I’ve thrown a lot of what’s known as good money after bad while trying to sort things in my house over the years. (Ikea, you know I love you and yo(...)

Thank you everyone in the last week who has taken the time to support and talk about the women in this country who for so long have been denied the right to choose and to be part of that conversation

If you will excuse me, this week I am going to write one of those list-based articles. Listicles, some people call them. There is this notion that (...)

Photograph: Marc O'Sullivan

If people say one thing and ask one question about the personal column I’ve been writing in these pages for nearly 15 years it is this: “You are so(...)

I can’t say I’m not jealous of everyone reading this in a field in Stradbally, Co Laois, deciding whether to have noodles or a gourmet bap for(...)

To be honest with you, I feel extremely disinclined to provide an update on my holiday, but a vague deal with readers is still (vaguely) a deal. To re(...)

Our Summers Past series mines the Irish Times archive to find the best articles from previous summers. In July 2005, nine of our writers wrote about a(...)

At the Witnness Festival in Fairyhouse racecourse, Co Meath in 2000, ‘festival virgins spent their time sampling every delight possible’

Our Summers Past series mines the Irish Times archive to find interesting articles from previous summers. In 2000, the oddly spelled Witnness music(...)

‘The past beats inside me like a second heart.” I come across this quote when searching online for the sea. The quote comes from The Sea by John Banvi(...)

Craving a wee holiday before our actual holiday (six days to go, not that I’m counting) we hightailed it to Portadown for the weekend. This particu(...)

Are you on holidays reading this? I hate you. Oh, not really, I’m sure you’re great. Don’t mind me. It’s not like I am sitting here in Irish Times (...)