Irish Honda customers will be contacted in the coming weeks to have their airbags replaced.

Universal Honda, the locally-owned importer for Honda cars in Ireland, has confirmed to The Irish Times that it knows of 9,200 individual airbag units(...)

Tell me, do you Strictly? I have to admit to a particular addiction to the BBC Saturday night dancing extravaganza. Perhaps it’s the fact that it eats(...)

Jeep will revive the Grand Wagoneer name for a super-luxe Range Rover rival.

Fiat-Chrysler boss Sergio Marchionne has confirmed, obliquely, that Jeep is working on a luxury model to rival the Range Rover and Mercedes GLS. Set t(...)

Super-GTI goes on sale next year to mark 40th anniversary of the original hot Golf.

The annual gathering of VW GTI fans at Worthersee in Austria has become a major event for Volkswagen, and it often chooses the festival to be a launch(...)

The latest BMW 3 Series seems barely changed at all on the exterior

The first images and details of the new BMW 3 Series and Seat Ibiza surfaced on Thursday, but for those expecting radical departures from the existin(...)

As many as 2,500 lives could be saved by having mandatory auto-dial systems

All new cars, from March 31st 2018, will have to be fitted with an e-call system which rings the emergency services if you have a crash and ar(...)

Audi has just this week made its first small batch of one of the world’s first entirely eco-friendly hydrocarbon fuels

Making fuel is supposed to be difficult. You have to wait for dinosaurs to evolve, go extinct and spend millions of years decomposing into thick, b(...)

Bright and shiny: new car sales figures suggest the car trade will finally break the 100,000 sales this year, for the first time since 2008

Some 64,000 cars were registered in the first three months of this year in Ireland, a total that surpasses the full-year figure for the darkest day(...)

Prices for the new Mazda MX-5 start at €27,995  when it goes on sale in Ireland in August

When Mazda’s new MX-5, the fourth generation of a sports car that has become a true motoring icon since its original 1989 launch, goes on sale in Augu(...)

Chunky 500x is Fiat’s best styling work for a while. 3:08

Irish car buyers have fallen so spectacularly out of love with Fiat that this launch of the new 500x feels almost like two former lovers, meeting f(...)