I write a journal called Morning Pages every morning. It’s a jumble of everything from working out the to-do list for the day to figuring out the mean(...)

You probably haven’t heard of Prof Andrew Taslitz but if you’ve ever been told you’re working too hard, you might benefit from reading what his widow,(...)

Furtive: the appeal of ‘sexting’ may have to do with its secretive nature and the human capacity to get a physical kick from language. Photograph: Thinkstock

Listening to Jim Norton’s wonderful reading of James Joyce’s Ulysses on CD the other day, it struck me that the only new thing about the current pract(...)

I was intrigued recently to see the word “gaslighting” used to describe a form of psychological attack on another person. I hadn’t heard the phrase be(...)

When I was in High Infants, the following letter arrived home to my mother one day from the Sisters of Mercy School in Naas:“If you give Pat a good bi(...)

‘Home is the sailor, home from the sea, And the hunter home from the hill.”That, to steal a line from Robert Louis Stevenson, was the demeanour of the(...)

Should a birth parent whose child was adopted be bullied into meeting the adult adopted child? The question is posed by a reader in response to an art(...)

When I was wandering around grumbling to myself about something the other day, I remembered one of the best pieces of mental health advice I had ever (...)

“When it came to the signing of the papers I remember being brought over to the room. There were two men and a big, big table. I knew I was signing th(...)

Silence kills. It kills happiness and relationships, and sometimes it kills people. We need to remember that as we emerge (we hope) out of recession a(...)