Revolutionary spirit: Bernie Sanders campaigning for the Democratic Party nomination to run for the White House. Photograph: Joshua Lott/Getty

Socialism in the United States is having an unexpected revival, and Bhaskar Sunkara is part of this groundswell. The young American Marxist writer and(...)

Mutant accent: well holy God, it’s Michael Fassbender as Magneto

The Leprechaun from Leprechaun An annoying American steals a leprechaun’s gold and returns to the US, where the leprechaun (Warwick Davis), understa(...)

“A lot of them never had anyone believe they could do anything.” Stephen Plunkett, chief executive of U-Casadh, and Johnny Delaney, who attends the project. Photograph: Patrick Browne

In a shed in Ferrybank, just outside Waterford city, some men are building a boat. “It’s a traditional method of boat-building,” says Jim Bruton, a s(...)

Urine for it now: Grylls regularly appears out of nowhere, like a creature from folklore, to reprimand his celebrity charges and talk up his own prowess. Photograph: ITV

“I am in the harsh wilderness of the African bush,” boasts ursine cookery enthusiast/television survivalist Bear Grylls, standing legs akimbo on a roc(...)

Brainstorming at 1916 Democracy Cafe: “People need to get involved and have a say in what happens.” Photograph: Nigel Hanlon

Mopping her porch on Sean O’Casey Avenue near Mountjoy Square in Dublin’s north inner-city, Ann Dolan has few hopes for Election 2016: “I don’t think (...)

The idea of becoming a journalist came from “watching Humphrey Bogart with a trilby on saying things like ‘hold the front page, sister’.” In retrospect he’s amazed at how easy it was.

Michael Parkinson has interviewed over 2,000 people. He recently had reason to review them all when compiling a DVD collection and he’ll be discussing(...)

One is mildly amused: When Ant and Dec Met the Prince. Photograph: ITV

I had a dream last night that Ant and Dec were luring us all into subterranean wig-mines at the behest of Emperor Trump. In the dream I had found a(...)

Tommy Hilfiger  with models backstage at his show  during New York Fashion Week: The Shows at Park Avenue Armory. Photograph: Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Tommy Hilfiger

The lobby of my fancy New York hotel is filled with fashionable people staring at their phones. They are largely dressed in black and have studious e(...)

Core issues, warm-hearted    Des Bishop’s Election (RTÉ2, Monday)

At the Facebook Election Special (RTÉ2, Sunday), the male politicians are tie-less. This is to indicate that they are dashing men of action who are d(...)

Psychic Grainne Ni Mhealoid   says Enda wants to “get into bed” with Fianna Fáil. But the cards generally suggest a coalition with Sinn Féin, Fianna Fáil and a bunch of Independents or People Before Profit. “A three-way thing.” Photograph:Dave Meehan

Before there were wonks, pollsters and pundits, political leaders consulted oracles or ruminated on animal entrails. Few do this nowadays (apart from(...)