Eye on Nature

While walking by a nearby river we saw a bird fishing. It was so graceful. Brian Fahy Glanmire, Co Cork It was a great crested grebe in win(...)

Tourist attraction? Cliffs on the Wild Atlantic Way. Illustration: Michael Viney

The wavy white lines of the Wild Atlantic Way proliferate on new road signs all around us – signs that light up in car headlights with such explosive (...)

Eye on Nature

A little egret seems to be living on the River Poddle beside where I live. It makes a nice change from the herons. Eamonn Aspell Templeogue, Du(...)

Contrails: the jet streams wrapped around the planet are broad rivers of wind often thousands of kilometres long, shifting between north and south as seasons change. Illustration: Michael Viney

Between the slashing hail squalls borrowed from Canada’s winter, I kept an eye on the sky above the mountain, looking for contrails speeding far too f(...)

Delightfully alternative: Carabus problematicus, widespread on Ireland’s mountain heaths and moraines. Illustration: Michael Viney

My wellies stand on the slate-flagged floor of the porch, and each morning for days a beetle has been under one of them, black and shiny, quite common(...)

Eye on nature

On logs in the garden I found what looked like bundles of twigs about two inches long. They were soft but tough, and empty like cocoons. Fergus(...)

Eye on Nature

I saw 14 blackbirds picking through leaves on the lawn. Is it unusual to see so many together? Brigid Flanagan Dromiskin, Co Louth They wer(...)

Still frozen: the fjord at Klaegbugt, in Germania Land, in northeastern Greenland. Illustration: Michael Viney

Towards the end of February the light is creeping back across the Arctic, and that, at least, won’t have changed. I can also assume, I think, that the(...)

The stoat: distinctly Irish. Illustration: Michael Viney

For well over a century and a half, how Ireland got its flora and fauna has been an open challenge for the country’s earth scientists. In the earliest(...)

Goldcrest: unafraid when picked up
Eye on Nature

I found a goldcrest outside the door. He was still and cold but alive. I took him into my cupped hands, where he stayed, unafraid, until he warmed up (...)