My column about homelessness (“It takes a lot of strength to survive homelessness,” published on August 18th) brought comments from both sides of most(...)

Children are taught mindfulness at both primary and secondary school level. Photograph: Thinkstock

One of my old teachers may have been a mindfulness master in disguise. His somniferous voice tended to send his pupils into a waking doze. When he spo(...)

What’s the point of it all and does it really matter? When I was in school Br O’Grady raised this issue when warning us against the attractions of at(...)

If you wanted to find a crucible in which to grind down the mental health of men, women and especially children, homelessness would do the job just(...)

There is an old Buddhist story about a man who is walking by a cliff when a tiger begins to chase him. The cliff isn’t very high, so he reckons that i(...)

When I was in secondary school I got a summer job testing wheat in Leinster Mills, near Naas. Farmers brought their wheat from the fields, I stuck (...)

Sometimes John has a couple of drinks in the evening. Sometimes he has nothing alcoholic at all. Once a week, though, he drinks a full bottle of wine.(...)

When I’m feeling down and some grinning idiot smirks “Cheer up, it’ll never happen,” I feel tempted to smack the smirk off his face. If I ever succumb(...)

Watching Big Brother and the formation of short-term – some very, very short-term – sexual relationships, I wondered how many would last longer tha(...)

I learned about the value of the pause when I was a guest of a gracious and wealthy poet in her house in London. Her house was big enough to have its (...)