James McCarthy celebrates at the final whistle as Dublin are crowned All-Ireland champions 12 months ater semi-final heartbreak against Donegal. Photo: James Crombie/INPHO

Every All-Ireland has its context. Some are about finding a way out of the darkness, some are about righting a wrong. This one sits four-square in the(...)

Canada’s flanker John Moonlight: “Ill met by Moonlight,” Barnes cracked. The guffaws from Conor McNamara and Liam Toland in the commentary box told us it was funny. So did Google, once we’d established that Barnes was referencing a 1950s Dirk Bogarde war movie from a non-fiction book by W Stanley Moss. You get a different level of badinage with the rugby lads.

Saturday lunchtime and the rugby World Cup is happening, people. Settle down at the back and start concentrating. And here’s news for you - if you (...)

Maurice Fitzgerald of Kerry in full flight. Photograph: Inpho 6:50

“All it is is that we love the game and we were lucky to play it,” says Maurice Fitzgerald. “There isn’t any bit of a story beyond that much really.” (...)

Jerry Grogan PA stadium announcer for Croke Park with the Sam Maguire Cup which he is responsible for on the day of the All Ireland Final which takes place on Sunday between Dublin and Kerry. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien / The Irish Times 4:16

“We had a game out there in the early ‘80s,” says Jerry Grogan, pointing to the pitch as we walk down behind the Canal End goals, “where Niall Quin(...)

Head over heels: Cork celebrate with the O’Duffy Cup following their win over Galway at Croke Park. Photograph: Ryan Byrne/Inpho

Everyone stands their own post. We all fight out of our own muddy trench. The main story out of Croke Park is that Cork won their 26th All-Ireland (...)

Cork players celebrate with the O’Duffy Cup after winning the Liberty Insurance  Senior Camogie Championship Final against Galway at Croke Park. Photograph: Cathal Noonan/Inpho

Cork 1-13 Galway 0-9 It was over before it finished, the conclusion obvious well ahead of the end. Cork carved a 26th notch onto the bedpost w(...)

Galway’s Niamh McGrath will be vital to the county’s title hopes in Croke Park. Throw in is at 4pm with full live coverage on TG4. Photo: Cathal Noonan/INPHO

It’s hard to shake the feeling in camogie circles that the sooner 2015 goes into the books, the better. A year that started with some of the sport’(...)

This, as all TV slobs will readily attest to, is bad news. Not so much because we want all rugby all the time, you understand. It’s more that when you know there is a game every night, you don’t have to waste brain power wondering when the next one is.

Before we get on to what the Rugby World Cup will be as a viewing experience, it may serve us well to point out from the start what it will not be.(...)

Kilkenny’s TJ Reid celebrates as he leaves the Croke Park pitch after yesterday’s All-Ireland hurling final win over Galway. Photograph: Ryan Byrne/Inpho.

If you’re the kind who likes your symbolism served heavy-handed, it was easy to appreciate the fact that TJ Reid was the one who made the game’s last (...)

Galway boss Anthony Cunningham believes his side can learn and improve from their All-Ireland final defeat to Kilkenny. Photograph: Inpho

Anthony Cunningham comes into the cold press conference room carrying a mourner’s look. Maybe it’s better to have hurled and lost than not to have hur(...)