The recent flurry of excitement about coffee preventing heart disease illustrated two important points: suspected “causes” of coronary heart disease c(...)

You would be hard pressed to find a lay person who is critical of cancer-screening programmes. BreastCheck and Cervical Check are seen as life-savi(...)

Happy Birthday Misao Okawa. The world’s oldest woman is 117 today. And it’s not surprising that she lives in Japan, which has the highest life expecta(...)

At best, the study found an association between coffee-drinking and lower coronary calcium scores. This is long way from proving causation, a more difficult challenge that would require a randomised forward-looking study

“People who drink three to five coffees a day are less likely to develop clogged arteries that could lead to heart attacks” is a headline that must ha(...)

One disease I had not associated with stigma until recently is asthma, primarily because no one I have treated with the illness had ever expressed feelings of embarrassment

Some medical conditions are embarrassing for most sufferers. Haemorrhoids, erectile dysfunction and any kind of incontinence definitely fall into t(...)

Gerry Feeney  in Beaumont hospital on December 19th last. The complaint focuses on a failure to offer Mr Feeney the most basic of nursing care

The allegations made by the family of Gerry Feeney about the care provided for him at Beaumont Hospital are serious ones. The complaint does not in(...)

One of the keys to successful treatment is to start the anti-virals within 48 hours of the first symptoms appearing

To paraphrase the Eagles song, there’s a new (influenza) bug in town. It’s nothing on the scale of a swine or avian flu, but sufficiently unusual t(...)

The health risks of extreme weather events have been well studied.When temperature is plotted against the number of daily deaths, a typical U-shaped r(...)

Dr Ciara Kelly, a GP and the Operation Transformation medic, attracted some opprobrium recently for her remarks about the alcohol consumption of on(...)

Until recently at least, doctors were inclined to be somewhat possessive about their clinical records

Is the main purpose of medical records for doctors to communicate with each other as well as to remind themselves of the details of a patient’s condit(...)