June 20th, 2015: Impact Journalism Day - a day dedicated to focusing on solutions-based journalism.

Today is Impact Journalism Day, dedicated to focusing on solutions-based journalism. Forty-eight news organisations from 43 countries are participatin(...)

Irish Times editor Kevin O’Sullivan: “We believe it is critically important to our democracy that we publish a matter of public interest raised in our national parliament, and will apply to the court for confirmation we can do so.” Photograph: The Irish Times

The Irish Times is strongly committed to reporting on matters of major public interest, particularly when they are raised by members of the Dáil an(...)

The Irish Times has launched a new version of its app.   The new app has added a range of new sections to the existing news sections, (...)

“How do you serve the ‘born on the internet’ generation? How do you generate journalism for a sophisticated audience using more than one device at the same time? These are questions being asked of every media organisation, every journalist and every editor.” Photograph: Jasper Juinen/Bloomberg

We are living in an unhinged age, where technology and the internet have broken up a long-established world order with some ferocity. The principal(...)

Candles are lit by the public at the vigil at Eyre Square in Galway city in October  to mark the first anniversary of the death of Savita Halappanavar. Photograph: Joe O’Shaughnessy

Within the timeframe of the past 70 years, good journalism has never been so important. Events, conflicts, great uncertainty and a deluge of questi(...)

Today we publish a changed Irish Times. With designers Palmer Watson we have redesigned the newspaper to make it more modern, readable, and convenient(...)

‘The Irish Times’ is enhancing the newspaper and its journalism at a time of rapid digital development FROM MONDAY, The Irish Times will change in loo(...)

 THE “SQUEEZED MIDDLE” describes one of the most pronounced social and economic trends of 21st-century life in the developed world. It refers to the s(...)