The stoat: distinctly Irish. Illustration: Michael Viney

For well over a century and a half, how Ireland got its flora and fauna has been an open challenge for the country’s earth scientists. In the earliest(...)

Goldcrest: unafraid when picked up
Eye on Nature

I found a goldcrest outside the door. He was still and cold but alive. I took him into my cupped hands, where he stayed, unafraid, until he warmed up (...)

Pea thief: a slippery-sided bucket will foil the wood mouse. Illustration: Michael Viney

There they are again, pushing up a whole inch – centimetres aren’t strong enough – from the margarine tub on my workroom window sill: the first tomato(...)

Heron: enterprising   behaviour
Eye on Nature

On a recent visit to Emo Court we came across an enterprising heron. Children were throwing bread into the lake for the ducks, and trout were darting (...)

The vapourer moth
Eye on Nature

Some fat insects appeared in our porch and laid eggs on a moth cocoon. Neither moth nor eggs seemed to thrive thereafter. Jane Maxwell Rose(...)

Genetic heritage: protection of the red deer is a priority. Illustration: Michael Viney

A rifle-mounted video camera is showing us what the hunter is seeing through his telescopic sight: a confused intersection of mossy trunks and branche(...)

What chance an Irish tsunami? Illustration: Michael Viney, with apologies to Hokusai

When I look at the Marine Institute’s Real Map of Ireland I still wonder at our nerve in casting a boundary around such a great wedge of Atlantic seab(...)

Eye on Nature

Some birds I am feeding now seem to need Operation Transformation: they’ve gained weight and look plump. Frank Folan, Labasheeda, Co Clar(...)

Remote corner: swans on  Dooaghtry Lough. Illustration: Michael Viney

My favourite lake lies at the end of the machair, the grassy plain behind the dunes. I’m not sure I can even call it a lake, at least officially, as t(...)

Eye on Nature

I noticed some frogspawn in a puddle in Dromore Woods. Is January 4th too early for it to survive? Una Thompson Kenmare, Co Kerry Not in a (...)