Chief financial officer Patrick Pichette didn’t resolve to leave Google right away. He went back to work, and then three reasons for quitting came to him. Photograph: The Irish Times

When Patrick Pichette last week posted a letter on Google+ to say that he was resigning as the company’s chief financial officer to go backpacking wit(...)

Appy days: there’s a Smartphone app for everything now, including one to tell you how you did at a meeting

Most managers are bad at lots of things. Self-knowledge. Talking intelligibly. Listening.But the thing they are worst at is doling out feedback. As a (...)

Richard Dawkins: a prolific thirdpartybragger. Photograph: Don Arnold/Getty Images

Last week Harris Wittels, the man who coined the phrase “humblebrag”, died at the unconscionable age of 30. In his memory I’ve been sifting through so(...)

“Lean in”, urges corporate queen Sheryl Sandberg (above). Meanwhile, at least one very successful female  has discovered workplace  laziness has major benefits. Photograph: Pascal Lauener/ Reuters

The other day I had a drink with a university friend who is one of the busiest women I know. For years she has been holding down a big job in a big(...)

Twitter appears to have changed how we work forever. Yet on closer inspection, Twitter has changed nothing – all it has done is speed things up a bit

Ten days ago a hitherto unknown Texan teenager by the name of Cella tapped out a tweet that read: “Ew, I start this f*** a** job tomorrow”, followed b(...)

Happy employees, it is claimed, are more likely to do the right thing than unhappy ones

At Wells Fargo, managers have dreamt up a new ratio to track alongside such banking stalwarts as provision coverage and capital adequacy. It is called(...)

Do it today: JPMorgan Chase chief Jamie Dimon has told all his underlings to reply to emails within the day. Photograph: Yuri Gripas/Reuters

There used to be two answers to most things in business – yes and no. Now there is a third one that is becoming more popular than either. It is silenc(...)

‘Obviously it was stupid to cycle with anything on the handlebars. Perhaps, for the first time in my life, I will learn from my own mistakes and start using a pannier.’ Photograph: Getty Images

Last Wednesday I was cycling into work with a bag slung over the handlebars. I was going at a fair clip when the bag swung into the wheel, got jamm(...)

Last week Jamie Dimon told Fox Business: “JPMorgan is the best thing I can do for country and humanity”,  which is even richer than Lloyd Blankfein saying Goldman Sachs did “God’s work” as the latter remark was arguably ironic. Photograph: Reuters

Last week I had lunch with a man who used to be one of the most senior bankers in the UK. The trouble with business today, he complained over coffee, (...)

Facebook has a new empathy team, whose job is to go around feeling the pain and pleasure of others and translate the experience for the benefit of its engineers. Photograph: Martin Keene/PA Wire

Most Silicon Valley companies are run by geeks. One of the drawbacks of being a geek is that dealing with other human beings tends not to be a strong (...)