Marissa Mayer, president and chief executive officer of Yahoo! Inc. Photograph: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg

Marissa Mayer is my new role model. First the Yahoo chief executive bans working from home. Now, according to Kara Swisher at Re/code, she has made al(...)

A young employee  taking direction from a senior colleague:   the boss is blind to his own bias and instead congratulates himself on his prescience in spotting someone extraordinary

X is an impressive, slightly scary chief executive. You will have heard of him. Y is a smartish, youngish man who works for his company. You won’t hav(...)

Jes Staley, new chief executive of Barclays group. Trust, he said, was “the key to unlocking shareholder value”. Photograph: Debra Hurford Brown/Barclays/PA Wire

Within an hour of Jes Staley being confirmed as the head of Barclays, he had fired off a 600-word email to his 132,000 new underlings introducing hims(...)

Swimming in a pool of misleading metaphors can distort your perspective. Photograph: Reuters/Vincent Kessler

On the cover of the latest Harvard Business Review it says in huge letters “The New Rules of Competition”. Underneath are three bullet points, highlig(...)

Two of my oldest friends have recently taken a strong dislike to their jobs. Both report the same symptoms: disillusionment, apathy and a conviction t(...)

Integrity is particularly feeble. It makes no sense to assert integrity as a value, as no one would ever dream of asserting the reverse.

A few weeks ago I stood up in front of a group of managers from two dozen well-known companies and forced them to play a parlour game. In advance I ha(...)

Monkey wisdom: A study a few years ago  at MIT showed that monkeys learn more from getting things right. When rewarded for making a correct choice they remembered it and could repeat it, but after a wrong choice they remembered nothing. Photograph: Matt Kavanagh

Last week the chief executive of UBS told all the bankers who work for him that henceforth it was okay for them to make mistakes. A culture in which e(...)

There are lots of things essential to the health of global businesses and to the “personal lives” of millions, but the “travel experience” offered by United is not one of them. Photograph: Reuters/Dylan Martinez

Dear Oscar Munoz Congratulations on being made chief executive of United Airlines – you’re a brave man to have accepted the job. I learn from the pape(...)

One colleague said he knew he was a good father because his grown-up children liked his company enough to go on holiday with him

Am I a good father? Last week online readers of the Financial Times, Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal were accosted by this question in a big whi(...)

If something is important enough to have a meeting about, then a table must be found and people must travel to sit at it. Photograph: Getty

At 10.30am one day last week I got a reminder on my phone saying that at 11am I had to join a conference call. I spent the next 30 minutes mildly drea(...)