Don McLean in Dublin recently. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

Don McLean (69) grew up in New Rochelle, New York state, and began performing on the folk circuit as a teenager in the 1960s. He gained considerabl(...)

"On May 22nd, kindness will surge through the high roads and byroads of our little island, lighting up the darkest corners."

This taxi driver said something interesting to me as we were driving by the Custom House in Dublin the other day. He said “I don’t know why they ha(...)

A book landed on my desk with a soft little moan recently. It’s called The Wild Oats Project and the subtitle is “One woman’s midlife quest for pas(...)

 Rob Kearney: “The margins at the moment between people at high levels in sport or high levels in business are just getting smaller and smaller and smaller.” Photograph: Cyril Byrne / THE IRISH TIMES

  Rob Kearney is taking notes on his tablet at a personal development seminar on the top floor of The Irish Times building in Dublin. Quie(...)

It’s terrible there are no slow sets. Why did somebody kill them?

There are no slow sets in Wesley anymore. I discover this while gently quizzing a 14-year-old of my acquaintance. She went to Wez for the first time r(...)

I bought a green dress. To clarify, I bought a green dress in Cos, a shop I have recently become addicted to, forsaking all other shops. The only reas(...)

I don’t know what the daily war looks like in your house, but in my house at the moment it is being fought on the frontline of surfaces and the stuff (...)

When I was a teenager I waitressed at fancy house parties. I had to wear a white shirt and a black pencil skirt and sometimes I’d add a swipe of frost(...)

There is a guest waiting area at BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour but I can’t sit down in any of the comfy looking chairs because I am afraid if I do my tig(...)

Block colours. Beautiful cuts. Classic yet cool. Clothes it’s clear a warehouse full of thought had gone into. Clothes for Every Woman, everywhere my eyes landed.

I spent the guts of an hour talking about Tiger, the discerning person’s pound shop, with a group of women recently. It was one of those meandering(...)