He flew in from Ukraine. I went to meet him at the airport, although he wasn’t expecting me. I had planned to stand in arrivals with a sign saying (...)

I’ve thought about this and I’ve decided brunch is the best meal ever invented. The word is brilliant for a start. It was conceived in the late 19th c(...)

I am in my good friend’s house on a sort of retreat. Not the kind I used to go on where you had to get up at 4am and meditate all day and eat l(...)

At the book club recently, something unusual happened. As a group, consensus is not something we usual dabble in. Usually, it’s cockt(...)

Mary wanted to tell someone about Debbie and so she told me and now I’m telling you. She met Debbie when she was helping out at a sal(...)

I met a vegetarian years ago who told me about a cooking ritual he and his wife enjoy. They put a fair slosh of very good olive oil i(...)

I realised I had gone totally native as a Northstrander recently when I got all hot under the collar about an online review of Italian restaura(...)

In the past year I’ve done two job interviews, doubling the amount I’ve done in my life. After I didn’t get the first one I was asked if I wanted f(...)

It was the title of the play that drew me in. It was the title that sent me in the direction of Dublin’s Parnell Square alone on a clear spring nig(...)

“On my first visit to the cinema as a child to see Grease I remember not wanting to go home and wishing I could move in to Screen 1 at the Savoy – the seats seemed comfier than my bed – and just watch the movie on a loop forever. I was eight.”  )

By the time you read this I estimate (with my magic calculator) I will have listened to Let It Go (...)