Josh Tillman: “This whole intellectual dream that I’ve been living in, I’m ready to wake up and address this new reality”

For a man who doesn’t take himself too seriously in his music – in fact, many of his lyrics are downright hilarious – Josh Tillman is a deep thinke(...)

There are some band reunions that make complete sense. Sleater-Kinney, for example, whose new album proves that they still have something vital to (...)

If Kate Bush’s early material has not played a part in Áine Duffy’s musical make-up, we’ll eat our proverbial hat. Unfortunately for the Cork nativ(...)

Jimi Goodwin laid down the gauntlet for solo projects with last year’s excellent Odludek; now it’s up to his Doves bandmates Jez and Andy Williams (...)

All in their early-to-mid teens when they first started recording and releasing music, rockabilly revivalists Kitty, Daisy and Lewis Durham have gr(...)

Nick Bracegirdle is no stranger to big names or an eclectic mix of contributors: over the years, he’s had hits with everyone from Bryan Adams to Cl(...)

‘We discovered that we had this really easy rapport with each other in the studio as musicians.’ Above, Jeff and Spencer Tweedy

Most kids grow up with dreams of being an astronaut, a superhero, or maybe – if their parents are lucky – something slightly more sensible, such as(...)

There’s a reason why 21-year-old Meghan Trainor is being touted for greatness in 2015 after several years of writing hits for other people. You’ll (...)

They’ve been pegged as foppish and twee in the past, but Belle & Sebastian’s ninth studio album will shake off those lazy descriptions onc(...)

The hiatus that Colin Meloy and co took after 2011’s The King is Dead seems to have served the bookish indie-rockers well. Although they h(...)