I counted the roof-nesting gulls at Dunmore East on June 9th and found nests for 67 herring gulls and three for great black-backed gulls. A disused(...)

Ragweed: one plant can generate up to a billion grains of pollen in a season, travelling hundreds of kilometres on the wind. Illustration: Michael Viney

Letting our lawn patches grow without mowing this year offered the pleasure, rare on a sheep-shorn hillside, of watching a sheet of wild grasses shoot(...)

We spotted five or six shrimp-like creatures, about 5cm long, in one of our ponds, which has no tadpoles. The other pond has tadpoles but no creatu(...)

True colours: birds hide to finish changing their plumage. Illustration: Michael Viney

We miss the mistle thrush. When the fine evenings began he would fly to the topmost tuft of the scrawny old spruce at the gate and point his beak stea(...)

I was walking along a river with my dog when I saw an otter moving along parallel to the river. When the otter saw me he disappeared into a cornfie(...)

Carbon footprint: Ireland’s herd size is set to grow. Illustration: Michael Viney

Cattle are scarce on a hillside full of sheep, so I pause on the boreen to exchange gazes with a little suckler herd, so clean and amiable in their ta(...)

Boarfish: “a special gift from a warming ocean”. Illustration: Michael Viney

A rather pretty little fish with quite the wrong name keeps swimming into my attention. “Boarfish” isn’t at all what Linnaeus had in mind in coining C(...)

We planted a turkey oak a few years ago. I’m thinking of removing it because of the risk it might pose to native oaks, through the gall-wasp connec(...)

As we were running on the beach an otter ran across our path and dashed into the sea as three gulls swooped overhead, following it. Was it a sea ot(...)

Corncrake calling: without the EU standing watch, would we really have paid farmers to mow their meadows in ways that let corncrakes escape? Illustration: Michael Viney

The crisp and juicy greens of spring sing out from every hedgerow. New, velvety stretches smooth the smallest roads along the Wild Atlantic Way, and c(...)