French cellist Jean-Guihen Queyras and Russian pianist Alexander Melnikov present Beethoven in a way that keeps virtuosity well to the fore and is ful(...)

Though Haydn was one of the greatest masters of good cheer in music, these three keyboard concertos (Nos 3, 4, and 11) straddle the transition from th(...)

Opening show: Hugh Tinney and Catherine Leonard, who played at, and are joint artistic directors of, Westport Festival of Chamber Music

It’s not just when times are good that good things happen. Dublin Grand Opera Society, which dominated operatic life in Dublin for nearly seven decade(...)

The works here by Bucharest-born Adriana Hölszky range over three decades: . . . und wieder Dunkel I (1985-90) for percussion (Jens Brüls) and orga(...)

Portuguese pianist Maria João Pires does things her own way. These two Beethoven piano concertos are long in her repertoire, but Pires didn’t recor(...)

Mendelssohn completed a dozen strings-only symphonies before, at the age of 15, he got around to his formal No 1. Jan Willem de Vriend here couples it(...)

Kelley Lonergan: She sounds like a natural. Her voice is lovely to listen to, and she makes it sound as if it’s easy to produce

Composers write music about the strangest of subjects, and that’s probably to be expected when there are words involved. But it would have been a rema(...)

Karl-Amadeus Hartmann (1905-63) did what so many others didn’t. When the Nazis took power in Germany, he prohibited performances of his work, but cont(...)

“Aschenmusik” translates as music from the ashes, and Heinz Holliger’s Romancendres was inspired by the fact that Clara Schumann burnt her husband Rob(...)

The East Side Oktett began life in 2005 as a string quartet formed by members of the Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra. Five years later a performance o(...)