Extinction risk: Aphanomyces astaci killed more than 600 crayfish  in a stretch of the River Bruskey in Co Cavan. Illustration: Michael Viney

My trout-angling father-in-law, Seamus, pointed them out to me once from his boat in the shallows of a bay on Lough Mask: miniature mud-coloured lobst(...)

For several weeks I have heard a high- pitched call, like that of a buzzard, near our home. Then the bird flew into our window. It was dazed but fl(...)

A sparrowhawk killed two collared doves in our garden. She plucked the feathers off the first in front of us but carried off the second. Is she fee(...)

Fighting back: the red squirrel is now in all 32 counties. Illustration: Michael Viney

My first grey squirrel was scampering up a sidewalk tree in the heart of imperial Washington, a sight of no apparent novelty to anyone else. My second(...)

I photographed an all-white hare in my brother’s garden, in Kilmeena, Co Mayo, on July 30th. It was incredibly white and quite large. Is it an albi(...)

Tracked across the Atlantic: bluefin tuna. Illustration:  Michael Viney

Once it was just binoculars. Then hidden cameras and infrared video. Today, keeping an even closer eye on nature, computerised mini electronics and sp(...)

The giant box crab: some are occasionally caught in shallow fishing trawls. Illustration: Michael Viney

A windowsill lined with the bones of the beachcombed dead may be the devil to keep dusted, but its ossuary oddities still beg to be picked up, howe(...)

There is a football-sized wasps’ nest on the underside of a cotoneaster. The occupants look like small bees and have a nasty sting. – Barbara Newbury,(...)

Seal of approval: they are amiable but keep your distance. Illustration: Michael Viney

The distant, Labradorian regard from a grey seal or two will furnish a holiday memory for many who walk the cliffs and coves of the Wild Atlantic Way (...)

I read that hares are suckled for only a few weeks, but I saw a half-grown leveret suckle its mother. How long does the mother suckle the young? Tom F(...)