Paul McCartney initially sang “scrambled eggs” to the tune of Yesterday

Songwriting is the easiest art form. Three chords, a few notes and an interesting phrase and you have the bones of a new song. Everyone should do it.(...)

Old Moore erroneously predicted pregnancies for many celebrities this year. Photograph: Thinkstock

Old Moore, aka Theophilus Moore, is an ancient, apparently deathless soothsayer who has, since 1764, predicted the news headlines in Old Moore’s Alma(...)

What I learned from art this year was that I want to make some of it. I went to singing weekends held in Northumberland by the folk band The Unthanks(...)

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory: wherein eccentric slave-owner Gene Wilder employs mind-games to help choose an heir

Nowadays at Christmastime we lie alone in our data pods, joylessly uploading virtual turkey while Twitter scrolls across our eyelids and we suck alga(...)

Patrick Freyne and his wife and cowriter, Anna Carey. “Do not tell people that this was originally a song about our cat,” Anna says. “They’ll think we’re creepy and mad”

[Listen to all the entrants in the Christmas FM Festive song competition and vote for your favourite here] In July my colleague Ronan McGreevy sugg(...)

Home safe and sound: Wuffles made it back safely to Linda Malone and her daughter Aoife

Recently at my local bus stop there was a printed-out poster asking if anyone had seen a lost, forlorn-looking collie called Dionne. Dionne was a tim(...)

Vincent Browne broadcast live from Dublin pub The George to celebrate the equal marriage referendum. “This is the new reality,” many thought. It wasn't

Here are some interesting things that happened this year on, in and around your television 1 Love/Hate left a dramatic void on Irish TV, filled (...)

Last month it was revealed that undocumented migrants were being taken advantage of in Irish fishing vessels

Fishing vessels in the news Old Moore got this one right in his predictions for November. Anextensive Guardian report published at the sta(...)

Denis Cowap, Mariana Varvara and her baby Luca, and Stuart Comerford after collecting food parcels from the Capuchin Day Centre, Dublin. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

Every Wednesday at about 8.30am, a queue forms at the Capuchin Day Centre on Bow Street in Dublin City Centre. A little earlier, in(...)

Bag lady: Jaimie Alexander as Jane Doe in new US drama series Blindspot, currently showing on Sky Living

US television producers have been putting the “high” into high concept television for more than a decade now. High concept television = an intrigui(...)