Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan in the film of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’: The reviews say the film is less terrible than the book. That’s still pretty awful though.

1 It’s not that I’m prudish but . . . 2 Okay, maybe I’m a little bit prudish. 3 Ever since The Fall I’ve been terrified of Jamie Dornan. (...)

As British beauty writer Sali Hughes puts it in her excellent book Pretty Honest: “While a man with an interest in football, wine, Formula 1 or even paintballing would never see his intelligence called into question, a woman with an interest in surface is perceived to have no depth.”

Look away now anybody who thinks make-up is not the least bit important and does not want to read about it here. Seriously, hop it. Where should yo(...)

I’ve been on a bit of an archaeological dig lately, excavating the contact list on my phone. It’s been years since I’ve done a proper stocktake. Turns(...)

At first glance, I am an unlikely candidate for the use of emojis, those tiny illustrations used to jazz up even the most mundane conversations by (...)

As a country we have a reputation for being almost professionally nonchalant when it comes to celebrities and it’s mostly deserved. Last week I wat(...)

On Monday I am starting again. Beginning another new thing. I seem in my life always to be starting but I’ve come to accept I’m just not so good at(...)

This is the year I am going to embrace my inner-businesswoman

It’s early days but I’ve designated 2015 as the year I am going to embrace my inner-businesswoman. I could have sworn to Trump I didn’t have one but r(...)

Daniel Philbin-Bowman, Angus Ridgway and Tal Ben-Shahar of PotentiaLife.  Photograph: Joanne O’Brien

In the marbled lobby of a five-star hotel in London, business men and women bustle through arranging meetings, scanning digital devices and – (...)

I’ve never been to Dingle. That’s right, not once. When I tell people this in the run up to my first trip to the town for the Other Voices music festi(...)

On Christmas Eve my Uncle Ron and my Auntie Eva will be celebrating their wedding anniversary in Broadstairs, Kent, where they’ve been living in wedde(...)