London Irish: Conor Egan, Graham Knox, Danny O’Reilly and Dave McPhillips of the Coronas are enjoying “starting all over again” in England and the move seems to be paying off as they find themselves on a bit of a roll

It’s a clear, crisp Tuesday night in London, and the street outside the Scala venue near King’s Cross station is eerily quiet. Inside, however, is (...)

Soprano family dinner

  THE SOPRANOS Holsten’s, New Jersey Any TV series centring on the Italian way of life is bound to be plentiful with food referenc(...)

Rebecca Collins: Solar

She’s thus far best known as lead vocalist with quirky Danish alt.rockers The Unusual History of Ether (not quite a household name, but creators of(...)

There is only so much that a band can absorb from their influences without sounding either like a complete rip-off or ineffectively diluted. Cork q(...)

Dave Grohl: “There’s more than just going out and selling T-shirts and turning on the smoke machines. To me, it seems like at some point, you need to give something back.” Photograph :Andrew Stuart

As the frontman of one of the biggest rock bands on the planet, you might expect peoples’ attention to be focused on your present-day endeavours ra(...)

Adrian Crowley: creator of evocative lyric-poems that bind love, life and nature together.

Aidan Crowley captures life as insightfully as any contemporary Irish songwriter does. The Galway native has steered a trusty course throughout his ca(...)

Peter Doran: Outlines

When you’re just one man with a guitar, it can be an onerous task to command an audience, but Peter Doran deftly sidesteps the trapdoor of whiny tr(...)

Tim Wheeler: Lost Domain

A concept album chronicling your father’s battle with (and subsequent death from) Alzheimer’s Disease sounds like heavy going, but Tim Wheeler deals w(...)

A support slot with Arcade Fire at Marlay Park; a headline performance at Castlepalooza; a main stage gig at the Longitude Festival – it’s not been(...)

Bison Bar and BBQ on Wellington Quay

Green Onions or Pork and Beans? Chop Suey or Peaches? Strange Fruit or Wild Honey Pie? Pre-gig sustenance is a balancing act: go down the stodgy ro(...)