Domhnall, Brian and Brendan Gleeson and Leona Allen, who will star in The Walworth Farce in the new year. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

Brendan Gleeson and his sons, Brian and Domhnall, are discussing the best way to hide a knife. They’re working out the details of Enda Walsh’s The (...)

The People’s Conversation: a new vision for active citizenship. Illustration: Dearbhla Kelly

‘This is a talking shop,” says Ryan Meade, programme leader with the People’s Conversation. He’s unapologetic about this. The idea is that providin(...)

Direct action: anti-water charge protestors occupy O’Connell Bridge, Dublin.Photograph: Dave  Meehan

1 Solutionism A product of the “cyberutopianism” of Silicon Valley, solutionism sees problems everywhere and asssumes that all of them have nifty t(...)

An Englishman stares at some penguins. “What are their beaks made out of?” he asks. “It’s like wood, isn’t it?”“What?” says a confused guide.“It’s woo(...)

Last week the long-awaited trailer for Star Wars Episode VII was released. True fans, however, know that it’s really Star Wars Episode VIII. Why do(...)

Host Ryan Tubridyis seen during the opening performance of the RTÉ  Late Late Toy Show  with a medley of songs from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Picture Andres Poveda

Who doesn’t love the Late Late Toy Show? Every year it gives us all a nostalgic opportunity to see the world through the eyes of a child… the venal, c(...)

Life is filled with questions: “Why are we here?”; “Who or what made the universe?”; “What is the good life?”; “Why am I watching failed X-Factor c(...)

Protesters: a demonstrator argues with a Garda outside Mansion House in Dublin. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

It’s Wednesday afternoon in court 14 at the Criminal Courts of Justice, on Parkgate Street in Dublin, and a motion is being adjourned until Monday. Th(...)

A still from Sainsbury’s Christmas ad

Standing in muddy no-man’s land in the midst of war, a German soldier and a English soldier face each other. One extends his hand to the other. “We ar(...)

Here are some things you can learn about posh people from this week’s Made in Chelsea (E4): They have names like Binky and Tiff and Proudlock and L(...)