National Opera House, Wexford ★ ★ ★ The numbers tell it all. Ferdinand Hérold’s Le Pré aux clercs, premièred at the Opéra-Comique in Paris (...)

Norman Garrett in Koanga. Photograph: Clive Barda

Koanga Wexford Festival Opera **   Wexford Festival Opera seems to be on something of a Delius crusade. The successful 2012 p(...)

O’Reilly Theatre, Wexford ★★★★ Guglielmo Ratcliff by Pietro Mascagni (1863-1945) is an opera that almost shouldn’t work at all. Characters (...)

It was Schumann’s idea that he, Brahms and Albert Dietrich should collaborate on violin sonata for the great violinist Joseph Joachim. The result r(...)

This carefully conceived Schubert recital, recorded in concert in May 2014, ventures well beyond the familiar and popular. Bostridge’s highly p(...)

Three distinctive Haydn symphonies, all in the key of D, all given taut, bracing, urgently propelled performances. Even the famous tick-tocking slow (...)

Manfred Eicher’s ECM New Series was expressly created 31 years ago for the pellucid music of Arvo Pärt. The composer’s native Estonia was then (...)

The Last Hotel: ‘The high-impact nervous energy of Dennehy’s score is often topped by almost impossibly creamy-sounding soprano lines from Claudia Boyle and Katherine Manley’ 3:13

The Ros Tapestry, a community project that was developed by more than 150 volunteers, is a celebration of the history of New Ross, a latter-day Bay(...)

Dennis Russell Davies: ‘The immediacy of live performance, you can’t beat it’

Dennis Russell Davies, who was born in Toledo and turned 71 last April, is a conductor who’s done it all. In the US he has headed up the Brooklyn P(...)

Bruckner and Brahms produced their official First Symphonies, both in C minor, in their 40s. Bruckner, the elder by nine years, got there first, in 18(...)