Basement Jaxx: ‘We need to do things that inspire us’

After just half an hour of chatting to Felix Buxton, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the Basement Jaxx global success has caused him to lose the r(...)

Ryan Adams: ‘It was so dark. I don’t think I could have been in a worse position, but I think, if anything, I handled it pretty good.’ Photograph: Julia Brokaw

He was known as the golden boy of the alt-country scene around the turn of the century, thanks to his time fronting Whiskeytown and two superb solo(...)

Many may have expected an altogether different studio debut from J Mascis, but 2011’s Several Shades of Why saw the cele- brated Dinosaur Jr. axe-s(...)

Garage rock duos are ten-a-penny in 2014, so what makes Royal Blood so different to the posturing pairs attempting to emulate The Black Keys? Not t(...)

Regrouping: Romeo Stodart, Angela Gannon, Michele Stodart and Sean Gannon

It’s been four years since the last album – an age in today’s music business. Well, my sister [Michele] made a solo album in 2012. It was someth(...)

They’ve sold enough gig tickets to be deemed a “band of the people”, and the likes of Noel Gallagher and Morrissey have publicly extolled their vir(...)

Think on: Simple Minds, with Jim Kerr, centre. “As a band, we feel the story can continue”

When you have been the frontman of a world-famous rock band for almost four decades, it stands to reason that you’ll get recognised every now and a(...)

When it comes to Aisling, Enya has a lot to answer for, and we’re not just talking the single-word moniker. An Enya-like mystical atmosphere runs t(...)

They initially made their name as a reggae band, but time and success have apparently diluted Soja’s appetite for authenticity. That’s not to say that(...)

It’s pretty obvious what sort of music Mirel Wagner listened to as a teenager, and those influences are now seeping into her own material. There’s a c(...)