Blaine Harrison (second from right) with the Mystery Jets: “When you get to 30 there’s this slight sigh of relief, because you’ve been through the grinder a couple of times and it’s your first chance to have some sort of distance from it”

Blaine Harrison takes a deep breath and sighs. He takes another deep breath. He pauses. “The way I’ve always looked at it,” he says, “has been as a(...)

A former solo artist with a pop-slanted past, the Georgia- born Ron Pope has released 11 albums independently over eight years. His 12th sees hi(...)

Less than a year after releasing the third (largely self-played and self-recorded) Villagers album, Conor O’Brien has re-gathered his bandmates fo(...)

There’s nothing that puts a weight of expectation on an album more than the fact that it’s been six years in the making – spanning two continents (...)

Brian Deady has been something of a ‘best kept secret’ for the last few years, but if there’s any justice in the world, his second album should se(...)

Walking On Cars

2016 is already shaping up to be a bumper year for albums, as top-level pop stars and rock bands get their respective fingers out and tussle for the (...)

Four years ago, Cage the Elephant were just another American alt-rock band who had made a surprisingly excellent yet overlooked second album calle(...)

There is no doubting Patrick Freeman’s influences after just one run-through of his debut album. Judging by these nine tracks, it sounds like th(...)

It’s a strange time of year to release the score to a horror movie, but the festive season can be gruesome in its own way, after all. This one, (...)

For casual music fans and musos alike, December usually brings with it a sweeping sense of panic: what have I missed? Should I have listened to th(...)