So long Don Draper, and thanks for all the fibs

In the first of two special editions of the Off Topic podcast, Fionn Davenport, Laurence Mackin and Hugh Linehan look back at some of the best bits fr(...)

Partying with your friends is all well and good but some prefer the simple comforts of a giant sofa and the embrace of a warm screen. With this in mi(...)

Panti Bliss. The Queen of Ireland. Rory O'Neill. Directed by Conor Horgan

A colleague recently complained about the dilution of Irish art. Work, he reckons, is being workshopped to death; collaborations are sluicing away th(...)

Tanya Sweeney meets a villager in Malawi. So far about 10,000 women have started saving-and-loan schemes in the country, which work in the same way as credit unions. Photograph: Concern

Think tanks and policymakers love a good acronym, and few get more currency than “Stem”. Science, technology, engineering and maths are, according to (...)

Who rocked your world last year? Was it Girl Band or Tale Impala? Did Grimes get your goat or did Kendrick move your feet? And when it came to the bi(...)

Mahalia performing at the Other Voices music festival in Dingle in Co Kerry

By late Sunday afternoon, a calm has descended on Dingle in Co Kerry. Storm Desmond has blown himself out; people are able to peek out of doors again(...)

Eamonn Sinnott, head of Intel Ireland, is taking part in Ireland’s Edge, a new conference about arts and business at this year’s Other Voices festival.  Photograph:  Julien Behal/Maxwells

The Other Voices music festival is expanding this year, with a major conference exploring how arts and culture can drive Ireland’s competitiveness. (...)

The Abbey Theatre enjoyed its best profit since 2007 last year. File photograph: Matt Kavanagh

“Nidge” last year helped the Abbey Theatre to record its most profitable year since 2007, with profits of €1 million. The theatre described last year’(...)

All you need are two bats, one ball and a net, to unleash all that pent-up cabin fever that winter brings to family dynamics

It’s getting colder, darker, wintrier. You could wrap up, go out and try to catch some of the ever-reducing amount of light. Or you could try some (...)

Headphones in, hoody up: people’s behaviour is influenced by the way cities are designed. Photograph: E+/Getty

Headphones in, hoody up and head down: ask them to picture a typical teenager on the prowl on the mean streets of Dublin and most people will come up (...)