When Stephen Elop likened Nokia to a burning platform, he spoke the truth. Yet it was a disaster. Photographer: Jin Lee/Bloomberg

About a year ago a friend landed a grand job running a medium-sized company. A few weeks in, I had lunch with him and he told me he was having a prett(...)

Meg Whitman: Her advice in Davos was “you can always go faster than you think you can”

Last week I received an email from Henry Gomez, head of marketing and communications at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, objecting to a column I’d written (...)

Meg Whitman: “You can always go faster than you think you can.” Photograph: Jason Alden/Bloomberg

You can always go faster than you think you can. Those are not my words. They are the words of Meg Whitman, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise chief executiv(...)

British philosopher Bertrand Russell  (above)  and John Maynard Keynes both predicted shorter working time  in the 1930s. It has been a long time coming but maybe it is happening at last.  Photograph:  Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Last week, at a social event for senior bankers, I found myself standing in a circle with six men making small talk. As I looked around the group, I n(...)

Mass new year emails: they are pointless and fail to motivate staff.

One of the most predictable things about being a wage slave in January is the motivational new-year memo that drops into your inbox from your chief ex(...)

“Most younger people have learnt that there is no such thing as a private joke on email; only idiotic old people persist.”

The other day a columnist at the Financial Times told me that not long ago he had sneaked up to a workmate’s unattended computer and fired off a mess(...)

As Howard Schultz of Starbucks, a superb peddler of drivel, put it: “Innovation is the force that will . . . enable us to expand and increase revenues and profits – always through  the lens of humanity. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

Last year was a ripping one for flannel. I know I say that every year, but 2015 broke all records for obfuscation, euphemism and ugliness. Sifting thr(...)

Next time you hear someone say: “This deal, we feel, is the right deal to go forward. In the go-forward scenario, we plan on doing the deal”, which was precisely the bull AOL’s Tim Armstrong spouted when it was bought by Verizon this year, don’t swallow it. Photograph: the New York Times

At this time of year, my mind naturally turns to guff. Every December I open the cupboard in which I store the worst examples of the year’s jargon and(...)

Lucy Kellaway: “That the corporate world is so very badly in need of storytellers is a very bad sign. It shows that we don’t think our jobs are enough without them.” Photograph: Getty Images

What is your most valuable asset? If you take the question in monetary terms, the answer is probably your house. Equally, you could say it was your h(...)

I noticed  that people have got better at building offices.

The Financial Times occupies an audaciously undistinguished building on the fringes of the City, in which the carpet tiles are coffee-stained(...)