He lives in a corner of the Hundred Acre Wood described on the map as “Eeyore’s Gloomy Place: Rather Boggy and Sad”. Sometimes he goes around with his(...)

Walking around Cork city one evening, I noticed that I was feeling extremely gloomy. Moreover, the city seemed to feel the same way. The streets felt (...)

Why do young men and women from Ireland, Britain and other Western countries go to fight for Islamic State, formerly known as Isis? Are they monsters?(...)

Why do so many who are good at what they do think they are no good? And why do so many who are no good at what they do think they are good at it?The q(...)

What do stressed-out mothers want from their partners? According to a new book, what they most want is help with the children and with coping with all(...)

I was driving along at the speed limit the other day when the rear-view mirror showed the driver behind me giving me the two fingers.It looked like he(...)

I had forgotten about scruples until I saw the cover of an old Catholic Truth Society pamphlet, which read Scruples – how to avoid them. The pamphlet,(...)

Sometimes, passing by a particular office block late at night, I spot lights on in the upper floor and the shadow of a man hunched over a desk.It’s te(...)

I write a journal called Morning Pages every morning. It’s a jumble of everything from working out the to-do list for the day to figuring out the mean(...)

You probably haven’t heard of Prof Andrew Taslitz but if you’ve ever been told you’re working too hard, you might benefit from reading what his widow,(...)