New car sales are expected to top 150,000 this year as the industry confirmed 124,945 new registrations in 2015.

New car sales are predicted to be in the region of 150,000 for 2016, up from the 124,945 registered in 2015. Figures from the Society of the Irish m(...)

At last autumn’s Frankfurt motor show, two Korean brands butted up against each other in the corner of one of the vast halls. Kia, an increasingly sm(...)

Consumer trust towards Volkswagen is in short supply at present, so it’s understandable if the latest low-emission Golf isn’t greeted with a fanfare.(...)

Shortlisted for car of the year 2016: Mazda’s MX-5

Seven new cars have made it onto the shortlist for the prestigious Car of the Year award in Europe. The seven are: Audi A4; BMW 7-series; Jaguar XE; M(...)

Volkswagen  Group Chief Executive Matthias Müller:  Although the current situation is serious, this company will not be broken by it.”

Volkswagen Group says the scandal involving emissions test cheat software fitted to 11 million vehicles wasn’t a one-off mistake but a chain of mistak(...)

 Matthias Mueller, chief executive  of  Volkswagen: he  is due to hold a press conference on Thursday to outline the findings of the initial investigation into both emissions scandals. Photograph: Odd Andersen/AFP/Getty Images

Initial findings of an investigation into the Volkswagen Group’s array of cheating scandals claims the number of cars with the wrong CO2 emissions fi(...)

Before the champagne corks begin popping in Volkswagen dealerships, it should be noted that VW has merely identified the number of current cars affected and still have to work out how many older models had wrong figures.

So what is the latest on the Volkswagen saga? The car giant has said an initial investigation into the various scandals at the firm has found that i(...)

Allegations that Volkswagen lied about the carbon dioxide emissions  evaporated into thin air as the embattled German car maker said they had been proven to be largely unfounded.

An initial investigation into the Volkswagen Group’s array of cheating scandals has cleared the carmaker of claims it systematically cheated on CO2 fi(...)

Audi’s new A4 could never be billed as a radical overhaul. And, in light grey, the test car did little to stand out on the rain-soaked roads in Decemb(...)

Consider the arrival of self-driving cars, car-sharing schemes and a host of alternative fuel options: you can see why car firms face an uncertain fut(...)