HJ Lim: gives the impression that, musically speaking, punctuation and cadence are of little concern to her

Korean pianist HJ Lim created quite a stir three years ago. She arrived on the recording scene in spectacular style in her mid-20s. EMI Classics to(...)

Claudia Boyle  who stars in The Last Hotel by Donnacha Dennehy

Opera plots tend to revolve around love and sex, power and death. The story of Donnacha Dennehy’s new opera, The Last Hotel, ticks at least one of (...)

The success of Schubert’s Trout Quintet, with its unusual line-up featuring a double bass, has never inspired many composers to follow suit. Here Hamb(...)

Horror films have always thrived on scenes featuring everyday objects moving in ways that simply shouldn’t be possible. The table raises itself off(...)

One hundred years ago, suggests former Hilliard Ensemble tenor John Potter, “a song was just a song”. Any music could be popular. And then, he (...)

George Enescu could play whole operas from memory and almost everything by Bach

Memory is suddenly in the air. Last Thursday in The Irish Times Siobhán Long discussed the Clare Memory Orchestra with its founder, composer and gu(...)

The Kuijken Quartet here is not the ensemble of old, a period-instruments group led by Sigiswald Kuijken and with his brother Wieland on cello. (...)

So complete was the rift that opened up, that Bakels (above) has had to wait more than two decades before conducting in Dublin again

Dutch conductor Kees Bakels made his debut with the National Youth Orchestra of Ireland last weekend. Bakels first appeared in Ireland, with the Ul(...)

Christian Blackshaw continues his survey of Mozart’s piano sonatas in the style of the previous instalments.He treats four sonatas (K284, K332, K54(...)

The Borodin Quartet: their playing was extraordinarily contained, as if any dynamic level could be suggested or conjured without need for major change

The Celtic Tiger was just upon us when the first West Cork Chamber Music Festival took place in summer 1996. And the intervening years have seen th(...)