Don’t play, Misty, for me: Lou Reed attending his photo exhibition at Frank Landau Gallery on November 3, 2012 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. (Photo by Hannelore Foerster/Getty Images)

Last week, it was Whitney Houston coming back from the dead, at least in hologram form. This week, it’s Lou Reed’s turn to shuffle back on to the m(...)

Festival clubs: When budgets are tight it’s understandable to be reluctant to spend money on what some might   see as little more than  another drinking den

Whatever your attitude to alcohol, be it succour or scourge, you have to acknowledge that most arts ideas in Ireland are hatched over conversations in(...)

Culture Night comes to over 1,500 venues around the country on Friday - pictured are Jenni Barkley, Communications and Corporate Responsibility Manager, and Soup Dejour in Belfast. Photograph: Press Eye

On Friday, Culture Night celebrates a decade of open doors and colourful evenings, with more than 3,000 free events taking place across the country. (...)

Scotch and Soda, by Australia’s Company 2

Scotch and Soda Spiegeltent, Wolf Tone Square ***   The Spiegeltent returns, and with the sort of Australian circus cabaret a(...)

The Walls Have Ears

The Walls Have Ears 13 North Great George’s Street ****   As Shane Latimer’s delayed and looped guitars fade down, Seán Mac E(...)

‘A female dancer crawls out, creature-like, from the shadows’

Behind the Dark Meet at Parkgate Street, Phoenix Park *****   Something strange stirs, deep in the dells of Phoenix Park, an(...)

Into the music: Van Morrison on stage  in 1973.  Photograph: Ed Caraeff/Getty Images

Van Morrison is one of music’s most influential artists, but he’s also one of its most inscrutable. In his most comprehensive interview ever, he offe(...)

RM Hubbert: his other main asset – and here X Factor wannabes will break down in jealous tears – is his lacerating wit

The musician RM Hubbert has the sort of backstory that you can’t make up, and he’s smart enough to use it in a set. About 15 minutes into a recent sol(...)

Artist Mick O’Dea paints a portrait of the American poet Robert Pinsky in his temporary studio in James Stephens Barracks Kilkenny as part of Kilkenny Arts Festival. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

Heard in the New Jersey accent of Robert Pinsky, the words of WB Yeats sound modern and vital. On Saturday afternoon the former US poet laureate was(...)

The Beatyard festival in Dún Laoghaire, August 1st. Photograph:

Beats and boats, raps and rigging - Beatyard transformed Dún Laoghaire’s former ferry terminal into an excellent small festival for the bank holiday w(...)