The change in gross domestic product of crisis-hit countries is now almost universally positive, but GDP remains far below what might have been expected from pre-crisis trends. Photograph: Getty Images

The US and Europe still live with the legacies of the financial crisis of 2007-09 and the subsequent euro-zone crisis. Could better policies have prev(...)

French president Francois Hollande walks on the Solheimajokull glacier, where the ice has receded by more than 1km, during an official visit to Iceland earlier this month. Photograph: Thibault Camus/EPA

Will the intergovernmental climate conference in Paris in December be a decisive turn in the world’s efforts to curb risks of catastrophic climate cha(...)

A man murders his parents and then begs for the mercy of the court as a poor orphan. This is a definition of barefaced cheek. We have a new one. On a (...)

Iam the child of refugees. My parents came to the UK to escape Hitler. Their arrival saved their lives. More passionate patriots cannot be imagined. I(...)

Migrants gaze out of a train window in Coratia. In deciding what to do, the EU must draw a distinction between refugees and immigrants. Countries have legal and moral obligations to refugees. They do not have such obligations to other immigrants. Photograph: Marko Djurica/Reuters

The last thing the EU wanted to deal with was a tide of refugees. The euro zone crisis, the struggle with Russia over Ukraine and the UK’s decision to(...)

Paper tiger money: there is a plausible, if not universally accepted, understanding that China’s growth is overstated by official statistics and may be as low as 4 per cent.  Photograph: Jason Lee/Reuters

Is a global economic recession likely? If so, what might trigger it? Willem Buiter, Citi’s chief economist and the Financial Times’ erstwhile Mavereco(...)

The US Federal Reserve building in Washington, DC.  Photograph: Getty

How close is the US Federal Reserve to normalising monetary policy? This was the question addressed by Stanley Fischer, vice-chairman, at the Jackson (...)

Beijing has spent $200 billion on a failed attempt to prop up the stock market and that foreign exchange reserves fell by $315 billion in the year to July 2015. Photograph: Kevin Frayer/Getty Images

David Daokui Lee, an influential Chinese economist, has argued that: “The stock market sell-off is not the problem…the problem – not a huge one, but a(...)

Greece is in the “last chance saloon”. The logic of where it is now is definitely towards the exit. Photograph: Orestis Panagiotou/EPA

So what should the euro zone do now? Last week, I concluded that the Greeks should vote Yes. They decided instead to overwhelmingly reject the terms o(...)

Alexis Tsipras, Greece’s prime minister: Syriza has failed to put forward a credible programme of reform that might solve the problems of the Greek economy. It has made populist gestures. It is a dreadful government produced by desperate times. Photograph: Yorgos Karahalis/Bloomberg

How would I vote in the referendum on the euro zone’s economic programme if I were Greek? The answer, alas, is that I am unsure. If I believed Greece (...)