Protesters: a demonstrator argues with a Garda outside Mansion House in Dublin. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

It’s Wednesday afternoon in court 14 at the Criminal Courts of Justice, on Parkgate Street in Dublin, and a motion is being adjourned until Monday. Th(...)

A still from Sainsbury’s Christmas ad

Standing in muddy no-man’s land in the midst of war, a German soldier and a English soldier face each other. One extends his hand to the other. “We ar(...)

Here are some things you can learn about posh people from this week’s Made in Chelsea (E4): They have names like Binky and Tiff and Proudlock and L(...)

Alan Cumming: ‘I’m not one of those people who lets life go.’ Photograph: Carlo Allegri/Reuters

In 2010, Alan Cumming was told by his estranged, cruel and ailing father, Alex, that he was not his son. It was the latest twist in their tortured (...)

Graham Norton: “The only thing you can learn from celebrities is how best to deal with being a celebrity.” Photograph: Fergal Phillips 5:32

As a child in west Cork, Graham Norton would prepare stories for future chat show appearances. “I had fascinating anecdotes to tell,” he says. “I had (...)

Tom Vaughan-Lawlor as Nidge, a character mainly concerned with the  ‘Hate’ side of the equation. Photograph: RTÉ

Well that was shocking. Guess from the following options what happened in the Love/Hate finale . . . a) Fran and Nidge agree that there’s been a terr(...)

Founding father: Paddy Cosgrave on stage at the RDS. Photograph: Ray McManus/Sportsfile/Web Summit

The Web Summit is fuelled by coffee. I queue for a cup. “That’ll be €5.50,” a woman at one stall says, then cracks up. “Your face!” she says. “It’s fr(...)

First some context about my eating habits: Once as a child my mother put the Tupperware container containing a block of cheese into my schoolbag inste(...)

Naomi Klein: “In some ways we displace our own cares onto our kids. We’re afraid for ourselves. But it’s more acceptable to say you care about it for your kids.”  Photograph: Ed Kashi.

‘It’s impossible to respond to climate change without confronting historical injustice or talking about redistribution of wealth,” says Naomi Klein. “(...)

Justice League International: snarky, self-aware, mind-blowing

Justice League International In 1987 Keith Giffen and JM DeMatteis restocked DC’s old hero club, The Justice League, with b-list heroes such as (...)