Prepping for its 75th anniversary next year, Jeep is one of those brands that has things you don’t quite expect, including an off-road ability that allows it to climb to the summit of an active volcano

I have something of an awkward relationship with volcanoes. The last time a spewing torrent of liquid magma and I crossed paths, it was the famous er(...)

Never mind how do you sold a problem like Maria? We’ll leave that one to Colonel Von Trapp. No, a much bigger problem is how do you refresh and updat(...)

The new Peugeot RXH with a 2.0-litre HDI diesel engine delivering 61mpg

It’s kind surprising to see a car maker removing hybrid equipment from its cars. After all, with promises of all-electric motoring for everyone by (...)

Details and high quality images of the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class saloon have leaked online

Details and high quality images of the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class saloon have leaked online by the German website Auto Press, a week ahead of the car’s(...)

Predictions for May: The new Amazon Prime motoring series begins, and the first episode consists entirely of Jeremy Clarkson speaking directly to the camera and “just saying what’s on his mind.” Three international incidents, a dozen lawsuits and one minor war result, along with a vendetta against Clarkson from Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Neil Briscoe dusted off his crystal ball to foresee the year ahead - but his predictions are about as likely to arrive as flying cars January Volksw(...)

Volkswagen’s new concept, possibly the Microbus, will be unveiled in Las Vegas in January

We don’t want to get you too excited but this could be the new Volkswagen Microbus. VW has been threatening for more than two decades to sidestep the(...)

Tesla chief executive Elon Musk demonstrates the falcon wing doors on the new Tesla Model X Crossover SUV. Photograph: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

These days, we talk about cars and eco-friendly cars, but soon we will just talk about cars. Cars which used to be set up to be economical were speci(...)

Fiat Tipo: a Fiat Ireland insider said it is “big, it’s well-made and comfy, and it will be a lot cheaper than the main opposition”.

Fiat’s new Tipo saloon and hatchback will be significantly cheaper than any rivals when they arrive on sale in the summer of 2016. A Fiat Ireland i(...)

Repak ELT estimates  there are as many as 100 illegal tyre dumps around the country.

Ireland is groaning under the weight of hundreds of thousands of illegally disposed tyres, a stockpile that is growing each year. It’s causing a doubl(...)

Walter de Silva: Italian car designer recently retired from the Volkswagen group

As if proving there is no such thing as an overnight success, Walter Maria de Silva first joined the ranks of professional automotive designers when (...)