I recently attended a Christmas party for staff and contributors to a newspaper for which I used to be a reporter, and which shall remain nameless.(...)

Twelve years ago nobody wanted to hear groups such as Focus Ireland, Simon or Threshold complaining. The country was in the upward spiral of a boom. Who needed to listen?

It seems to me that the true heroes at Christmas are the men and women who live in B&Bs and hotels but who make something special of the day for t(...)

‘Sit in any room in any building and it is fairly certain that it was built by men. If the room and building are warm, accommodating and comfortable i(...)

I felt like cheering when I read that a man in the UK had become the first to be jailed by the courts there for posting “revenge porn”.The practice of(...)

Male stereotypes work against men in ways that perhaps are not always recognised.

A young woman sits alone in a railway station waiting room, crying. After a while, a passenger goes over to ask if she can help. Soon the young woman (...)

Observing a party of women in a Chinese restaurant in Limerick recently, I was struck by the fact that all their conversation seemed to be about peopl(...)

Sitting in a traffic jam the other day I glanced at the car to the right. The driver was hunched over the steering wheel as if he were speeding along.(...)

A priest who would ban Bunty, an accusation of whitewash, and accounts of a fascinating woman described by the The New York Times as “Wonder Woman’s r(...)

If you are a separated father, you will know that it isn’t too early to start thinking about Christmas arrangements for your children. Here are some t(...)

Has your life been blighted by man-hating lesbians? Ever found yourself in the grip of unexplained homosexual tendencies?If so, blame Batman, Wonder W(...)