Kirwan’s GP first did a physical examination before referring him for tests

Shane Kirwan has good reason to remember the day he came out of hospital after surgery for bowel cancer. It wasn’t just that he had successfully bee(...)

Waiting times: ‘People have died waiting for investigations,’  says Galway city GP Brian Osborne. ‘Early detection leads to better outcomes and also costs less.’ Illustration: Thinkstock

Doctors agree that waiting times for X-rays, scans and other cancer tests can be long, but just how bad the situation is seems to depend on where in t(...)

Patients and GPs should be provided with a standardised treatment summary of the anti-cancer therapy, the study recommends. Photograph: Thinkstock

Many GPs feel they are being left in the dark about the progress made by their patients after receiving a cancer diagnosis, a new study shows. A majo(...)

Public patients wait an average of 119-125 days for an MRI of the spine, musculoskeletal system or brain, while private patients are tested in under six days, the report shows. File photograph: Bryan O’Brien

Waiting times for potentially lifesaving tests for cancer are up to 25 times longer for public patients than for those paying privately, a new report (...)

Conor MacLiam, whose wife Susie Long died from bowel cancer, at a protest in March 2008. Long died after a seven month wait for a colonoscopy. File photograph: Bryan O’Brien

Much has improved in the way we deal with cancer in the decade since the tragic death of Susie Long shone a harsh light on a system that was clearly f(...)

The report calls for the introduction of symptom-based guidelines for referring patients for tests

Patients may be missing out on timely screening for cancer and other illnesses because their GP lacks an established relationship with the hospital c(...)

Gerard Ingoldsby from Ballincollig, Co Cork. “I’m a lucky man. If I had been forced to wait for a public test I wouldn’t be here today”

Cancer survivor Gerard Ingoldsby is a lucky man, not just because he has overcome the disease but also because he got the right tests at the right tim(...)

Scanning equipment is already used from 7am to 7pm in many private hospitals, and the PHA says this could be extended to meet demand from outsource public patients.

Thousands of patients could be taken off waiting lists and hospital trolleys through a joint public-private initiative to reduce delays in the health(...)

Casualty: We have too many hospitals, too many emergency departments, too many maternity units. Photograph: Alan Betson

Everyone says the health service is banjaxed, so why don’t we spend more money on it? Money may not be at the root of the health service’s many prob(...)

Thousands of patients with suspected cancer are suffering delays in investigation and referral because their GPs are unable to access services, according to a new report.

Thousands of patients with suspected cancer are suffering delays in investigation and referral because their GPs are unable to access services, accor(...)