‘Alistair Darling (right) unsettled his opponent, commentators seemed to agree, most effectively by repeatedly injecting doubt into the debate about Scotland’s post-separation currency.’ Above, with  Alex Salmond (left) First Minister of Scotland and  host Bernard Ponsonby from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, in the live TV debate. Photograph:  Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

There’s a peculiar, contradictory symmetry to the arguments about politically reshaping the United Kingdom, both about Scottish independence and the U(...)

Zaki al ’Ela’s story Abu Jaber Goes Back to the Woods is one of the few stories in this collection preoccupied centrally, and vividly, with the daily (...)

 The blame game has resumed – flowers in tribute to the victims of flight MH17 near the entrance to the military airport in Eindhoven, southern Netherlands. Photograph: EPA/Marcel Van Hoorn

The shooting down of MH17 has restored Ukraine to the front pages and reopened with ferocity arguments about who are the good and bad guys in this bru(...)

Official Ireland, in the form of governments North or South, is not in proselytising mode. At least, when it comes to Scottish independence. Nor, i(...)

Massoud Barzani with US secretary of state John Kerry. Photograph: AP

When Recep Erdogan 10 days ago – to no one’s surprise – formally announced his candidacy for Turkey’s forthcoming presidential election, he promised t(...)

‘Many Scots are being registered to vote for the first time by young activists from the likes of the Radical Independence Campaign who are reinventing mass street campaigning.’ Above, Radical Independence delegates at their conference last November in Glasgow. Photograph: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

‘Something pretty big is happening in Scotland, ” Lesley Riddoch warns. Such is her confidence that the Scotsman columnist and Yes campaigner was taki(...)

Recently printed stamps for the Prince Felipe coronation. Photograph:  Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

When crown prince Felipe is enthroned next Thursday in Madrid to succeed his father King Juan Carlos, he will join the ranks of a perhaps surprisingly(...)

Narendra Modi, India’s new prime minister, left, greets Nawaz Sharif, Pakistan’s, prime minister, during a swearing in ceremony for the prime minister this week.  Photograph: Udit Kulshrestha/ Bloomberg

“India’s Shinzo Abe?” The headline in an Indian paper about the election of Narendra Modi makes an interesting connection and speaks volumes about the(...)

Photo by Mark Renders/Getty Images

When European leaders gather in Brussels today to consider the results of the European Parliament (EP) elections the collective, largely gloomy postmo(...)

“One day the great European War will come out of some damned foolish thing in the Balkans.” – Otto von Bismarck (1888)The events that trigger change i(...)