Ryan Adams: ‘It was so dark. I don’t think I could have been in a worse position, but I think, if anything, I handled it pretty good.’ Photograph: Julia Brokaw

He was known as the golden boy of the alt-country scene around the turn of the century, thanks to his time fronting Whiskeytown and two superb solo(...)

Many may have expected an altogether different studio debut from J Mascis, but 2011’s Several Shades of Why saw the cele- brated Dinosaur Jr. axe-s(...)

Garage rock duos are ten-a-penny in 2014, so what makes Royal Blood so different to the posturing pairs attempting to emulate The Black Keys? Not t(...)

Regrouping: Romeo Stodart, Angela Gannon, Michele Stodart and Sean Gannon

It’s been four years since the last album – an age in today’s music business. Well, my sister [Michele] made a solo album in 2012. It was someth(...)

They’ve sold enough gig tickets to be deemed a “band of the people”, and the likes of Noel Gallagher and Morrissey have publicly extolled their vir(...)

Think on: Simple Minds, with Jim Kerr, centre. “As a band, we feel the story can continue”

When you have been the frontman of a world-famous rock band for almost four decades, it stands to reason that you’ll get recognised every now and a(...)

When it comes to Aisling, Enya has a lot to answer for, and we’re not just talking the single-word moniker. An Enya-like mystical atmosphere runs t(...)

They initially made their name as a reggae band, but time and success have apparently diluted Soja’s appetite for authenticity. That’s not to say that(...)

It’s pretty obvious what sort of music Mirel Wagner listened to as a teenager, and those influences are now seeping into her own material. There’s a c(...)

The recipe for a great band varies, but nobody who hears Bread and Jam can deny that Groom have charm in abundance. This fourth album from the Dublin (...)