If Le Galaxie had a euro for every time they’ve been described as “the best live band in Ireland”, they’d be lounging on a beach in Malibu, sipping(...)

Mew have never taken the easy route through a song. In fact, the Danish rockers – purveyors of idiosyncratic indie-rock with elements of prog,(...)

Stornoway have always infused their songs with references to nature, largely thanks to lead singer Brian Briggs’s degree in ornithology. (...)

The Hard Ground are nothing if not ambitious, releasing their second album in three EP-packaged instalments instead of going the traditional r(...)

In recent years, Ham Sandwich’s most-asked question has shifted from “What’s with the name?” to “Where’s your third album?”. The Kells ban(...)

Duncan Wallis (second from left) of Dutch Uncles describes their new album as like ‘Grace Jones fronting Talking Heads’

Weirdos. Oddballs. Eccentrics. When it comes to his band Dutch Uncles, Duncan Wallis has heard it all. It’s meant in the most complimentary manner,(...)

Stefan Murphy is a man who knows about the hardships of being a musician. The Dubliner’s ups and downs have been plentiful, but his defian(...)

A band unabashedly in thrall to all things 1980s, Little Xs for Eyes make no bones about their influences. As with their 2011 debut S.A.D.(...)

Isaac Brock: “I’ve only got one ticket so I’ve been on the same f**king ride this whole time. I’m not sure if it’s a long ride or a short ride – I’m just a skin cell on the world, so my mortality doesn’t really mean dick all”

Isaac Brock is not quite sure how he feels today. “I’ve not decided. Shit,” he says. “I think I’m feeling good, but I think that might be because I(...)

Describing your 14th studio album as a “sequel of-sorts” to an album that’s 21 years old might seem like an act of desperation. Luckily fo(...)