A legal adviser to the Mothers and Fathers Matter group, Tom Finnegan, referred to a poster (above) erected by the group in recent days referring to surrogacy which he acknowledged was “probably the most controversial” of its three posters.

The Government is “deliberately misleading the public” by claiming the same-sex marriage referendum has nothing to do with children, a conference advo(...)

A HIQA report has found that a centre, run by the Daughters of Charity Disability Support Services, St Anne’s Residential Services in Roscrea, was understaffed.

Disabled residents were shouted at and called names by staff of a Tipperary based centre for people with disabilities, inspection reports by the Healt(...)

A language student protests outside the Modern Educational Centre on Harcourt St, where classes have been cancelled and staff wages have gone unpaid.

Fears are growing that another English language school in Dublin has closed down following the cancellation of classes on Thursday.Dozens of students (...)

One-third of women said they were surprised at how many units they had consumed when they added them up for the survey. Photograph: Cathal McNaughton/PA Wire

Almost half of all women who completed an online survey for The Irish Times admitted to binge drinking in the past seven days. About 45 per cen(...)

Businessman Galen Weston donated to the party. Photograph: Matt Kavanagh

Donors to Fianna Fáil’s US fundraising arm over almost two decades included well-known businessmen, monsignors, unions and companies including the US (...)

The National Transport Authority took 80 prosecutions against taxi drivers last year. Photograph: Dave Meehan

More than 100 taxi drivers have been prosecuted for operating a vehicle without a driving licence within the past five years, making it the most commo(...)

A report published in November found that the Garda Síochána was under-recording crime trends by some 38 per cent. Photograph: Alan Betson

The release of crime statistics has been suspended for a second time due to ongoing examination into the integrity of the data collected by the Garda.(...)

Smoking in bed was highlighted as a particular risk. Photograph: Haydn West/PA

  A disproportionately high percentage of pensioners die in house fires in the State, according to a review of a decade of statistics on f(...)

Cigarettes were the suspected cause in a quarter of cases, electrical appliances were suspected in 18 per cent of cases and electric blankets in 3 per cent. Matches, candles and chip pan fires were the next most likely causes

Cigarettes were the suspected cause of a quarter of fatal fires an analysis of a decade of statistics shows. A total of 366 deaths connected to(...)

Mary Lou McDonald said she was “deeply alarmed” by the proposal  to change to the date from which refugee bodies are subject to freedom of information legislation.  Photograph: Eric Luke

A proposal to change the date from which the records of two refugee bodies are subject to the Freedom of Information Act has drawn criticism. The prop(...)