Now you see me: Grant Gustin as The Flash

When I was 10, I was regularly teased by a neighbour, who I’ll call Tim. I dealt with this logically. I fashioned a costume that included a cape an(...)

Politicians, they can’t get no respect! Except in Russia, where last week, to celebrate the 62nd birthday of Vladimir Putin, a Moscow gallery opened a(...)

  Stephen Hawking giving a talk at this year’s Starmus Festival in Tenerife

It’s September 2014 and I’m wandering around a resort in Tenerife in the dark trying to find a gala dinner. I’m accompanied by a fellow straggler, an (...)

Patrick Freyne is tutored by baritone Rory Musgrave. Photograph: Patrick Browne 5:53

Rory Musgrave is making me yawn. He says that when you yawn, “the air goes in completely unimpeded and goes out completely unimpeded. That opens up(...)

Since time immemorial (2004) besuited young bucks have gathered amid the phallic symbols of London to compete for the love of “Lord Sugar”. Lord Su(...)

Bernard Sumner of New Order.  Photograph:  Yui Mok/PA

Back in the early 1980s New Order lost money on every copy of Blue Monday that they sold. “Only for the first 250,000 copies,” Bernard Sumner says. He(...)

Under the tree: Leo Crawford, chairman of Spar International. Photograph: Chris Bellew/Fennell
Spar wars

Last week, on Parnell Street in Dublin, passersby could watch a Londis transform into a Spar. New signage was being erected on Joe Flynn’s shop at the(...)

Game of Arms: “To be the best, it’s not about having the strongest arm, it’s all about the mind”

Where on your CV do you boast about your upper body strength? Does your “work experience” include “subjugating men to my will” or “dominating God’s(...)


A young woman fights with her boyfriend about a text message. Another cries while thinking about her dead father. A woman who works as a sex worker ge(...)

Simon Cowell is back on X Factor. He had been away. I assumed he had simply returned to his transdimensional lair to slumber and feed, but apparently (...)