What chance an Irish tsunami? Illustration: Michael Viney, with apologies to Hokusai

When I look at the Marine Institute’s Real Map of Ireland I still wonder at our nerve in casting a boundary around such a great wedge of Atlantic seab(...)

Eye on Nature

Some birds I am feeding now seem to need Operation Transformation: they’ve gained weight and look plump. Frank Folan, Labasheeda, Co Clar(...)

Remote corner: swans on  Dooaghtry Lough. Illustration: Michael Viney

My favourite lake lies at the end of the machair, the grassy plain behind the dunes. I’m not sure I can even call it a lake, at least officially, as t(...)

Eye on Nature

I noticed some frogspawn in a puddle in Dromore Woods. Is January 4th too early for it to survive? Una Thompson Kenmare, Co Kerry Not in a (...)

Mainly on the plain: happy hares in Spain. Illustration: Michael Viney

Well – why not happy hares in Spain, frisking mainly on the plain? It’s January, time for that sort of thing. Besides, I was given a truffle tree for (...)

Early bird: climate change has brought a trent towards earlier nesting. Illustration: Michael Viney

Now that most of the berries have gone, the hedges of the west can look pretty bleak, and a wind-tossed hawthorn can scrawl sad and jagged shapes upon(...)

Eye on Nature

In the week before Christmas, a flock of eight plump blackbirds sat quietly in the tree overlooking our bird feeders. On my travels down the M4 to (...)

Oystercatchers perch above the waves – but how high will the waves come? Illustration: Michael Viney

Looking out at daybreak in the stormy prelude to Christmas, I was watching for “phenomenal” waves, as promised by the weatherfolk. Seen between batter(...)

Eye on Nature

Before Christmas Alan Titchmarsh, the TV gardening pundit, found the mushroom fly agaric (Amanita muscaria) in the lawn of Buckingham Palace. Commonly(...)

Two in the bush: mistle thrushes feeding on mistletoe. Illustration: Michael Viney

Solstice is a fine soft word to slip off the tongue. It comes, the web tells me, via Old French from the Latin solstitium – sol for the sun and sister(...)