Mellors is so dreamy. What woman doesn’t fantasise about a skulking backwoodsman who has named his genitals?

If Mellors, the groundskeeper from Lady Chatterley’s Lover, had a Tinder bio it would read: “Hi ladies, I’m a grunting, glowering brute who lives i(...)

What a mad, eclectic, unlikely band of genius Blur are. They don’t actually make any sense as a musical outfit, having, as they do, enough sounds f(...)

Parquet Courts’ bassist Sean Yeaton starts with some stage-work. “Do something over here,” he says to the audience on his left. “Now do so(...)

If you ignore the relentless noise, fluorescent lights and sporadic screaming, a sleepy mood has fallen upon Stradbally. Photograph: Dave Meehan/The Irish Times 2:14

By Saturday afternoon at Electric Picnic, people of all ages are lying about in the sun. If you ignore the relentless noise, fluorescent lights and sp(...)

Introduced by some excellent human beatboxers and a man in a pirate costume, the Redneck Manifesto play their first gig in six months on a landlock(...)


I am totally out of my depth. I had no idea how important time-travelling Dutch musical electricians 2Unlimited were to the Irish people until I fo(...)

Mother and daughter Louise Conville and Jacqui Costigan, from Carlow at Electric Picnic. Photograph: Dave Meehan 2:16

Fifty thousand people arrive at Stradbally in a Wacky Races traffic jam of campers, buses and jalopies. They’re here to commune with nature via massiv(...)


The Late Late Show returns for its 54th season tonight. If each episode were to start with a “previously on the Late Late Show” segment it would be(...)

The free spirit Ha ha ha! Look at me dancing barefoot. I have flowers in my hair. I have paint on my face. I am blowing bubbles. I am doing a li(...)

Marc Maron: ‘The reason the podcast is popular is the emotional risks that are being taken.’ Photograph: Gary Miller/Getty Images

In June, American comedian Marc Maron interviewed the president of the United States in his garage. Maron did not see this coming. Six years ago, w(...)