shoe menders more if I had the time. On my annual visit a few weeks ago (...)

I went digital diary-wise and as a result I kept having what I like to call “diary malfunctions”

My mother bought me yet another diary for my birthday as part of her mission to keep me organised. It’s got red flowers on the outside, so I won’t los(...)

Jedward on a high during their Eurovision adventure. Photograph: David Mdzinarishvili/Reuters

I had a dream. Not a Martin Luther style one, you know me, nothing as noble as all that. No, my dream was winning the Eurovision Song Contest for Irel(...)