Car makers are starting to have some regrets  about opening the door to Google’s software

Both Volkswagen and Mercedes have used a major European car industry conference to raise concerns that tech giant Google is using in-car systems to ga(...)

A Nissan Motor Company Datsun Go vehicle on display at the company’s booth during the Indonesia International Motor Show in Jakarta, Indonesia, in September

Nissan is coming under increasing criticism following independent crash testing of its new low-cost Datsun Go model which was awarded no stars by Glo(...)

Skoda’s new Fabia will be significantly cheaper than its opposition when it arrives next month.

It’s bigger than before, better-equipped than before but the new Skoda Fabia will remain true to the brand’s roots by being significantly cheaper than(...)

The new Jeep Renegade is squat and stocky, but its interior is roomy enough for families

Owning an iconic brand must be very trying sometimes. If you dare to do anything new or different, a million people will take to the internet to co(...)

Mercedes’ innovative concept is supposedly made up entirely of photovoltaic cells – effectively making the G-Code one giant, mobile solar panel.

It’s been a bit of a classic case of on-again, off-again. First, Mercedes started dropping major hints it would make an ultra-compact sport utility ve(...)

All cars are not alike when it comes to wading depth so even if you’re driving an SUV take care on flooded roads tonight. Photograph: Eric Luke / The Irish Times

Had a peek out the window lately? Go on, get your head up from that Excel file and check out the gloom and wetness. Ireland in November is rarely, if (...)

Out of four locations offering motorists free tyre checks, Ballymena turned out to have the best-kept rubber.

It’s something of a repeated apocraph that UK and Northern Ireland cars are better kept and looked after than Irish ones, but recent work done by Mich(...)

Car makers’ fuel claims are saving them R&D costs but penalising drivers at the pump.

Car makers are lining their own pockets by not having to expend extra R&D money on fuel saving technology, and passing the cost on to the motorist(...)

It’s almost impossible to suppress a roll of the eyes, even a clicking “tut” of the tongue as the BMW X4 comes into view. It just appears mainly ridic(...)

Mazda hopes the 2’s sharp lines and new petrol engines will chime with Irish buyers.

Mazda has officially unveiled its new Mazda2 supermini which will go on sale here next March. The new model, which for the first time in the namepla(...)