“Critically acclaimed but criminally overlooked” is a fitting assessment of Eugene McGuinness’s career since his excellent debut, 2007’s mini-album(...)

Mark Oliver Everett: able to find comedy in tragedy. Photograph: Rob Ball/WireImage
Review: Eels

****   When Mark Oliver Everett – that’s E to his fans – stood on this same stage last year, he and his band were wearing matching Ad(...)

Jack White: takes the long way around every song. Photograph: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

** Blue is the colour at Jack White’s Kilmainham gig: blue backdrop, blue suits and blue guitars to match the cover art of his second solo alb(...)

Beautiful reunion: Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott

Waffler. Nerd. Lovable grouch. These are all categorisations that Paul Heaton willingly identifies with, but he has put those arguably dubious qual(...)

Success can change a musician, but it seemed to alter the career trajectory of David Gray more drastically than most. After all, this was the young(...)

“Greys are a loud rock band from Toronto” – the no-frills press release is characteristic of this young quartet. Greys’ debut album sounds so rough(...)

Matt Berry: ‘It’s difficult for people to swallow someone who does more than one thing. They think, hang on, that’s the comedy guy – what’s this?’

He is well-known for his sense of humour, so when Matt Berry casually mentions how he has been “rediscovering Hawkwind” of late, there is a pause a(...)

Not quite an outright pop heartthrob, not quite a household name, not quite cool enough to get the seal of approval from discerning musos: it’s safe t(...)

Ed Sheeran: x

When you’re hot property everyone wants a piece of you, and the roll call of collaborators on Ed Sheeran’s second album suggests he’s the sort of g(...)

Fans of The Phantom Band will be well aware that the word “strange” goes hand in hand with their music. But friendly? The Glaswegians’ long-awaited(...)